Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
So weird things have happened with race lately that have been bumming me out. My husband posted about Romney, and was told that he should ‘remember his roots and where he came from’. That was a bummer. And an alumni shared with me that her troubled brother will be getting a tattoo on his neck that says, ‘f--- N------’ (you do the math). These things have bummed me out. I have very clear thoughts on race issues, always have, they were just confirmed and celebrated when I met my husband. Sometimes I get bummed that I might be living in a world where the race of my kids will matter, then I remember that we are raising them to identify first and foremost with their Catholic Identity…then, I stop being as bummed.
--- 2 ---
My son is leaning against my shoulder right now, playing with his pretend cell phone. He rocks. He enjoys being the funny guy and I enjoy laughing at him. He is ubber fun. I’m glad I got him.

--- 3 ---
Retreat this weekend, to one my favorite places, ‘Subiaco’ in Oxford, Michigan. Every retreat has a certain ‘feel’ to it. This one’s ‘feel ‘ is relaxation. Leaving the babies has become harder and harder, but although I will miss them…this place is such a location of peace and calm. I think I could use both right now, so I am quite excited.

--- 4 ---
So the Tigers are in the world series. I don’t have a lot to say about that…except it is fun. And there is this guy named, ‘Fister’ (I think) and he got hit in the head with a baseball flying towards him (he is a pitcher). And kept pitching. It made me like him. A LOT. He is handsome as well, so…that helps. Troopers always impress me, I am not a trooper…maybe that is why.

--- 5 ---
We ‘sleep train’ (I think that is what it is called, opposite of attachment parenting sleep model), it is awesome. Our kids go to bed really easily. Which is magical. But every 3-4 months, we have to remind lil’ A why sleep is awesome, and he cries because he does not want to go to bed and we have to do the consistency (going in every 5-10 minutes, comforting, then leaving again) thing. And, I hate the sound of my child crying (Big Aaron is not phased by it, but big Aaron was not home). Yesterday, was one of those nights. And I was trying to clean the house. And I thought to myself, ‘what I wouldn’t give to drink a 16 oz. budlight right now’. Then, I reminded myself that my life is not like that anymore. And I sighed…
but then I went into lil’ A’s room, broke our ‘sleep training’ rules, swept him up and rocked him in Joey’s room. I’ll take him over budlight anyday! Twice on Sundays.

--- 6 ---
Continued work on selflessness is hard. Last weekend, I had three different retreats, this week I worked some long hours, and this weekend I am gone on retreat again. When I get home, obviously, I expect to be pampered/taken care of/a little bit lazy, etc…because I am ‘working so much’. But, alas, whilst I have been working, Big A has been taking care of the kids solo. And, as any SAHM knows, that in itself is a feat. And so, Big A and I are colliding at a juncture where we both feel we are entitled to ‘take it easy’ after long days…and yet we have two adorable kids that need constant attention (Hi, 18 months…nice to meet you, can we skip ahead to 3 now?!?!). Not gonna lie, it is causing some tension- and to answer that tension, the only response is to work on selflessness. And reflecting on the Scripture reading we had read at our Wedding Mass, in regards to ‘out-doing one another in kindness’. I’m working on it. I find it is super easy in theory, pretty dang tough in real life. Can I get an amen?

--- 7 ---
And finally- there is this. You’re welcome.

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  1. #6 Amen! I can't wait until you find that reading. Please do share because we are in the midst of that right now too.

    Also, as for #1, I guess I never thought about that aspect of your life. Super interesting (and sometimes angering, I'm sure!) thoughts you must have. Prayers for understanding, tolerance and people who view your children for the good Catholics they are.

    1. Romans 12:9-12 (RSV version) 'outdo one another in showing honor' YUCK :)

  2. I liked Fister a lot before last night (not just for the looks, but those helped). Now I like him even more.

  3. Out-doing? I'd settle for just doing most days (but don't say it out loud because it doesn't sound very good ;) #1 stinks. God bless your retreat!!