Monday, October 15, 2012

5 things that are delighting me...

on this day.

My sweet Joseph Michael
He is such a sweet baby ya'll (see what I did there, with the ya'll, I am so hip and cool).  At Mass, yesterday morning, I was holding him and he was sleeping. I realized, with number baby #2, I am not good at taking the time to just relish the sweetness.  With Lil' A, I used to watch him sleep all.the.time. BAD MOM ALERT!!!  I think this was the first time since the hospital that I just really watched his little eyes flutter as he was sleeping.  And I did that thing, you know, when you rub their cheeks and they grin whilst sleeping. Anyway, he takes my breath away.

Shopping with the husband
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate shopping with my husband. I love grocery shopping together, window shopping together (which is pretty much all we do), and tonight, clothes shopping together.  Here is the thing. I forget sometimes to be aware and thankful for all the little things my  husband does that make him so wonderful.  Tonight, it was going clothes shopping and having him think I am pretty with my bangin' (post two-kids, did I say bangin'?!?!) body.  It is so easy to be insecure as a woman and so important that my dude reminds me that he thinks I am the bees knees (is that an expression?!?).  And he even waits in line for me and buys obvious girl items.  I really married a great man.

Aaron Christopher Wilkerson 2.0
Um, the kid is freaking hilarious. I will tell you why.  1) He has learned to spin in circles 2)  He LOVES to laugh and laugh loudly.  3)  He talks to himself and his words are getting closer and closer to be actual words.  4)  He loves to discover things. 5) He adores testing his independence, and though it drives me crazy, I am trying to enjoy it.

I am going to be transitioning in the next year to giving more retreats/talks/etc... It is something I have prayed with for a REALLY long time.  I LOVE doing them, it gives me a lot of life and I think it serves a need.  Anyway, on Friday I have a retreat for an all girl's high school, and Sat/Sun I have talks a Confirmation Retreats...the sign that I know I am doing the right thing?  This weekend will be spent very much away from my family, and although I am bummed about it, I am excited about the way I will be able to serve and the ministry I am blessed to do.  So, that is exciting.

So, it is last minute...but I finally scored my ticket to the Michigan/MSU game.  I confess (look away State fans), that the last couple o' years, state fans have been working my left nerve.  Turns out, they are currently eating a helping of humble pie.  I am sorry to say, but I hope it is served with seconds this weekend and I feel somewhat confident it will be!

Those are things that are delighting me tonight.  Anything bringing you great joy?

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