Friday, August 28, 2015

Talking Pre-K, Voris, Dream Houses and Baby Girl

We had pre-k orientation for parents this week.  We had a small list of schools supplies to bring in, seven things to be exact. I forgot 2 after checking the list like, six  hundred times.  If this is indicative of how the year is gonna- nothing but trouble that's for sure.

For those of you who have been following my saga regarding picking up lil' Aaron from school everyday and having to walk in the building with three kids, including a newborn...guess what!?!?!  They changed the rules this year!  The teacher will be walking the kids directly out to cars where parents should be standing waiting...um, talk about do-able.
Jesus loves me. And proves it through easy pick-ups from Pre-K

Has anyone seen the movie "The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood"?  There's this scene, with a mom, right before she has a bit of a mental breakdown and has to be sent to a hospital.  The scene had to do with all her babies being sick, and the sick being all over her house and her inability to hang with what was happening (rightly so).  Watching it several years ago, way before kids, I was like, 'That would never happen'.
Lemme just tell you, the amount of human waste this pregnant mama dealt with in a 12-ish hour period due to a stomach bug in our house yesterday, is hard to put into words.  BUT, I asked for prayers for grace and grace was given.  Until 4:30 pm that is, when I text my husband at work and said, 'you have to come home RIGHT NOW'-  We survived though, and weirdly enough, I kind of felt like a rockstar, a life conqueror, and a kick a$$ mother, moving from kid to kid.  My how things have changed around here.

That shooting of those reporters? We hear horrible things everyday right?  But this one, man it got to me. I actually had to pull my car off the road and just sit for a minute in prayer.  As the days have developed I have had lots of thoughts on it... a lot of them divisive in nature.  I'm not gonna share those thoughts, but I am gonna share that I am thinking them.

My husband found me my dream house.  Like, my actual dream house (except for the creepy basement).  The problem is it is 450 k above our budget.  Does anyone wanna write us a check for $450,000 so we can afford it?  No?  Just checking...
I got some Catholic nerd talk coming straight at ya...it'll probably only make sense to Catholic nerds
Michael Voris is at it again, and thankful, Archbishop Chaput (one of my very favs) is like,'yea, just staaaaaaaaap it'.  

But here's the thing. I see people criticize him/Church Militant all the time, but then, the next day, post an article or blog they happen to agree with from Church Militant.
Friends- I don't think we should do that anymore.  It brings relevance to Voris' anti-Catholic ministry...and I think we should stop giving it the time of day.  Okay?  Thanks.

Three more weeks people- at this time, in three weeks (assuming we get there) I'll be greeting my baby girl for the first time. Can I tell you something I realized?  I think this time around, what I am most excited about (besides drinking bud light again, duh), is seeing Aaron meet his daughter. I cannot wait for that moment.  I really can't.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Cleaning, Josh Duggar and Advice Needed...all the Quick Takes!

Cleaning the house...
We did it last weekend. For two straight days. My bedroom is probably cleaner than it's ever been.  The boys are all in one room (not gonna lie though, John Paul only lasted one night in the 'big boy bed' with his brothers).  Malia's Nursery is done except for the bassinet and glider which will be assembled this weekend.  The playroom/basement is cleansed and re-cleaned as of this a.m.  and the kitchen, family room and bathroom have all gotten a proper sprucing.  Here's the deal- I am discovering when my house is clean I am a better wife, mother, and human being in general.  The peace that comes from not living in chaos really does a number (in a good way) on my soul.
Malia Paul's Room
The boys room thanks to Papa and Big A
Speaking of cleaning house...
This week I got myself a babysitter and drove to the Solanus Casey Center (shout out) which has the Sacrament of Reconciliation pretty much every hour on the hour during the day. I got my soul cleansed, had some time for quiet prayer, and drove home.  Lemme just tell you somethin' my friends (Catholic and non- Catholics alike) if there's anything better than driving down the ol' highway, praise music blasting, knowing that if I crashed I might not go to heaven, but I am sure as heck not goin' to hell.... I just don't know what that is.

Speaking of clean house and clean soul...
I am starting to make peace with something.  I am ALWAYS going to be cleaning, organizing, washing, cleaning more, organizing, washing, cleaning, etc... for the next couple of years. I know as the boys get older, they will be helping more (they are already helping a bunch), and it will get easier.  But, I also think it's essential for my attitude on the regular, that I realize a huge part of my vocation is house-care and people-care.  It's not gonna change, so it is time to accept it.

So, I mean, you knew I was going to throw in my opinion of Joshua Duggar right?
I remember, years ago, sitting at Saint John Neumann, where I worked during Mass.  And Saint John Neumann has these huge modern screens (part of the reason my dad considers it penance to attend Mass there)---I was looking at those screens and wondered the level of scandal that would occur if some of my sins (the way I talked, the way I drank, the way I smoked, etc...) were to all of a sudden be displayed on those big screens. I remember thinking people at the Parish would be shocked by the amount of sinfulness I possessed in my heart.  I was horrified.  Then I prayed with why people's opinions of me would bother me more than God's knowledge of my sinfulness.  Because, to be honest, it would.

I'm not excusing anything he did.  I pray for his family.  What I'm thinking though is that life is really REALLY intense when one decides to make themselves a public witness for the faith (whether through ministry or through celebrity).  And we all need to be aware of what that means, even those of us in the blogging world.  We need to pray to avoid temptation whenever possible.  Because the devil delights in sin, but I think in a particular way, he delights in a public hypocrite.  That millstone around the necks of those who lead people astray is an intense image of just how damaging it can be.  That's all Imma say about that.

Lil A is starting school in three weeks!  I am so excited for him, he will LOVE it. I am so nervous for me, having to be somewhere twice a day is going to be insane in the fall with this house full of little ones.  Having to WALK INTO THE SCHOOL to pick him up with a 3 year old, 2 year old and newborn is going to be impossible (but I am problem solving that- fear not)...but I am SO excited for him.

Um so fall is around the corner for me.  That means a baby (what, what), The Walking Dead, Michigan Football (and season tickets because I'm fancy like that), cooler weather, sweaters, overalls, oh my!!! I love Fall so much... bring it.
Michigan Football Tickets

The ol' fourth c-section is four weeks away.  I know I have a few friends who do the multiple c-section thing.  I would really like recovery to go as easy as possible this time.  Though I think I have a better handle than I did four years ago- I'm into hearing your advice...What are something you do to make your recovery as smooth as baby's behind?

I read this article about handling postpartum like a boss, and I plan on following almost all of her advice... 

 But I am all ear for more advice, maybe even particularly from those of you who have had multiple c-sections (what have you learned that works well) OR that bring a newborn home to a house full of little people....
So, give me some.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

They always WANT something...

I've got so many things I want to blog about... and just can't seem to find the time to do it.  You know the drill...
So for today, I'm just gonna write about a quick reflection I had this morning.  Because I want to hold on to it.

Big A wakes up with the kids 99.9 % of the time, especially during pregnancy.  Sleep at night is difficult for me, and comes ridiculously easily to him (bitter?  nah...only, totally).  Anyway, by the time I wake up the boys have usually been with him in the family room quietly watching a show or playing for about a half hour.  The minute I open the door to my bedroom though, all hell-o breaks out.

They always scream MOOMMMMMMMMMMMMY and then they run up to give me individual hugs.   I usually stumble to the bathroom and shut the door with at least one of them crying outside of it to get in.  When I open the bathroom door again, there they are telling me how they slept, asking me how I slept, and beginning their litany of requests (so.many.requests).

No matter how hard I try to not let it bug me, it's a REALLY intense way to wake up every.single.day. with three little ones immediately on you, asking for things, demanding things, etc... although they are cute... whew, it's A LOT.

But this morning, before I opened the door to my room, I took a deep breath and I thought about something I read on "thefacebook" a few weeks ago about mothering young ones.

I don't remember the exact quote, but what I took from it is that at this point in my life, I will be loved with more expression than any other point in my life.

It's true. My boys love me big.  They always want to be near me, to show me things, to get my approval. I am told I am loved seven thousand times a day by them, and have enough sloppy kisses and clingy hugs to last me a lifetime.

But the thing is, this won't last a lifetime.

There will be some day when I desperately want to hold and cuddle one of these little boys, but they will be big boys, out the door.  There will be one day, probably soon, when I wake up after or before them (most likely before them) and I will have to remind them to say "good morning" and give me a hug because that won't be the first thing they are thinking about.

And so, with that knowledge, I am going to try to approach the morning of needs/wants and cuddles with a more patient, loving, heart.  With a grateful heart, aware of the tremendous blessing of having these three little men who think I am the bee's knees and can't wait until I wake up to hold and snuggle them.