Monday, August 5, 2013

Why facebook and I are still together...

...and I like it that way.

In defense of facebook and other social media outlets.

So, I have noticed a trend.  And before I start, lemme just say, it is a trend that I have respect for, if done the right way.  This trend I have noticed mostly takes place in the blogging world, but sometimes it takes place in conversation, other social media outlets, etc…  The trend, is ‘breaking up with facebook’.

You know, because you have witnessed it as well.  People who for whatever reason have decided they will not be using facebook and social media outlets like it.  I have noticed teens do it when they notice too much drama. I have noted adults who do it once they realize they are spending entirely too much time on this social media outlet, or worse yet, feel like they are being voyeuristic (that is a really big word, pretty sure I am using it right! Lol).  I have zero problem with people deciding that a social media site is not for them.  Jenny did a good job explaining why she won’t be using it anymore.  As did Colleen and my fantastic sister Katie (though she cheats).  When people decide not to use a social media site because they decide it is affecting their lives in a negative way, I say, ‘Good on ya!’.  However, I do take exception when people begin to blame a social media site for drama, wasting their time, etc…

Here’s the thing friends, facebook is NOTHING more than a computer program.  And a pretty fantastic computer program at that.  Facebook cannot cause drama.  Facebook cannot ruin marriages. Facebook cannot waste time that you don’t have.  YOU can choose to use the tool in a way that causes drama, ruins your marriage, or wastes your time…but this computer program simply does not have the ‘power’ to do those things to you.  I am constantly surprised by the amount of adults that claim different.  Now, I am not saying I am above using the tool wrong. I have said things in an uncharitable way, I have spent too much time filling my head with pointless status updates, and I have even, occasionally, used facebook and other social media sites to vent frustrations.  And when I do those things, instead of thinking, ‘oh the evils of this site’, generally I think, ‘Mary, that was a dumb a$$ move’. 

So, let me take a moment to tell you why I love facebook. 

I love the ability I have to communicate with people quickly and efficiently.  I love that I can ‘catch up’ with people quickly without having to quiet babies and make sure they are napping in order to make a phone call. I love that I can look at pictures of people I love, or even people I once knew.  I love that facebook (and social media sites like it) CONNECTS people in a deeper way.  Yes, you read that right, I use social media sites to CONNECT with people.  To increase my knowledge of them. I love the faith community facebook offers, through requests of prayers, ‘following’ Catholic groups, and passing knowledge of the newest/coolest things going down in my Church.  I LOVE ‘the facebook’.  And the best part, the Church continues to re-affirm the power and beauty of social media, to bring the Body of Christ CLOSER to understanding what it means to be a Christian in the Modern World.

Unfortunately,  we live in a world where personal accountability is almost unheard of.  It’s even gotten to the point where when we cannot use a computer program responsibly, some of us choose to blame the computer program rather than examine our actions.  As we all know, there is nothing intrinsically evil with social media, and as such, as long as we use it to build up the kingdom, it is an avenue of Holiness.

And one that I will not be breaking up with!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Great post. I appreciate the personal accountability part of it very much. There are so many things I love about FB and I've seen many good fruits from it. That said, I still struggle with my semi-addiction but I don't know if cutting it out completely is what is best. I need to figure out a good and balanced solution, me thinks.

  2. Well played!

    I am one of the 'leave-ers'; and when asked why I didn't respond to something posted on FB, I just say I don't have the self-control to get off the computer and will discover I have lost hours - yes, hours - while bouncing around the FB world. Until I can control that, I will only show up to answer a FB message (usually to tell the person I will be emailing back) or to check quickly on new baby updates or something equally important.

    Until I can set a timer and stick with it, I am left to 'just say no'!


  3. You could probably expand this to any "anti-technology" attitude, no matter the actual mode of "technology". People can even get really superstitious about it.

  4. That isn't quite what voyeuristic typically means.


  5. I need to break up with facebook, but it's how my non-communicative family communicates. I sure as heck can't talk on the phone to that many people or print that many photos!