Monday, March 28, 2011

One Month Left...

I am sitting in my family room right now looking at the baby swing that my husband set up yesterday. To my right are boxes with a Pack and Play, a High Chair, a Bassinet, and a Bouncer. On the floor are boxes with bottles, breast pumps, bedding, etc...Yes, my friends, the baby is almost here!

This weekend, we were blessed to have our final shower. It was an amazing day in so many ways. There were too many blessings to count, too many awesome gifts, and I know our baby felt that love that was radiating in the room.
My cousins and aunts from out of town (all the way from Wisconsin) got up at 4:30 am to drive in for it! Can you believe that? The day was such a joy.
The night before, I was telling Aaron my biggest concerns were that we didn't have enough baby clothes and we didn't have enough books to read him when he was born. Well, trust me, those needs were taken care of. The day was so very very special...and once again, my husband surprised me and woo'd all the women in the room by being a total rock-star. I shall explain...

For the past week I could tell he was working on something. He told me I couldn't look at his emails (yes we are THAT couple that has each other's passwords and such), and that he was working on something. I wasn't sure what it was, but once again, decided I would just let myself be surprised. After I had opened all the presents, Aaron said there was one more. He gave me a card with very nice words (he writes very nice words occasionally) and as the room of people looked on, began to give me his shower present. Before I started opening, my aunt said, 'I have been to a TON and I mean a TON of showers, I have never seen a husband give his wife a present.'. He began to hand me a series of books, 'How to be a happy mother' and 'How to Raise Men of Character' for me; and 'Better fathers, better sons' and a book about fathers raising sons for him. He had ordered these books for us, so that we could read together about the important things. Not things like, 'how long should I breast feed', or 'How should I diaper my child'- but really important things...how to raise children to be GOOD. Needless to say, I started to get teary eye'd.
However, there was one more gift, he pulled out a tiny box and at first I didn't know what it was (an ipod to replace the one he bought me and I lost 3 months later???)- and once I knew I started to cry once again. He had got me a Sony Bloggie, otherwise known as a video camera. We are quite tight on money right now (Uncle Sam came calling for for over four thousand dollars)- but I kept telling him how we really needed to get a video camera, so we can capture all of our baby boy's moments. Once again, my rock star husband made it happen.

I completely started bawling at that point, because that is what he makes me do all the time. And, I'm not gonna lie, there was a tear or two in his eyes as we hugged. I think an advantage of the love that we found is that occasionally, we have these moments when we are SO very aware what a gift we are to each other, and what a gift God has given us through our soon-to-be-here child. We were in my mom's basement, surrounded by so much love for our child, and I was so very aware of the love I am blessed to have.
One thing I know for sure, my baby is so VERY lucky to have Aaron as his daddy. Dads are so very important to their sons, and I spend a LOT of time thinking about how blessed our baby is:)

YAY God!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This song is bringing me great joy at 4:46 am

If you want to smile...you should listen to this...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The ridiculousness of pregnancy

Before I start...I want to make this clear, being pregnant is really the most amazing thing ever.  There is not a single day that goes by that I am not FULLY aware that carrying this child is a gift, a gift that I don't deserve and a gift that  I do not take for granted.  I have been around enough pregnant women who complain constantly, that I have REALLY tried not to be that girl (though at times, I think I have been).  This is just a lighthearted entry that I can look back on that will remind me of the ridiculousness of pregnancy!

It is ridiculous that I have to use a step stool,  a REAL STEPSTOOL to get into my bed.  When we bought our super tall bed to make us feel special and important my pregnant sister Theresa said, 'oh you are going to regret that when you get pregnant'.  I thought she was crazy, turns out she was right.  However, the beauty of this ridiculousness is that I have never appreciated a step stool more.

It is ridiculous that shaving my legs now takes about twenty minutes.  Maybe TMI, but I haven't shaved in a few week...I only do it before doctor's appointments (my poor husband).  So yesterday, when shaving, I realized that my stomach has now made it almost impossible to even reach my shins.  I am SO lucky that I didn't end up soaked in blood, but I took my time and realized I would just be in the shower WAY longer than normal.  However, the beauty of this ridiculousness is that I have never appreciated a sharp razor that will not cut your skin :)

It is ridiculous how large my stomach is.  I was just telling Aaron that it is HILARIOUS to me now, that at 3-4 months I was trying so desperately to see a 'baby bump'.  I would kind of stick it out and try to make it seem larger than it was:)  At this point, my stomach is SO huge, I am not quite sure how we are gonna go another 5 week.  However, the beauty of this ridiculousness is that it is so much fun to know that a little dude is rolling around in there, preparing to meet his mom and dad:)

It is ridiculous that I get up literally every hour on the hour to use the bathroom at night time.  It is so funny, because I think sometimes people think this is exaggerated...but it is not!  Last night, I got up EVERY hour, as I do every night, but last night I happened to be checking the time.  It is ridiculous that you are begging the night to end because you are so sick of going back and forth to the bathroom.  It is TOTALLY ridiculous that  I cannot figure out where all the liquid is coming from:)  The beauty of this ridiculousness is...is...is...yeah, haven't found it yet.  OH  YEA!  When the baby is here, I will be up every hour on the hour, but snuggling a newborn has got to be better than falling asleep on the toilet.

Those are just some of the things I find ridiculous about pregnancy.  5 more weeks...I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


33 weeks...lil' dude will be here before we know it.  Is it weird that I VERY often go stand in the nursery, look at the clothes, peek in his crib, etc...?  Okay, if that is not weird, is it weird that I have already packed his diaper bag because I couldn't wait?  I am very excited because he has finally got himself some really good Michigan Gear.  One of my graduated teens and her family got him a jersey (Robinson) and a bib that says, 'on my way to the Big House'.  I am not sure if everyone is aware, but my son will play football for Michigan!  I am already planning ways to mold him like Tiger Wood's daddy did, except football rather than golf.  I'll keep you updated.  We also got some awesome Michigan onesies that he can wear right away.  Go Blue baby boy!

In other news, some teens blew me away with their kindness at our annual lock-in.  There were several parishes there and one girl was really not connecting with anyone (she was from a different Church).  She started crying and insisting that she wanted to go home (lock-ins are REALLY hard to be at if you don't know anyone).  Several teens from my parish embraced her, encouraged her and then hung out with her all night.  I don't know why it moved me so much.  Maybe because we always hear reports about teen bullying, teens being unkind to each other, etc...my teens didn't even know this girl and changed her whole night by kindness.  It reminds me of something another one of my teens said last night, 'maybe during Lent, we can commit to just loving each other a bit more'.  Pretty impressive right?

I have tried to be less than psychotic to my husband the past week or so...to remember that he is a wonderful man/blessing to me.  Sometimes it is difficult because when you physically feel pretty miserable and emotionally feel like a seesaw, sometimes the people closest get it from you the worst.  Poor husband, hopefully post-baby, when I go down to part time and feel less sick all the time, I will return to the sweet, loving girl he married:)  Seven more weeks dear! :)

I am excited about Lent.  I know that a lot of people dread it, but that doesn't even make sense to me.  I always grow closer to God during this season.  Yes, giving up celebrity gossip will be a challenge (oh, how will I survive without constant updates of strangers I have never met), but I am excited to bring back the Liturgy of the Hours in my life.  It has been a long time and praying with them yesterday brought my soul much comfort.  It's good.  PLUS- I will be able to celebrate the Easter Season when it gets here  (it coincides with baby boy's birthday)...and bring back good ol' bud light and coffee!!!!  SO excited. 

Anyway, those were just some things for the day because I realized I had not updated in quite sometime. 

Happy Thursday, Almost Friday, Almost Saturday which is FINALLY PAJAMA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!