Wednesday, March 21, 2012


...people in the social networking world are making me mad...

So, I will give some advice through my blog, to people who are making me mad, knowing they will probably never read it, but it will make me feel better.

If you are a GROWN ADULT, there is probably never a reason to put the 'f' word on your facebook. Obviously, if you are teen, you shouldn't either, but if you are an adult, you REALLY should know better.  Facebook is NOT a private avenue, despite you assuming it is.  When you swear like an adolescent on your social networking site and you are an adult, it makes you look very very small, and a bit immature.  So stop. PLEASE

If you are RECEIVING a paycheck from the Catholic Church and it is an institution that bothers you (i.e. you post about how much you hate Her/can't stand the leadership/disagree with Her teachings), maybe you should consider NOT taking a paycheck from the Institution.  To do so shows a clear lack of personal integrity and makes me shake my head in wonder.

Jesus talked A LOT about sin my friends.  In fact, he spent the better part of his ministry talking about sin.  AT THE SAME TIME, he made sure to acknowledge the true way to rid the world of sin was to LOVE.  Through love, people can be led OUT of sin and into light.  BUT, for you to suggest that Jesus didn't talk about sin, that he didn't discuss people going to hell, that he failed to share expectations of behavior in order to live with Him in the love of heaven...clearly shows that you have NOT read the Gospels.  Or, at the very least, forgot to remember the stories/dialogue in them.

WHEW... I feel better :)


  1. Read my latest post.. haha.. We're on the same wavelength ;). Glad you feel better! haha. Happy gestating.

  2. Mary you read my mind! Good to know I'm not the only person who vents about things like this:)

  3. Mary - with your second point, there is PLENTY of room to disapprove of leadership in the church, and to question its theology. Saints like Thomas a'Becket and Bernadette from Lourdes were hated by the church's leadership in their time. I'm not saying whining about it on facebook is mature, productive or saintly, but there's lots of room for different points of view in the church. Jes sayin.


  4. Steven- I didn't say you couldn't hold an opinion which is different from that of the Church, understanding of course, that an opinion is all that it would be. I did say, that those that choose to accept a paycheck from a church that they publicly campaign or speak against are lacking personal integrity. I hold myself to that standard and would if I worked for any other company. My dad worked for General Motors. If he received a paycheck from them, then talked about how different parts of the cars sucked, I would say the same thing. Finally, I think we have to be careful when we put saints like Thomas a Becket and St. Bernadette from Lourdes who had full/total submission to their church. I am sure you would agree that there is a way to question the Theology of the Church/the leadership of the time, while still holding to the submission of faith that we are called to. I think Saints like St. Thomas a Becket and St. Bernadette walked that line, not a line of dissent. There is a difference :)

    jes sayin'


  5. I'm not sure what these people are posting. I know there are many people who are very angry and don't hesitate expressing it bluntly, so you could be completely right.

    On the other hand, it's a Catholic's duty to speak out against the church when the church is wrong. For instance, far too many Catholics who criticize the church's response to the sex abuse scandal are portrayed negatively, and the "good Catholic response" is to criticize the media, and portray the church and its leadership as the victims. This is wrong.

    We could be talking about two different things. I'm sure we're talking about two different things. I just don't think disagreeing with church leadership warrants having to quit your job, especially if is what you feel called to do.

    This is probably something that's better for us to talk about one-on-one instead of online. I just had to post something, because you know how I am.