Friday, October 12, 2012

--- 1 ---
Two days ago, I worked a really, REALLY long day. When I got home, all I wanted to do was snuggle with the babies, but it was 10:00 pm. Luckily, I caught big Aaron in a moment of weakness, and he let me wake up Lil' A an bring him in bed with us. We went on to watch the Tigers game on the ipad. The beauty of the night was I looked over and lil' Aaron was laying on Big A's shoulder watching the game. Now, my husband is not a super sensitive soul (at least in expression) and I could tell he was really moved. It was a beautiful moment.
--- 2 ---
Lest you think it stayed beautiful, after about a half hour, the husband and I decided that we were ready for bed. Lil' A decided he wasn't even kind of ready. It turned into a disaster of epic proportions, with about an hour of struggle before the boy went down (I guess that doesn't really qualify as epic huh?) and him losing his mind yesterday night at the expectation that he would be sleeping in his own crib. Lesson learned.
--- 3 ---
I know you are probably all waiting for a healthy living update. Right now, I am down 13 and the hubs is down 20. It is so fun to actually see results and it gives us the strength to keep making these good/healthy decisions. However, as many of you know (due to my friend Mario's facebook call out) I could.not.resit the avocado/bacon/grilled cheese sandwich that was offered at the seminary this week. And I figured since I was 'going there' I might as well eat a chocolate chip cookie as well. Lemme tell you blogger friends...totally worth it!
--- 4 ---
So, here is the sass. I have SO had it with illogical arguments. It is amazing that we live in a world, where people can say things that make NO SENSE and we are just suppose to respect it. Like, I get there is a diversity of thought, and I respect that. However, what you are saying at the very least HAS to be logical. So, my brothers and sisters, please stop your friends/neighbors/cousins/dogs from saying, 'I think abortion is wrong (i.e the taking of a life) but I don't think I can tell someone what to do with their body'. It just makes no sense. You absolutely can tell someone they can't kill someone else. NOW, as I keep stating, I get that a lot of people don't consider the 'fetus' life...that makes a little more sense and I am cool to dialogue that...but, this 'not something I would do, but not something the government can stop' is so ridiculous. Then, it even gets worse, because when called out on the ridiculousness of such a statement...sometimes people just KEEP REPEATING IT. As though that makes it more logical. Oh, man, does it work me up. It kept me up for like 1.5 hours last night (which is awesome for this morning- Thank GOD I don't have to work tomorrow morning. Anyway, that is my sass for the morning, you're welcome.
--- 5 ---
Yesterday, my dad sent a text in the AM and asked if he could stop by. As stated, I had gotten very little sleep due to Mr Lil' Aaron deciding to be a punk, and I had worked a really long day prior...so I wanted to say no. But then I thought to myself what a blessing it is that I have my parents close, and they can just stop by. I thought to myself that won't always be the case, and my parents won't always be here. So, I said, 'no problem'. The house was a mess and I was watching my reality show trash, but I stopped watching it, accepted my house and invited my dad in. We talked for an hour and a half, it was lovely. So rare to get that one on one time with a parent. Lil' A even woke up from his nap and sat on his chair and joined us. It was pretty awesome. I am pretty blessed to have parents local.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of the visit. After, my dad threw up a FB status update that said something to the effect of, 'I am so thankful for my two daughters Katie and Mary who teach me tolerance'. Well, team blogger, my dad has four daughters; Katie, Mary, Theresa and Annie. Theresa commented, 'Annie and I thank you for that'. I thought it was so freaking funny. I gasped and laughed out loud. Guess you had to be there.
--- 7 ---
Speaking of the FB. Check it. My two sisters who have children live within 20 minutes of each other. Because of that, they get to see each other all the time. They get to do family parties together. They get to visit and support one another in person. Their kids will grow up together and be the best of buddies. I am VERY happy for them, but it breaks my heart that I don't get to raise my family with my sisters. So, back to the FB, don't you think they should have to stop posting pictures together/talking about being together/etc...out of sensitivity? Shouldn't they have to pretend, in the social networking world that this is not the case? That's what I thought. Please tell them! Have a great week!!!
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  1. HUH! Catching up on 2 posts (gotta conserve time!)

    1. - love, love, love the overall looks - my littles are too big now so I say: post on! (thank you!)

    2. - congrats on the loss! YOU GO GIRL! I have only managed to lose the same 5 pounds for the past 5 months. I.WILL.DO.THIS! someday!

    3. - oh, I have the same irritation with illogical thoughts. BUGS me to no end.

    4. - um, if your sisters are together where you aren't and your parents are where you are, does that mean if they have to stop posting about getting together, you have to stop posting about your parents with you?

    just sayin! oh, I am going to get banned, and kicked off the follow list, aren't I?!

    My brother is 7 hours away and my parents are 1 hour away. He misses my parents and I miss him and his boys. Equal opportunity missing: neither is good.

    So, presuming you don't kick me out of the follow list, I will be seeing you soon!

    blessings for a great weekend

    1. EXCELLENT POINT KAREN! WEll- played. :) And thanks!

  2. Father/son cuddle time is the sweetest!! I so love it :) Also, you are super brave to wake your sleeping baby; right now when my child is sleeping I'd sshh an ant for walking past his crib! Awesome job with the health stuff, too!! You are inspiring to me :)

  3. good, was really hoping you would take my comment in the spirit it was made and not in a snarky-spirit (which it wasn't at all!) -

    that being said: I nominated you for an award....

    cuz you deserve it!