Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
us at the ol' Cider Mill

Fall is upon us and I am obsessed with Fall. For realz. And all that comes with it. Last week, we went to an exceptional Cider Mill on the recommendation of teen. We had a great time with our good friends enjoying a hayride, pumpkin picking (crud, just realized our pumpkin is still in the back seat of my car between car seats), cider and donuts (fear not, these healthy-livers split one donut between our family).

--- 2 ---
On my 'Stay at Home Mom' days, we have been checking out a new park every day. So awesome to see what parks Aaron loves, which ones are easiest to get to, which ones have the best play structures, etc... Fun times.
--- 3 ---
Not fun times? Sickness, sickness that has invaded the Wilkerson household. I am sick, lil' Aaron is sick, Big Aaron is kind of sick and Joey looks like he is about to get sick. One thing I never fully appreciated was a mom's role in her family if her family is sick. One thing I NEVER contemplated is what the mom is suppose to do if she is sick as well (apparently, nothing, you just suck it up...um...what?!?!? Did you not read my feelings on the cross?- I don't like it).
--- 4 ---
Here is something pretty awesome that happened though. Every time I am sick, I try to convince Big Aaron to stay home from work. This gets really interesting in pregnancy when I basically am sick every day for nine months. Anyway, yesterday I was SEVERELY lacking sleep and quite sick. The husband and I got in a 'midnight fight' which was not pleasant, because lil' Aaron didn't feel like he could sleep due to sickness and I felt too sick to take care of him, and it just turned into a debacle. ANYWAY...when we woke up in the morning, we exchanged apologies and I asked him to stay home and take care of us (like I usually do), and guess what he said? YES! So the whole family stayed in our pajamas all day long. Nothing like family time to help cure sickness huh?
--- 5 ---
Date night on the docket this weekend. The husband and I 'date night' a lot. I wonder if it is too much. My dad said in sarcasm, 'do you guys ever hang out with your kids?' and it caused a pause. I would say we go out, and the boys go to sitters (i.e. grandparents), about twice a month. Though that might seem extreme, due to the nature of our lives in ministry, on average, 4 nights out of the week are not spent together, so I guess I kind of justify it that way. This will be the only date night for October, so...it is what it is. And, I really look forward to them. We have a groupon for a fancy meal (we grouponed our dates for sept, oct, and nov. back in August) and a groupon for $3 movie tickets. I think 'Taken 2' is the plan. Should be fun
--- 6 ---
My sister Katie has the best.blog.ever if you are a family, if you lack creativity and if you want super fun things to do with your children that will not stretch your pocket book...consider giving her a follow.
--- 7 ---
Is there really anything cuter than little boys in overalls?  No, I didn't think so. Please tell my husband, he doesn't like the look and I am unwilling to get rid of it!
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  1. Oh my goodness! Your wee little one is looking like such a big boy :)

    Also, warning! Get that pumpkin out of your car now! I left a couple of squash like things in my car once and forgot about them until the next SUMMER! I do not need to tell you how they liquified, spilled all over my car and it never smelled good again, do I?