Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today I am thankful...

...for a little thing called, 'Checks and Balances'.  Thank you founding fathers :)

That is all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


...people in the social networking world are making me mad...

So, I will give some advice through my blog, to people who are making me mad, knowing they will probably never read it, but it will make me feel better.

If you are a GROWN ADULT, there is probably never a reason to put the 'f' word on your facebook. Obviously, if you are teen, you shouldn't either, but if you are an adult, you REALLY should know better.  Facebook is NOT a private avenue, despite you assuming it is.  When you swear like an adolescent on your social networking site and you are an adult, it makes you look very very small, and a bit immature.  So stop. PLEASE

If you are RECEIVING a paycheck from the Catholic Church and it is an institution that bothers you (i.e. you post about how much you hate Her/can't stand the leadership/disagree with Her teachings), maybe you should consider NOT taking a paycheck from the Institution.  To do so shows a clear lack of personal integrity and makes me shake my head in wonder.

Jesus talked A LOT about sin my friends.  In fact, he spent the better part of his ministry talking about sin.  AT THE SAME TIME, he made sure to acknowledge the true way to rid the world of sin was to LOVE.  Through love, people can be led OUT of sin and into light.  BUT, for you to suggest that Jesus didn't talk about sin, that he didn't discuss people going to hell, that he failed to share expectations of behavior in order to live with Him in the love of heaven...clearly shows that you have NOT read the Gospels.  Or, at the very least, forgot to remember the stories/dialogue in them.

WHEW... I feel better :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Goings on...

...in the Wilkerson Household...
So much fun has been had!  Spring is in the air which has us outside more, enjoying lil' Aaron as he grows and, of course, enjoying the growth of our new baby boy that I am still cookin.  Here are the top ten 'goings on'

After MUCH struggle, MUCH debate and MUCH frustration, it appears we have settled on a a baby boy name.  We are 99.9% sure this one will be named Joseph Michael.  Joseph was my husband Aaron's number one name, but honestly, at first, I wasn't digging it.  SO MANY  Catholic families have a Joseph and I kind of wanted something a little more unique.  However, as time went on, it started to grow on me.  Though I don’t love the name, ‘JOE’ I adore the name ‘JOEY’.  And so, with the promise that I could get my favorite name ‘Michael’ in there somewhere, we have decided his name shall be Joseph.  And now, on the feast of St. Joseph I can say, with certainty, that I am super pumped to have my second son be named Joseph.  And let’s not lie, saying Joseph and Aaron is really cute J

Lil’ Aaron has had an eventful three days.  First, St. Patrick’s day…my little leprechaun was AD.OR.ABLE.  Then, today is his first St. Joseph’s day!  The whole family is in red and I got the husband to splurge on dinner at my favorite polish restaurant, peirogies and kielbasa it is J

Sweet baby boy has taken his first few steps.  He scoots around everywhere and now likes to walk the perimeter of the house, holding on to walls.  Here comes trouble…

Speaking of trouble, he really is the luckiest boy ever.  This weekend lil Aaron got to spend time with both sets of grandparents.  I joked that it was a full weekend of love and spoilin’ for him.

Last lil’ Aaron update- he loves him some lunch meat, most fruits, and most veggies.  He would eat constantly if we let him.  However, he cannot stand carrots.  His face is so funny when they go in his mouth though!!!  Watching him discover food is fantabulous.  Watching him eat Spaghetti was delightful!

This will be a big week of activism for our family.  Tuesday night, we will head to Ann Arbor’s Planned Parenthood, to participate in the 40 Days of Life Vigil.  Basically it will be a peaceful Rosary.  The husband, the child, and a handful of SJN teens will be attending.  It should be pretty awesome J  Friday, we will be attending the ‘Rally for Religious Freedom’ to voice our family’s opposition to the current administration’s decision to go forward with the HHS Mandate.  I am excited to start lil’ Aaron on these type of things early…And there is no better witness to life than an adorable lil’ boy with chubby cheeks and dimples.

Lil' Aaron is obsessed with his daddy and I am obsessed with what a good father my husband is.  A lot of people don't dig the 'naming the child after the daddy' thing.  We talked to a lot of people who said that if we do it, lil' Aaron will feel resentful because he won't have his own, 'identity'.  I HIGHLY doubt that. I am certain my son is going to feel such pride at carrying the name of his father, mostly because his father really REALLY does rock.  SO blessed we are!

The Hunger Games come out this week…SO FREAKING EXCITED.  If you are a reader and have not read the series, may I suggest you read it.  The variety of ages and type of people that like this series shows it’s strength in my opinion.  Check it out J

We LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the park.  Who knew how much fun it would be to do everyday.  Makes me long for when I can be a stay at home mom.  Stay at home moms, what a blessing you have ;)


Monday, March 12, 2012







Saturday, March 10, 2012

This was relevant...

...to many conversations I have had as of late.
"Do not accept anything as truth if it lacks love and do not accept anything as love which lacks truth."
- Bl. Pope John Paul II

This is obviously not easy to do and can be pretty challenging. I have found most of us fall in one or other other category.  Either we think we are loving, by not saying the truth.  OR, we teach/preach the truth, but forget to acknowledge the source and beauty of all Truth is the love of God.  What do I need to work on to ensure that my love is not compromising my truth and truth is not lacking in love?  Good questions to ask ourselves and be aware of.