Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes ending with a bit of sass

Holla!  I am not following the Seven Quick Take Format today.  Because my computer is being weird, and weirdness doesn't allow for such things.  So, I'll be doing my own thang shorty.  Ready?

Speaking of thangs and shortys...I think 50 cent is the most handsome man besides my husband.  He was interviewed by Mr. Cohen this week and it was delightful.  Though he uses bad words, and I am pretty sure I could NEVER own any of his music because of the amount of vulgarity...I enjoyed watching him be interviewed.  I also acknowledge everything I just said was probably of a foreign nature for many of you.

Our Cousin is the best!!!
We had the nicest dinner last week with our Cousin Judy, who treated us all to Red Robin for Shawn and Keegan's visit!  It was the perfect way to end our adventurous week!
This is not a good picture, but JP's face is awesome and so it got shared
Our papa's house is awesome.  Don't believe me, check out their backyard on Father's Day.

Aaron's company treated it's employees to a day at the ballpark. It was fancy to go on a date with the husband in the middle of the day.  I had a few adult beverages and we enjoyed a little time without the little ones we love.

Ever have a weekend when you have nothing to do? And then, because you don't have anything to do, you intentionally don't make plans?  So when you think of the weekend, you think...AWESOME!  That's us, this weekend!  Two words.  BRING IT.
Question Bloggers.  SPAM is getting out.of.hand. on my blog.  Is there anyway to avoid this without putting up that annoying verification thing on comments?  I really don't want to do that...but I think I want SPAM less.  GO!
Oh, I am mad.  Ready?
You.GUYS. There is a meme going around facebook right now that is so terrible, but so many people are sharing it, I am overwhelmed.  It says something like,  "I was born because abortion was illegal and because of that I ended up in the foster care system.  Thanks a lot pro-life people, you are really just pro-birth"
I have heard the argument before that pro-life people are really just pro-birth and while I am sure some people might hold that belief, I have never met someone who is passionate about life who is not equally as passionate about caring for those who choose life.  BUT, that is beside the point.

I mean, people who are 'sharing' this meme understand what they are saying is that children/babies who end up in the foster care system are better of dead. Not worthy of living. Not wanted and not worth anything.  SERIOUSLY?  That's something you want to share?
It's enough to make a person SERIOUSLY cranky.  

I hate ending on a cranky note, but I had to!

How about this....
Have an excellent weekend ;)

Friday, June 6, 2014

7 Q Takes WARNING full of cranky

So, um, any of you celebrating the parents of the five year old, Ryland, who are allowing her to transition from a girl to a boy... you should be ashamed of yourself- this is a FIVE YEAR OLD who has been totally exploited by her parents.

So, um, any of you using the parents of the five year old Ryland who are allowing her to transition from a girl to a boy, to discuss the downfall of culture and all things evil... you should be ashamed of yourself- this is a FIVE YEAR OLD who has been totally exploited by her parents.
There was this awful story this week.  I'll sum it up.  Two girls got involved in a super dark world through an awful website and ended up stabbing another girl to make a fictional character happy.  I clicked on the website for like three seconds- it was evil.  I believe in evil. I clicked out of the website, for fear of what more than five seconds could do to my soul.  The thing is...this is a parent issue, and is tragic for all involved. I just don't understand why we (educators) aren't doing more to teach parents about the very real danger of the interwebs for not only children, but adolescents as well.
I cannot stand the lack of value some people put on parental roles and responsibilities.  That is all.
Dear Jesus please save me from being a parent who blames others instead of looking at the behavior of my child.  And, Jesus, if I do become a parent who blames others instead of my child...please send someone to slap me.  AMEN.

We are a sight to see whenever we are out
It seems that we, who have lots of littles, like to talk about the rude things people say to us.  All this week I was thinking most of the time people say really nice things to me, even though I am a complete spectacle as I leave the house with three babies.  Even when people say, "oh my gosh, you have your hands full"- they usually say it with a smile, and a type of awe for what I am doing.  And, darn it, it kind of makes me proud.  So anyway, all this week, I was like, 'yeah, people aren't really rude...we just think they are, they are actually just in awe'.  And then someone told me I should think about keeping my legs closed...so, um, maybe some people really are just awful.  (just kidding- THEY aren't awful, the words they say are).
So Jonah Hill is an actor and I have really indifferent opinions about him.  This week, he was being harassed by a paparazzi and ended up kind of losing it, saying really awful things including that super hurtful F word.  Normally when celebrities screw up, they just kind of try to apologize to get out of trouble.  This was Jonah Hill's apology.

I was WICKEDLY impressed.  The thing is, I have been there.  When someone says something and you just want to say the most awful thing back to them, to hurt them as they hurt you.  And it never makes it better, and it always makes you look like an idiot.  So anyway, well done Jonah Hill- thanks for pointing out a dangerous behavior and doing something RADICAL...taking responsibility for it!

I'm not really as cranky as I might seem, but man, sometimes I have to remember the words of my old boss, who he stole from someone else..."everyday, look at yourself in the mirror and say, 'people are crazy, and I am not the Savior'."  Good advice after a week like this!

oh, and any time I get too cranky- I just think of this face :)

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