Thursday, January 5, 2017

I was a real piece of work today...

It's been a minute since I've written a good, solid, bloggin' PDA about my husband, so if you're the type that gets annoyed at these types of things, you're gonna wanna just skip this bad boy.

Today, I have been a piece of work (shocking, I know). I was really sick last night and into the wee hours of this morning. At 6:30 am, I woke up my husband, Aaron, and made sure he understood he would getting up with the kids, changing them and feeding them. I rolled out of bed before he left for work, super cranky, begging him to work from home (which is really not a nice thing to do, to be honest, because I know he would if he could).

I followed that with texts throughout the day telling him how hard it was to feel so bad and have to care for the kids. At 5:30, he was suppose to be home but wasn't. I text to see where he was, and he said he was stuck in traffic. He didn't get home till six. Now, SAHMs know how each minute longer than the minute due home can feel like an eternity, couple that with me feeling like crud, I was fit to be tied when he got home late (through no fault of his own). When Aaron finally walked in the door, the first thing I said to him was ,'don't talk to me'. I followed that by going into my room with a bit of a door slam. Mind you, him not being home was not his fault. After letting me simmer for 10 minutes, he opened the locked door (oh my gosh, I lock my door when I'm mad at him, like a CHILD) laid on the bed and told me he was sorry he came home late, and he knew it was hard to be with the kids and run the house when I feel so bad. By now it was 6:15 pm. I came out of the room, and begged him to go get me some chicken noodle soup, which he did (please remember he was only home a half hour by this point). He got back from getting me soup at 6:40 pm, and I had the nerve to tell him he took to long getting the soup.

PLEASE NOTE- I never realize fully how irrational I am until I think about it later.

I responded to his kindness of getting me soup, by telling him to please 'sweep the floor' before he left.

"Left?" you say, "but where could he being going?"

Aaron had to leave the house at 6:45 pm to go to a committee meeting at the Parish I work for that he sits on so he could take something off my plate.

So now it's 8:25 pm, I've laid on the couch and ate my soup. I've taken a long, hot shower. I am getting ready for bed yet, and he's not even home.

I've been a real piece of work today blogger friends. And I'm feeling really guilty. I married the best of the best. The type of servant who begins serving at 6:30 am and doesn't stop until 9:30 pm. I don't deserve the gift God gave me in a husband but I'm gonna try to be better tomorrow. Because he deserves better, even when the kids are kind of cruddy all day, and I feel sick.

Boo, you're the best boo in the whole wide world, and I don't want you to think, despite my terrible behavior, that I've forgotten that.

AND, he's the most handsome.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 didn't suck for us

We are saying goodbye to 2016...
and although for many it has been a rough rough year... for us, it was pretty okay.
Yes, it's true that we are living in a surreal world where Donald Trump is the presidentmy 
(did that ish really happen?)
And the world is kind of a catastrophe in so many areas.
So much so that I have to mentally prepare my heart to turn on the news.
Many of my friends have dealt with heartbreaks beyond comprehension and I have lived through some broken relationships, restored relationships, hurts and sorrows.

But overall, 2016 has been a good year for these Wilkersons.  
I thought I'd share our highlights from the year in a monthly form and then, tomorrow, I'll share some dreams I have for the new year.  Here goes... perhaps redundant for those who follow us on the social medias.

January marked the 1 year anniversary since the loss of my dear friend Paul.  Some days I can't even believe everything that transpired. Aaron said that to me the other day, 'I cannot believe everything that happened, how quickly it happened'.  I take great comfort in my friend, I pray for his intercession almost daily.  I ask him to calm me, to make me nicer, to help me put up with people I don't like.  I have begged him to welcome into heaven the children/friends/family members of people who I know. I feel proud that my dearest friend sits with Jesus.
And I pray for Ann his wife, and his children. I pray for Ann's family, and the Coakley family and the grief they carry.  Will you say some prayers for them as we approach the second anniversary of Paul's unexpected passing?
The girlfriends at Paul's grave.  With a little whiskey...duh ;)
Father Mario offered a private Mass on the anniversary of Paul's death. Do you think we could get him to do it again?
The crew after Mass celebrating with a drink
February rocked.... we had the superhero dance...

March started out awesome with a gathering of friends for St. Patrick's Day...
But it ended kind of cruddy.
Malia Paul was hospitalized for two nights with RSV.  
 We totaled not one, but TWO cars in the time span of 10 days...we lived Lent well.

 Our luck turned around in April... First, we Dave Ramsey'd ourselves a new van with no payments (praise you Jesus)
 Malia recovered and was all smiles all the time 
 Aaron and I got to get all sorts of fancified and attend a 'gala' with our dear friends Tom and Erin

May was awesome.  We got to meet Baymax at Disney :)
 The boys bought me a beautiful mother's ring/claddagh ring set. A wonderfully thoughtful gift
 We got to celebrate my birthday at a fancy restaurant with dear friends, we were suppose to go see the 'Sound of Music' but apparently 36 makes you too tired to stay up for a complete musical. We left at intermission.

We were blessed to play host to my sister and brother's families.  That's a LOT of cousins. That's 15 cousins to be exact. And 5 adults. So 20 people, in my 1000 Square foot home.  It was awesome
 We took the girlie to get her ears pierced. I am so glad my mother in law and Malia's godmother were able to join
 AND- our family took a little local overnight to Great Lakes Crossing to enjoy the Rain forest Cafe, Sealife Aquarium and LEGOLAND
2016 was the year of fancy, so the Wilkersons and the Coules got all doll'd up and attended the Sacred Heart Gala.  Such a fun night! 
Oh, there were some priests there too. Shout out Father Mario and Father Paul

WHOA. Did we get our travel on this month or what?  We went to Minneapolis to see Aaron's very best friends
 On our way back home, we stopped in Chi-town, our family's favorite place to go.  We got a sweet deal on the fanciest hotel I've ever stayed at. It was nothin' but awesome.

 Our travels were just getting started. We went to Kentucky for cousin time and fun
 And last, but not least, we went to Myrtle Beach to finally meet Grammy's whole family

August was awesome, we went to Papa's family reunion...
 Celebrated the opening ceremonies...
 celebrated Daddy's birthday at American Coney Island...
And had our heart's kind of broken by this kid starting school...

September came quickly as this one started pre-k...

 And our baby girl turned 1...
 We began to enjoy Fall fun in Detroit City

October brought the visit of one my dearest friend's friends from college
It also brought all the Fall fun you can imagine...
 And game-day Saturdays...
 And, of course, Halloween!

Gosh, November seems like three seconds ago.
There was outdoor fun...
 And we found out some INCREDIBLE news
News that the boys are still celebrating...
We went day drinkin' the day before Thanksgiving...as now has become a wonderful tradition...
 Lots of family came in, so we enjoyed the magic of Detroit city...
 and I soaked up time with my sisters

Aaron and I had planned a trip to NYC! It was lovely, and hard. I'm not sure I am built to leave my kids for multiple days...
 But we got to get fancy and spend time with just us... that was awesome
 And I got to take 'Seeing the Rockette's at Christmas time' off my bucket list
 We had our annual 'framily' Christmas party. One of my favorite days of the year
 Aaron was the angel Gabriel in his class program and rocked it (with the help of my mom's costume)
 Joseph was the most enjoyable Reindeer ...
 We celebrated as a 'just us' family by going to my favorite restaurant in Detroit city, 'Pegasus'
 We celebrated a wonderful and drama free Christmas Eve...
 Christmas morning was everything you want it to be for your kids...
And Christmas Evening continued the blessings at Grammy and Papa's house
 Then, my sweet husband let me leave to see my 'sisters who I never see (but actually see all the time)' for an overnight in Columbus.

This year was good my friends, and we are wishing your family health, happiness and holiness in 2017!!!