Tuesday, August 18, 2015

They always WANT something...

I've got so many things I want to blog about... and just can't seem to find the time to do it.  You know the drill...
So for today, I'm just gonna write about a quick reflection I had this morning.  Because I want to hold on to it.

Big A wakes up with the kids 99.9 % of the time, especially during pregnancy.  Sleep at night is difficult for me, and comes ridiculously easily to him (bitter?  nah...only, totally).  Anyway, by the time I wake up the boys have usually been with him in the family room quietly watching a show or playing for about a half hour.  The minute I open the door to my bedroom though, all hell-o breaks out.

They always scream MOOMMMMMMMMMMMMY and then they run up to give me individual hugs.   I usually stumble to the bathroom and shut the door with at least one of them crying outside of it to get in.  When I open the bathroom door again, there they are telling me how they slept, asking me how I slept, and beginning their litany of requests (so.many.requests).

No matter how hard I try to not let it bug me, it's a REALLY intense way to wake up every.single.day. with three little ones immediately on you, asking for things, demanding things, etc... although they are cute... whew, it's A LOT.

But this morning, before I opened the door to my room, I took a deep breath and I thought about something I read on "thefacebook" a few weeks ago about mothering young ones.

I don't remember the exact quote, but what I took from it is that at this point in my life, I will be loved with more expression than any other point in my life.

It's true. My boys love me big.  They always want to be near me, to show me things, to get my approval. I am told I am loved seven thousand times a day by them, and have enough sloppy kisses and clingy hugs to last me a lifetime.

But the thing is, this won't last a lifetime.

There will be some day when I desperately want to hold and cuddle one of these little boys, but they will be big boys, out the door.  There will be one day, probably soon, when I wake up after or before them (most likely before them) and I will have to remind them to say "good morning" and give me a hug because that won't be the first thing they are thinking about.

And so, with that knowledge, I am going to try to approach the morning of needs/wants and cuddles with a more patient, loving, heart.  With a grateful heart, aware of the tremendous blessing of having these three little men who think I am the bee's knees and can't wait until I wake up to hold and snuggle them.


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