Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So, for those of you that don't know, I HATED being pregnant.  Like, really hated it.  It is so funny because when people say, 'I miss being pregnant' I honestly don't get it.  I was sick constantly (throwing up the morning of giving birth!), my emotions were all over the place, my back hurt, etc...towards the end, I had all those symptoms plus I was constantly contracting and peeing literally every ten minutes.  It was ri-dunk-u-lous.  A week before I had my son, I went to a rather large mall here in Michigan, whilst having contractions to 'walk on labor'.  I had the pleasure of progressing VERY slowly until the day I had my c-section.  Anyway, whilst at the mall I made it to one side and starting having pretty extreme contractions.  I VERY slowly walked in and out of stores until I sat on this couch and took deep breaths and called my husband to let him know I might not be able to make it home:)  I waited an hour, the contractions subsided and I went home so frustrated that I would, once again, not be having my child.  

Flash forward two months later, and I returned to the same mall, this time with my beautiful baby boy.  We sat in the middle of the mall and I fed him his bottle.  From there, we went in and out of stores.  I bought him some super cute polo onsies on sale, and huge picture frames for our new family photos.  Just for kicks and giggles, I stopped at the couch where I had sat two months before praying for labor to REALLY begin and I held mr. man close to me.  I told him about how I was so frustrated waiting for him and how very glad I was that he is a part of our family now.

The moral of the story folks, is that every second of pregnancy that I hated (and I hated every second) was TOTALLY worth it.  It is bizarro that I have a child.  A SUPER handsome child that my husband, myself and God created.  I look at it now, and think, what a small price to pay for the glory of this gift that is my son.  During the pregnancy, I thought it was a lot to go through, but in actuality, it was a SUPER small price to pay.  It doesn't even seem fair that for so little effort, I get to hang out with this awesome little boy for as many days as God will let me.  And I would do it all again, and again, and again, to experience something as awesome as being at the mall with my sweet baby boy:)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reflections on a year

A year ago yesterday, Aaron and I were married. It seems so funny to think that at this time last year, I was probably relaxing in our room by the sea, listening to the sounds of the ocean. We were aware, even then, that our honeymoon was one of the last times that it would be 'all about us'. On our honeymoon, we talked a lot about getting pregnant, we wondered if we were already pregnant (in my family that would not be unusual) and discussed how fantastically bizarre it would be to be parents. Flash forward 365 days later, and that fantasy is now our reality.

We are new parents in every sense of the word. Trying to navigate through parenthood. We are used to getting by on less sleep than our sleepless nights used to provide. We are dealing with a baby who is 100% adorable and yet cranky 50% of the time:) We are planning for our future and getting used to new work schedules and trying to keep on top of house cleaning/laundry/etc...We have already had our child admitted to the hospital and we are set to go see a pediatric cardiologist in three weeks (not a big deal, heart murmur). These things have showed us that life is probably never going to be about 'just us' again. In fact, 'just us' has expanded. It now includes a sweet baby boy, who spits up so much I am considering carrying around an extra shirt at all times. He is also the sweetest boy ever. This morning, he looked at me and smiled for a solid 3 minutes..my heart melted!

God's plans are amazing. Aaron and I are still very much at the beginning of our journey together, now joined by a sweet baby boy. My prayer last night as I went to bed on my first year anniversary is that we can keep our 'eyes on the prize'. The prize being growing in faith together through learning how to selflessly love each other. Currently, I suck at that...I might always suck at it- but thankfully I have someone to walk with on this path.

Thank you Jesus for my husband :) Happy anniversary to him and praise God for our little boy!