Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So this morning, I am thinking about all I don't know that I will have to know to be a mom.  These thoughts keep running through my head.  AND, usually I quite them with the simple thought, 'I will figure it out'.  It is funny, because I have been around babies ALL.MY.LIFE. but there are little things you don't know.  Like, how often they need to eat, sleep, when do they start eating baby food, solid food?, rolling, crawling, walking? what if the baby is colicky, ect..  It is a lot to think about.  Now, I know I could buy a bunch of baby books to tell me how to handle my own child, but I think I am going to shy away from that.  If anything, I think that will just add unnecessary stress in my life.  I know some people feel better when they are more prepared with knowledge, but I guess, I am thinking...women have been doing this for thousands of years, I think I can handle it.

In other news, Christmas at the Wilkerson's is all set up.  I love our tree, our creche, our Advent wreath, etc...It is so fun that I get to spend the holidays with my husband and our baby in our very own house.  Sometimes though I think I am taking it for granted.  I forget to be as thankful as I could be. I complain to my husband ALL.THE.TIME. about 'pains of pregnancy' when for my whole life...this is all I ever wanted.  Almost on a daily basis, I make commitments to be more grateful and complain less.  BUT, it seems like I just do it more and more.  Thank God I married a patient man that puts up with me. 

Right now, it is looking like Aidan is the front runner in terms of names, but you never can tell:)  We soon shall see.


Monday, November 29, 2010

It's a boy!!!

We found out at about 8:15 am this morning that our baby is going to be a boy.  It is so funny, because starting this weekend I became more and more convinced that I was having a boy, and look!  Go figure:)  It is weird to look at my husband and know that he is going to have a son.  It is weird to think that I will have a son.  Probably taller than me.  A boy to protect his brothers and sisters.  As I was driving home from the doctor's appointment this morning, I started to wonder what he will be when he grows up.  Is that normal?  It is just so crazy, now that we know what he is...to start to think about what our lives will be like.  Paulette, my sister in law, text this morning and said that she already bought him his first pair of overalls:)  OM lowercase g I am so excited for all that is to come (after the whole pregnancy/delivery thing...not so into that).  Our boy is 11 ounces right now.  Aaron said, 'I hope he is a big boy'.  I told the tech, 'I desperately hope he is a tiny lil' thing'.  
God is good to the Wilkersons today!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Interesting thought for the day

This is my thought for the day...
I find it interesting when people choose to remain Catholic and just 'put up' with Church teachings.  If I didn't believe in the teachings, I wouldn't be Catholic.  It seems our church is quite unique in that, a lot of our members are opposed to the teachings of our church (especially concerning controversial subjects...sexuality, female ordination, authority of the hierarchy)...sometimes even our leaders.  That is something I just can't quite understand....it seems like such a conflict of integrity. 

Those are my thoughts today:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Attitude

This morning, I received a text message from my friend Liz.  It sarcastically said, 'Thanksgiving...our favorite holiday'.  I used to hate Thanksgiving.  A LOT.  I can remember a few years back, as I was getting ready to go to my mom's house, I couldn't stop crying . Each year, it was the same thing...relatives would ask, 'are you seeing someone?' and I would answer, 'nope'. And then they would offer suggestions on how  I could land a man.  It was like torture.  This year, I have been looking forward to the holiday so much, and it wasn't until this morning that I remembered how much I used to hate it.  I hadn't thought about it at all, but this morning it gave me a moment's reflection on how much my life/perception has changed since I met my husband.

Some people call us 'the Bickersons'.  I think we definitely fight more than the average couple, but the bottom line is that he is the thing I am most thankful for.  I look forward to holidays now, because I have him with me.  Having a constant best friend is the most wonderful thing anyone could ask for. I don't think God was kidding when he said, 'I will make for him a help mate'.  Aaron is my help mate.  He isn't the friend that just lets me be who I want to be- and supports without question.  Rather, he is my help-mate.  The one who challenges me everyday to be a better person, who drives me crazy when he over-loads the washer, but then brings me to tears when he cleans our whole house without being asked.  Last week, he brought home a Christmas tree.  A beautiful one, for our first Christmas together.  He went out of his way to get me huge blow ups to put on our front lawn, because he knows it will bring us both joy.  I told him I wanted a digital camera that worked well, so we can track our life together...and he did research and then bought me one.  He is honestly the best.  And, has changed how I view so many things, including Thanksgiving.

It is impossible not to love a holiday of thankfulness, when there are daily reminders of your blessings.  This year, I am a very lucky gal.  Tomorrow, I won't cry while getting ready.  Well, actually, I might.  But it will be tears because I will be bringing my husband to my mom's house, with a baby growing inside me...and too many blessings to count.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She/He is a 'movin'

It is so funny/weird/crazy to feel our baby moving.  I keep telling Aaron that the babe is wiggling around.  At first he didn't believe it.  Which is so silly, cause I would I lie??? (Maybe because since week one I have been telling him I can feel the babe kicking!).  What I enjoy is that it seems like every day the movement gets more and more defined.  I do not enjoy it as much as I thought it would because it almost feels like my stomach doing flip-flops...but, each day I am digging it more. 
We find out if she is a boy or a girl on Monday!  I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am~~~  We have discovered that some people are CRAZY opposed to finding out (we have also discovered that lots of people love to give their opinions on how you should do things!).  The reason we decided to is that we are not patient people.  In addition to that, I can't wait to start calling my baby a He/She with confidence and maybe even a name:)  We do refer to her as a girl, because that is what we are seceretly hoping for, but deep down I know I will be just as excited if she is a he!  A boy as the first has it's own place of special.  In fact, until I met Aaron, I always wanted a boy first.  So, I pretty much won't be disappointed either way (how horrible would it be to be disappointed).

That is it for today...I just felt he/she squirming around quite a bit, and remembered that I want to start blogging/recording this experience.  Turkey day is in 2 days.  CANNOT WAIT to set up Christmas in our house for the first time.  Aaron has already made it a rock-star holiday...but I will say more about that in the post for tomorrow:)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I started a blog

I have decided to start a blog...mostly because I enjoy reading others and I think it will be a great way to record the journey of life.  The past year, God has done amazing things in my life.  I got engaged, married the best man I know, and we are now expecting. Oh, and I moved out of my parent's house and now I get to live in my very own house.  I never imaged how quickly life could change.  I used to journal all the time, but I find that time is limited, so I am doing it less and less now.  I think that blogging might be a way to journal or record our family life.  So that we can look back on where we came from:) 

If anyone knows me, you know that I am grammatically challenged.  I think that is one reason that I avoided doing this in the past.  BUT, I decided that it shouldn't hold me back.  Grammar is silly anyway:) I will know the messages I am trying to get across and hopefully so will others.  SO...I suppose today, I become a blogger.  The baby is 'fluttering' in my stomach (that is what I refer to it as for now) so she/he seems to be okay with it!

Peace for now.