Sunday, April 10, 2011


This morning, as Aaron left for Church, I said...
'This could very well be the last time for a long time that you attend Mass alone, without a newborn'. It made me smile.

Then, when I was taking a shower, I looked at the shampoo bottle which is still half full. And I realized I will be using the same shampoo bottle when the baby is here.

These things make me happy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dum dee dum dum....

So- rumor has it we might be induced next week! It is CRAZY to think that the little dude could technically be sitting here in the family room with me in just one short week. Yesterday morning, as we were waking up, I said to Aaron, 'How crazy that at this time next week, we might have a little baby in the bassinet next to us'. We are so excited and of course, completely scared (not of the baby part, just the labor part!). It is funny to think about how long I have wanted to be a mom and now, he is about to be here. DUDE, I cannot wait to meet him....there are also other things I am excited about- I thought I would list them.
- I am excited to get in and out of bed without the use of my step stool
- I am excited to flip from one side of the other in bed without it being a MAJOR production, complete with groans and push-offs
- I am excited to sleep longer than 2 hours (I know, I know, it will still be awhile) vs waking up every 45 min-1 hour in order to use the bathroom
- I am excited to have something to look at, read to, sing to, when I am up in the middle of the night unable to fall asleep
- I am EXCITED to drink caffeinated coffee again!
- I am excited to walk downstairs with a basket of laundry without being out of breath or thinking i am going to fall
- I am excited to have cloths that fit!!!!! Right now I am down to 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.
- I am excited to drink beer. OH MAN have I missed Bud Light:)
- I am excited to stop thinking about what life will be like, and actually knowing what life will be like
- I am so excited to see my husband hold his son
- I am excited to shave my legs AND be able to see them
- I am excited...SO EXCITED to not be sick all the time!
- I am excited to take the baby on walks in his stroller
- I am excited to pray with my child every night
- I am excited to be a mom!