Friday, March 6, 2015

7 things about life around here

This week, I spoke at a Theology on Tap on doubt and it's correlation to faith.  I also was able to speak at a young adult Lenten retreat over the weekend.  It was so fun.  I gotta admit, the young adult crew might be becoming my new favorite.  It's got me a little more than a little excited to emcee the Michigan Catholic Young Adult Conference in a few weeks.  Maybe I'll see you there (if you are from Michigan and a young adult!).

I went to Confession on Saturday.  I told the priest that I am pretty much miserable and because I am miserable I am pretty much always yelling at my husband and children.  He said, 'Why don't you try yelling at God and leaving everyone else alone"- I laughed out loud.

Aaron and I went to a Brazilian Steakhouse this week. Have you ever been to a Brazilian Steakhouse?   Here's the thing, I'm not really a huge red eat meat-er (much to my iron count's sadness) but if I was, this would have been the shiznatch.  I mean, so much meat it was insane.  We had a good talk about our future and where we are headed and what we'd like to be able to do.  It was good. It's fun to project ahead and look at what our future will hold, while being aware that nothing is guaranteed.   

Still Alice.  Wow.  Now that was a beautifully heartbreaking movie.  Go see it if you can.

Grief is pretty amazing isn't it.  As I continue to process that this earthly life no longer has my friend Paul in it, there are ups and there are downs.  Sometimes I listen to 2 pac's "Life Goes On" (don't even try it unedited) and I feel better.  Then, I think of Paul watching me listen to 2 pac whilst grieving him...and I imagine him laughing.  Hard.  

My parents took my boys overnight this week. I was kind of bold- they offered to take them overnight on the weekend and I was like, "oh, that'd be great, but maybe you could take them on a weekday". The weekdays are so hard, which I know you guys know.  So anyway, they said yes.  I had the best of intentions to get my house in order, but then I threw up all day.  Wait!  Before you are overwhelmed by tragedy, during the day my dad text and was all like. "want us to keep them another night?"  and I, of course responded, "no, no, I'll be fine".  Then my mom text a couple hours later and asked if I'd like them to stay an extra night...I had just finished getting sick for like the four hundreth time, so I responded, "heck yes! I do".  And they did. I kind of felt bad, because I think they were just offering to be polite, but- you know, I needed the break.  This is turning into a long story...you know what I find fascinating about when my kids are gone?  I miss them so darn much, even if they are only 20 minutes away.  But when they are here, sometimes I am like, "I DESPERATELY NEED A BREAK!!!!"  Being a mom is fascinating stuff.

I've been making some big decisions lately, to step down from some big things and loosen up on the things I am obligated to (even though I'm not obligated to a lot).  It has caused me to spend a LOT of time in prayer about this season of my life and finding contentment in my calling as wife and mother.  I'll tell you more about that later, but in the meantime, I just wanted to let you know.

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