Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Shenanigans...

...Oct 31st 2012

Tonight was our first time trick-or treating. I think it is absolutely bizarre and beautiful that God has blessed Aaron and I with two fantastic children in such a short period of time.  Tonight, as we were walking in our little neighborhood going door to door (which, btw, apparently 5:30 pm was WAY too early, we were the first ones out), I had one of those awesome kick butt moments. I turned to Aaron and I was like, 'oh my gosh, we are a family'.  As we walked by other families of trick-or-treaters, I felt like a true grown up.  We are the people who take our kids out trick-or-treating.  We get to be the family all-dressed up in awesomeness, laughing at our son as his eyes pop out of his head whilst trying to understand all this delicious is his.  It is so funny, because every now and again, I have these profound moments of realization that my life really has become all I wanted it to.  And, dang, we were one good lookin' family o' pirates :)  Happy Halloween!  And now, enjoy some pictures...
Carvin' pumpkins...without my shirt? What?

Yes, mom lets me play with knives

Um, my busie makes the.best.costumes

What up yo?

Dad, don't you leave me on this table

Look at Lil' Joey's face...

Thug life, and the pumpkin my big bro carved

Can we go trick-or-treating yet?


The hat, goes sideways, for that is my swagga

Wait, should I look tough?

This is my sultry pirate look, any lady takers?

Little Joseph is NOT impressed

Hey mom, candy=awesome.

love me some grandparents

auntie annie is my favorite aunt in michigan

My dad is man enough to wear some pirate gear...what now?

She is pretty awesome, as far as moms go.


Wait! you are telling me, we just go to people's houses and they give us CANDY?!?!?!


(as far as pirate lives go)

Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
So weird things have happened with race lately that have been bumming me out. My husband posted about Romney, and was told that he should ‘remember his roots and where he came from’. That was a bummer. And an alumni shared with me that her troubled brother will be getting a tattoo on his neck that says, ‘f--- N------’ (you do the math). These things have bummed me out. I have very clear thoughts on race issues, always have, they were just confirmed and celebrated when I met my husband. Sometimes I get bummed that I might be living in a world where the race of my kids will matter, then I remember that we are raising them to identify first and foremost with their Catholic Identity…then, I stop being as bummed.
--- 2 ---
My son is leaning against my shoulder right now, playing with his pretend cell phone. He rocks. He enjoys being the funny guy and I enjoy laughing at him. He is ubber fun. I’m glad I got him.

--- 3 ---
Retreat this weekend, to one my favorite places, ‘Subiaco’ in Oxford, Michigan. Every retreat has a certain ‘feel’ to it. This one’s ‘feel ‘ is relaxation. Leaving the babies has become harder and harder, but although I will miss them…this place is such a location of peace and calm. I think I could use both right now, so I am quite excited.

--- 4 ---
So the Tigers are in the world series. I don’t have a lot to say about that…except it is fun. And there is this guy named, ‘Fister’ (I think) and he got hit in the head with a baseball flying towards him (he is a pitcher). And kept pitching. It made me like him. A LOT. He is handsome as well, so…that helps. Troopers always impress me, I am not a trooper…maybe that is why.

--- 5 ---
We ‘sleep train’ (I think that is what it is called, opposite of attachment parenting sleep model), it is awesome. Our kids go to bed really easily. Which is magical. But every 3-4 months, we have to remind lil’ A why sleep is awesome, and he cries because he does not want to go to bed and we have to do the consistency (going in every 5-10 minutes, comforting, then leaving again) thing. And, I hate the sound of my child crying (Big Aaron is not phased by it, but big Aaron was not home). Yesterday, was one of those nights. And I was trying to clean the house. And I thought to myself, ‘what I wouldn’t give to drink a 16 oz. budlight right now’. Then, I reminded myself that my life is not like that anymore. And I sighed…
but then I went into lil’ A’s room, broke our ‘sleep training’ rules, swept him up and rocked him in Joey’s room. I’ll take him over budlight anyday! Twice on Sundays.

--- 6 ---
Continued work on selflessness is hard. Last weekend, I had three different retreats, this week I worked some long hours, and this weekend I am gone on retreat again. When I get home, obviously, I expect to be pampered/taken care of/a little bit lazy, etc…because I am ‘working so much’. But, alas, whilst I have been working, Big A has been taking care of the kids solo. And, as any SAHM knows, that in itself is a feat. And so, Big A and I are colliding at a juncture where we both feel we are entitled to ‘take it easy’ after long days…and yet we have two adorable kids that need constant attention (Hi, 18 months…nice to meet you, can we skip ahead to 3 now?!?!). Not gonna lie, it is causing some tension- and to answer that tension, the only response is to work on selflessness. And reflecting on the Scripture reading we had read at our Wedding Mass, in regards to ‘out-doing one another in kindness’. I’m working on it. I find it is super easy in theory, pretty dang tough in real life. Can I get an amen?

--- 7 ---
And finally- there is this. You’re welcome.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For a moment...

...all the world was right.

This week has been a bit difficult for me in terms of parenting.  Despite loving social media, loving the facebook, loving the blogging, and the sharing that occurs, I try really hard to keep it positive.  I try not to drain any social networking avenue with over dramatic posts about things that are challenging.  But this week has been a little hard.

It's one of those weeks where I am hyper aware of all the things I am doing 'wrong' that could end up screwing up our kids.  There is SO MUCH PRESSURE to be a good parent. I am not talking about the 'mommy-war' pressure, or the the pressure to be the 'perfect pinterest' parent.  I am talking about the stress that comes from wanting your children to succeed and be good. I am talking about the pressure that comes with wanting to raise Saints.  I am hyper-aware of how my actions are shaping the little people God entrusted to me...and this week, I am feeling the weight of what the responsibility means.  This week,  I am aware that I am screwing it up.

You aren't suppose to fight in front of your children- The husband and I have been known to get into it a few times a week:)  This never used to bother me, it is part of our dynamic.  This week though, I saw little Aaron watching us, his face looked a little frightened.  Mind you, our 'fighting' was not out of control.  It was simply tight tones and heightened volume.  But kids pick up on that stuff right?  And his face, well, it showed it.  And, I wondered if I am screwing him up.

You aren't suppose to let your children watch tv until they are two (so says some pediatric board).  As stated previously, little Aaron watches himself one or two 1/2 hour shows a day.  It is my sanity really, especially in the wee hours of the morning.  99.9 of the time, it doesn't bother me that I do this.  However, as he creeps closer and closer to his 18 month doctor appointment, I am aware that he only has around 10 words.  Again, 99.9% of the time I do not worry about this, he will get there...but this week, I wondered if maybe I am screwing him up.

You are suppose to read to your children.  My sister, Katie, has REALLY smart kids.  Like, the kind of kids that are tested because they are too smart to be in regular classes.  I asked her a long time ago what she attributes that to, and she said that she read to them since the day they were born.  That was her secret.  Read books and read them often.  So, I read books to little A, and I read them often.  Everyday since the day he was born.  This week, my cousin Liz posted pictures of her fantastic husband Roland reading their precious baby boy (just a month younger than Joseph) 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.'.  When I saw the picture, I smiled, thinking about reading Lil' A books at that age.  Then, with horror it hit me that Joseph Michael has been alive for 3 months, and I have yet to sit with him and read him a book.  He has listened to the reading of books with lil' A, but I haven't taken 1 on 1 time, just him and I, reading. This week, I wondered if maybe that is something that is going to screw him up.

You are suppose to give babies constant attention.  This week, I realized that lil' Joseph Michael spends hours and hours on his play mat on the floor, or in his bouncy chair.  He is SUCH a good baby, such a content baby, such a happy baby. He cries when he is hungry or his diaper is dirty.  That is it.  He spends a lot of time staring, studying, watching the world.  The fact that he is such an easy baby, and Lil' Aaron demands so much time, makes it easy just to have him be in his bouncer, content with life.  But what if he isn't feeling the love that he should?  What if he is not getting enough attention?  This week, I wondered if taking advantage of his easy-going personality is going to end up screwing him up.

You are suppose to parent from a 'place of yes'.  I know that sounds cliche, but I believe it to be true.  Kids need to hear affirmation, love, smiles and permission to excel.  But, I find myself telling lil' Aaron no all.the.time. No! don't play so rough with your baby brother (crud, am I going to give him secret resentment towards the baby?) No! don't touch daddy's electronics (really?  material things? Do I want to show them that they have a high value?).  No! You can't have more drink at bed time, you have already had 2 glasses of 'wah-er' (did I seriously just deny water to my 18 month old?).  He hears no so much, is it going to end up screwing him up?

BUT THEN- (see how I always give a plot twist)

I had a beautiful moment that made all the world okay.
Across the street from us is a church (the one and only FAMOUS HOSSANA TABOR- thank you Religious Freedom).
That church has a park.

I try to take lil' Aaron over as much as I can.  Today after we finished dinner, I had the husband watch Joseph, and lil' Aaron and I walked over to swing on swings/slide down slides. After lil' Aaron slid down slides for what seemed like the ten thousandth time, he gave me his shocked face and gasped out loud in excitement.  I turned around to see that the trees in our neighborhood (my neighborhood is surrounded by BIG, BEAUTIFUL, LEAFY trees) were swaying in the wind.  As they swayed, leaves started falling. I am talking about hundreds of leaves, falling off branches and slowly sailing down to the ground.  Lil' Aaron was memorized.  Without even thinking I started chasing the leaves and handing them to lil' A.  He was literally squealing in delight.  He could not believe that HIS.MOM. could catch these fallen treasures.  I would go to grab some and they would miss my hand, he erupted in giggles.  Slow falling beauties, unpredictable in where they would land.  For a split second Lil' A looked at me with such a look of admiration.   A look that said clearly, 'om lowercase g...I have the coolest mom ever'.  We danced in the falling leaves, it was pretty darn awesome.  As we walked home the leaves continued to fall, and Aaron continued to watch, eyes wide open in excitement.  I kept reaching up and handing them to him.  Honestly, his joy was a sight to see.  And then I had my moment of realization.

I am screwing up.  A lot actually. I am not looking for comfort, or advice...I am not even looking for a pat on the back. I need to do better, try harder, and make a commitment everyday to be a better parent/wife/friend/etc...than I was the day before.  BUT, God works with us where we are at. And today, well today, my friends, I was the hero.  Because I was the magical leaf catcher for my son.  For all he knew, I was the one making the wind that blew them on us.  And, that moment was perfection.  That moment made a rough week of self-doubt disappear into a silent reflection of gratitude.  Because, yeah, my kids are sure to be a little screwed up (I mean, have you met their parents?!?!?!) but I am pretty sure, with the grace of God, they are gonna be okay.  And so tonight, for a moment...all the world was right :)  

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The 'og' Original Godson
... at Faith UNwrapped, there was this boy.  He was in 8th grade and looked exactly like my godson Shawnie, right down to the glasses that he wore.  Right away, I could tell he was a good, nice, solid kid, much like my godson.  And when I saw him, it made me ache for my nieces and nephews that live so far away.

For a REALLY long time I was the single aunt.  I lived in my parents house until 29 years old.  From the time I was 19 to the time I was 29, my life and joy pretty much came from my nieces and nephews.  Some of my favorite memories consist of taking them on special 'dates'.

Emma Rachel
At Christmas time, I would take the oldest, Shawnie on a 'fancy date'.  I remember we went to this restaurant that had flaming cheese (opa!).  When they lit it on fire, Shawnie looked so terrified.  He curled up to the opposite side of the booth, scared the whole place would light on fire.  Emma is the second oldest in that family.  We had the most special time when the two of us went and saw Wicked together.  Some of my college alumni were also seeing the show, we went to a super pretentious restaurant, 'Small Plates' and dined on a HUGE Sunday before taking in the show.  I know she felt like a rockstar that night, we both dressed up.  It was so incredible.  Kiley, the third in that family was the best snuggler, I used to hold her so tight.  I remember telling her she could stay up as long as she let me hold her...I used to love having her fall asleep on me.

Trey surprising me in the back seat
My brother Regis is constantly getting transferred to different cities. I tried to go visit them at least once in each location.  I remember going out to Boston the first time.  Regis picked me up and my godson Trey was hiding in the backseat. I cannot tell you how much I love these children.  It was late at night and I didn't expect it and all of a sudden he popped up from the back screaming, 'auntie MARE MARE!!!'.  My eyes welled up right there.  I was about to spend 4 days with my favorites!  I had the chance to take the oldest two to the Boston Aquarium, just us.  They were still pretty young and I will never forget eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right in front of the Aquarium.  I still have a playlist on my ipod called, 'Faith Josephine' that has all Disney princess songs that we could listen to when she was in my car.

My princess Faith
But then, something happened. I met a super incredible man.  In the past three years we have gotten engaged, bought a house, and had two babies of our own.  And I find it is harder and harder to be the aunt I want to be to my favorites.  You see, before, finances were mine (though not well managed).  I could travel at least once every couple months to go see some of my favorites.  When they came into town, I could take them to the store/out to eat...shower them with attention and love.  Now, there just isn't time or money to do that.  And although I am so grateful for my own little ones, I miss being the auntie that spoiled the kids rotten!

Nutball Kiley!
In the past three years, I think there have been collectively 15 more grandkids added to the mix.  I know I am not creating the same bond with them that I did with the first few oldest.  It is a huge bummer that our families live so far a part and it is so difficult to travel with the little ones to go visit.  The olders are growing up and the youngers don't really know me like they should, like they would if we all lived close.  Like they would if I still had the time and resources to go visit.

Silly Face!!

I am so blessed to have a family that fights with passion but loves with passion. I adore that when we get together, we laugh, we have fun, it is chaotic (oh, and there is always serious amounts of drama)... but I guess, for a second yesterday, when I saw that boy the same age as Shawnie, my heart broke just a little.  This new reality is something I wouldn't trade for a million kazillion dollars.  I hold my babies each night and feel so thankful for the blessings God has put into our lives.  BUT, I remember holding these other babies, who for so long were the closest thing I had to children.  And I can't believe how quickly they are growing up.

Great Cousin
That same boy who jumped to the other side of the booth in fear, is now in 8th grade.  He is a teenager.  I have to admit, I wonder if the next time I see him...will he still be willing to hang out with just me?  Will we be able to talk and go to lunch/dinner, just the two of us and have it be as awesome as it used to be?  Will we always be close, or has distance, along with me growing my own family changed that?  Emma Rachel, who giggled in delight while watching wicked, is now in middle school.  And a cheerleader to boot!  We have talked about her coming to Michigan this summer for a week or so to help me with the babies- I really hope that happens.  She is such a great young women.  Kiley, my drama queen, continues to keep us all laughing.  Trey, the cutie who jumped out of the backseat is now on a football team!  Like a grown boy :)  How painful that I can't go see his games and cheer him on?  Faith Josephine, who's playlist I still have on my ipod is a lovely little girl.  The last time she was in town, she kept asking if she could hold my little Joseph. She was my lil' Aaron's hero as she allowed him to follow her around everywhere.  They are each turning into such amazing little people. But they are growing up so darn fast.

Best Buds
And what about all the nieces and nephews that live so far away that I am not even mentioning?  Adeline, who writes us the most beautiful notes to update us on her life.  Kolbe, Ellie, and Bailey...all the same age as little Aaron.  We should be having play dates weekly, but instead all four of them will probably only get together once a year, if we are lucky.  Dylan and Keegan, Warren and Ralph, Jack and Brendo, and who could forget Rocky?  These children being born every year, raised by exceptional parents and living too far away.  I can't keep up with being the awesome aunt anymore, but hopefully I will be able to show them how much I love them when they are in town or, every couple of years when we are blessed to go visit them.

This is my melancholic reflection on being an aunt to so many amazing children.  To watching our families grow and expand.  I miss being who I was to these kids and I am trying to figure out how to be the best.aunt.ever in my new reality as a mom and wife myself.

All Grown'd Up
But I'll tell you one thing, looking at that 8th grade boy, the one who looks like my Shawnie made me realize I have to make a better effort because before I know it, these kids are all going to be grown up, and I am going to be meeting their children (and I can finally be 'scary aunt Mary Wilkerson').

Any suggestions on how to stay connected to family that is far away and constantly growing?  I'd sure appreciate it :)

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Got a few minutes...

... then give this a listen.  My good friend, the Baptizer of Joey and, most importantly, a U of M fan :)

Check it!

OH WAIT! I should warn you it is totally about abortion, so if you are the type that will get all worked up over such things, consider passing it by or preparing yourself to not be pleased.

And, in case you didn't want to be fancy and click on 'this' follow this link :)


Monday, October 15, 2012

5 things that are delighting me...

on this day.

My sweet Joseph Michael
He is such a sweet baby ya'll (see what I did there, with the ya'll, I am so hip and cool).  At Mass, yesterday morning, I was holding him and he was sleeping. I realized, with number baby #2, I am not good at taking the time to just relish the sweetness.  With Lil' A, I used to watch him sleep all.the.time. BAD MOM ALERT!!!  I think this was the first time since the hospital that I just really watched his little eyes flutter as he was sleeping.  And I did that thing, you know, when you rub their cheeks and they grin whilst sleeping. Anyway, he takes my breath away.

Shopping with the husband
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate shopping with my husband. I love grocery shopping together, window shopping together (which is pretty much all we do), and tonight, clothes shopping together.  Here is the thing. I forget sometimes to be aware and thankful for all the little things my  husband does that make him so wonderful.  Tonight, it was going clothes shopping and having him think I am pretty with my bangin' (post two-kids, did I say bangin'?!?!) body.  It is so easy to be insecure as a woman and so important that my dude reminds me that he thinks I am the bees knees (is that an expression?!?).  And he even waits in line for me and buys obvious girl items.  I really married a great man.

Aaron Christopher Wilkerson 2.0
Um, the kid is freaking hilarious. I will tell you why.  1) He has learned to spin in circles 2)  He LOVES to laugh and laugh loudly.  3)  He talks to himself and his words are getting closer and closer to be actual words.  4)  He loves to discover things. 5) He adores testing his independence, and though it drives me crazy, I am trying to enjoy it.

I am going to be transitioning in the next year to giving more retreats/talks/etc... It is something I have prayed with for a REALLY long time.  I LOVE doing them, it gives me a lot of life and I think it serves a need.  Anyway, on Friday I have a retreat for an all girl's high school, and Sat/Sun I have talks a Confirmation Retreats...the sign that I know I am doing the right thing?  This weekend will be spent very much away from my family, and although I am bummed about it, I am excited about the way I will be able to serve and the ministry I am blessed to do.  So, that is exciting.

So, it is last minute...but I finally scored my ticket to the Michigan/MSU game.  I confess (look away State fans), that the last couple o' years, state fans have been working my left nerve.  Turns out, they are currently eating a helping of humble pie.  I am sorry to say, but I hope it is served with seconds this weekend and I feel somewhat confident it will be!

Those are things that are delighting me tonight.  Anything bringing you great joy?

Friday, October 12, 2012

--- 1 ---
Two days ago, I worked a really, REALLY long day. When I got home, all I wanted to do was snuggle with the babies, but it was 10:00 pm. Luckily, I caught big Aaron in a moment of weakness, and he let me wake up Lil' A an bring him in bed with us. We went on to watch the Tigers game on the ipad. The beauty of the night was I looked over and lil' Aaron was laying on Big A's shoulder watching the game. Now, my husband is not a super sensitive soul (at least in expression) and I could tell he was really moved. It was a beautiful moment.
--- 2 ---
Lest you think it stayed beautiful, after about a half hour, the husband and I decided that we were ready for bed. Lil' A decided he wasn't even kind of ready. It turned into a disaster of epic proportions, with about an hour of struggle before the boy went down (I guess that doesn't really qualify as epic huh?) and him losing his mind yesterday night at the expectation that he would be sleeping in his own crib. Lesson learned.
--- 3 ---
I know you are probably all waiting for a healthy living update. Right now, I am down 13 and the hubs is down 20. It is so fun to actually see results and it gives us the strength to keep making these good/healthy decisions. However, as many of you know (due to my friend Mario's facebook call out) I could.not.resit the avocado/bacon/grilled cheese sandwich that was offered at the seminary this week. And I figured since I was 'going there' I might as well eat a chocolate chip cookie as well. Lemme tell you blogger friends...totally worth it!
--- 4 ---
So, here is the sass. I have SO had it with illogical arguments. It is amazing that we live in a world, where people can say things that make NO SENSE and we are just suppose to respect it. Like, I get there is a diversity of thought, and I respect that. However, what you are saying at the very least HAS to be logical. So, my brothers and sisters, please stop your friends/neighbors/cousins/dogs from saying, 'I think abortion is wrong (i.e the taking of a life) but I don't think I can tell someone what to do with their body'. It just makes no sense. You absolutely can tell someone they can't kill someone else. NOW, as I keep stating, I get that a lot of people don't consider the 'fetus' life...that makes a little more sense and I am cool to dialogue that...but, this 'not something I would do, but not something the government can stop' is so ridiculous. Then, it even gets worse, because when called out on the ridiculousness of such a statement...sometimes people just KEEP REPEATING IT. As though that makes it more logical. Oh, man, does it work me up. It kept me up for like 1.5 hours last night (which is awesome for this morning- Thank GOD I don't have to work tomorrow morning. Anyway, that is my sass for the morning, you're welcome.
--- 5 ---
Yesterday, my dad sent a text in the AM and asked if he could stop by. As stated, I had gotten very little sleep due to Mr Lil' Aaron deciding to be a punk, and I had worked a really long day prior...so I wanted to say no. But then I thought to myself what a blessing it is that I have my parents close, and they can just stop by. I thought to myself that won't always be the case, and my parents won't always be here. So, I said, 'no problem'. The house was a mess and I was watching my reality show trash, but I stopped watching it, accepted my house and invited my dad in. We talked for an hour and a half, it was lovely. So rare to get that one on one time with a parent. Lil' A even woke up from his nap and sat on his chair and joined us. It was pretty awesome. I am pretty blessed to have parents local.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of the visit. After, my dad threw up a FB status update that said something to the effect of, 'I am so thankful for my two daughters Katie and Mary who teach me tolerance'. Well, team blogger, my dad has four daughters; Katie, Mary, Theresa and Annie. Theresa commented, 'Annie and I thank you for that'. I thought it was so freaking funny. I gasped and laughed out loud. Guess you had to be there.
--- 7 ---
Speaking of the FB. Check it. My two sisters who have children live within 20 minutes of each other. Because of that, they get to see each other all the time. They get to do family parties together. They get to visit and support one another in person. Their kids will grow up together and be the best of buddies. I am VERY happy for them, but it breaks my heart that I don't get to raise my family with my sisters. So, back to the FB, don't you think they should have to stop posting pictures together/talking about being together/etc...out of sensitivity? Shouldn't they have to pretend, in the social networking world that this is not the case? That's what I thought. Please tell them! Have a great week!!!
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Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
us at the ol' Cider Mill

Fall is upon us and I am obsessed with Fall. For realz. And all that comes with it. Last week, we went to an exceptional Cider Mill on the recommendation of teen. We had a great time with our good friends enjoying a hayride, pumpkin picking (crud, just realized our pumpkin is still in the back seat of my car between car seats), cider and donuts (fear not, these healthy-livers split one donut between our family).

--- 2 ---
On my 'Stay at Home Mom' days, we have been checking out a new park every day. So awesome to see what parks Aaron loves, which ones are easiest to get to, which ones have the best play structures, etc... Fun times.
--- 3 ---
Not fun times? Sickness, sickness that has invaded the Wilkerson household. I am sick, lil' Aaron is sick, Big Aaron is kind of sick and Joey looks like he is about to get sick. One thing I never fully appreciated was a mom's role in her family if her family is sick. One thing I NEVER contemplated is what the mom is suppose to do if she is sick as well (apparently, nothing, you just suck it up...um...what?!?!? Did you not read my feelings on the cross?- I don't like it).
--- 4 ---
Here is something pretty awesome that happened though. Every time I am sick, I try to convince Big Aaron to stay home from work. This gets really interesting in pregnancy when I basically am sick every day for nine months. Anyway, yesterday I was SEVERELY lacking sleep and quite sick. The husband and I got in a 'midnight fight' which was not pleasant, because lil' Aaron didn't feel like he could sleep due to sickness and I felt too sick to take care of him, and it just turned into a debacle. ANYWAY...when we woke up in the morning, we exchanged apologies and I asked him to stay home and take care of us (like I usually do), and guess what he said? YES! So the whole family stayed in our pajamas all day long. Nothing like family time to help cure sickness huh?
--- 5 ---
Date night on the docket this weekend. The husband and I 'date night' a lot. I wonder if it is too much. My dad said in sarcasm, 'do you guys ever hang out with your kids?' and it caused a pause. I would say we go out, and the boys go to sitters (i.e. grandparents), about twice a month. Though that might seem extreme, due to the nature of our lives in ministry, on average, 4 nights out of the week are not spent together, so I guess I kind of justify it that way. This will be the only date night for October, so...it is what it is. And, I really look forward to them. We have a groupon for a fancy meal (we grouponed our dates for sept, oct, and nov. back in August) and a groupon for $3 movie tickets. I think 'Taken 2' is the plan. Should be fun
--- 6 ---
My sister Katie has the best.blog.ever if you are a family, if you lack creativity and if you want super fun things to do with your children that will not stretch your pocket book...consider giving her a follow.
--- 7 ---
Is there really anything cuter than little boys in overalls?  No, I didn't think so. Please tell my husband, he doesn't like the look and I am unwilling to get rid of it!
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