Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Little Family took our first real road trip and it was AWESOME.  There are so many things that I want to remember, and that is, afterall, why I started this blog...so I shall write them here.

Teaching my Godson the game of Spit.

Changing my son's diaper on the back of Aaron's car at a rest stop at 1:00 am and then sitting his cousin Kiley up with him.

Dressing up and going out with my sisters and our husbands to watch Shawn Reynolds be crowned one of the top three funniest people in Lexington.  It was a stand-up comedian contest, when they said his name, I screamed so loud I thought I was going to break my vocal cords.

Watching my husband and brother-in-laws play basketball in the backyard.  Taking this picture and being VERY aware that our kids will look at this picture and wonder about when 'dad and uncle matt/uncle shawn were younger and play basketball' like I use to when I looked at pictures of my dad and uncles.

Arriving in Minnesota after hours and hours of driving.

 Staying our first night at a hotel as a family.  Pulling up to the 'Baymont Inn' and seeing that the sign was half torn off and having Aaron make fun of me for getting a 'ghetto' hotel.  Putting our son in swim diapers that were just a bit too big and taking him in the big boy pool.  Watching his horribly confused face as we swam with him for fifteen minutes:)

Going to the Mall of America.  Riding a Roller Coaster in a mall with my sweet 'big boy' Godson and niece:)  Going to the Aquarium and watching my husband place my son's hand in the tank you were allowed to feel the starfish in.  Imaging how awesome it is going to be watching my husband be a father.

 Spending time with every single one of our nieces and nephews in the month of July was awesome!

We are so sad that our family is so spread out so we truly consider it a blessing when we get to see one another.

 I can't believe how big our family has grown in such a short amount of time.  There is so much to be thankful.

Getting to see my son meet his Godmommy for the first time:)

Going to 'LIFETIME' and going swimming.  Discovering that my swimsuit had become 'see through' in the wash and that my son had pooped his diaper in the pool.  This was not a successful adventure.

Getting to be a Godmother of my very first Goddaughter Bailey and sharing in that honor with my husband. We are so excited to help be Faith Witnesses to her as she grows up.  Being the fifth child won't always be easy (just ask my sister Theresa) but she will have such a special place in everyone's heart.

As a sidenote, I am so very happy to be a mother.  It is so fun to watch my son with his cousins/aunts/uncles and to participate in the great joy of raising him.  Although he is a hot mess in the car, he did very good considering how long we were traveling.  I was so proud of him when we would swaddle him and put him in the corner of a room and he would stare peacefully until he fell asleep. He is a such a good little boy.  His giggles make my day and his smiles literally light up our lives.  AWESOME is my life.

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