Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So, for those of you that don't know, I HATED being pregnant.  Like, really hated it.  It is so funny because when people say, 'I miss being pregnant' I honestly don't get it.  I was sick constantly (throwing up the morning of giving birth!), my emotions were all over the place, my back hurt, etc...towards the end, I had all those symptoms plus I was constantly contracting and peeing literally every ten minutes.  It was ri-dunk-u-lous.  A week before I had my son, I went to a rather large mall here in Michigan, whilst having contractions to 'walk on labor'.  I had the pleasure of progressing VERY slowly until the day I had my c-section.  Anyway, whilst at the mall I made it to one side and starting having pretty extreme contractions.  I VERY slowly walked in and out of stores until I sat on this couch and took deep breaths and called my husband to let him know I might not be able to make it home:)  I waited an hour, the contractions subsided and I went home so frustrated that I would, once again, not be having my child.  

Flash forward two months later, and I returned to the same mall, this time with my beautiful baby boy.  We sat in the middle of the mall and I fed him his bottle.  From there, we went in and out of stores.  I bought him some super cute polo onsies on sale, and huge picture frames for our new family photos.  Just for kicks and giggles, I stopped at the couch where I had sat two months before praying for labor to REALLY begin and I held mr. man close to me.  I told him about how I was so frustrated waiting for him and how very glad I was that he is a part of our family now.

The moral of the story folks, is that every second of pregnancy that I hated (and I hated every second) was TOTALLY worth it.  It is bizarro that I have a child.  A SUPER handsome child that my husband, myself and God created.  I look at it now, and think, what a small price to pay for the glory of this gift that is my son.  During the pregnancy, I thought it was a lot to go through, but in actuality, it was a SUPER small price to pay.  It doesn't even seem fair that for so little effort, I get to hang out with this awesome little boy for as many days as God will let me.  And I would do it all again, and again, and again, to experience something as awesome as being at the mall with my sweet baby boy:)

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