Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The ridiculousness of pregnancy

Before I start...I want to make this clear, being pregnant is really the most amazing thing ever.  There is not a single day that goes by that I am not FULLY aware that carrying this child is a gift, a gift that I don't deserve and a gift that  I do not take for granted.  I have been around enough pregnant women who complain constantly, that I have REALLY tried not to be that girl (though at times, I think I have been).  This is just a lighthearted entry that I can look back on that will remind me of the ridiculousness of pregnancy!

It is ridiculous that I have to use a step stool,  a REAL STEPSTOOL to get into my bed.  When we bought our super tall bed to make us feel special and important my pregnant sister Theresa said, 'oh you are going to regret that when you get pregnant'.  I thought she was crazy, turns out she was right.  However, the beauty of this ridiculousness is that I have never appreciated a step stool more.

It is ridiculous that shaving my legs now takes about twenty minutes.  Maybe TMI, but I haven't shaved in a few week...I only do it before doctor's appointments (my poor husband).  So yesterday, when shaving, I realized that my stomach has now made it almost impossible to even reach my shins.  I am SO lucky that I didn't end up soaked in blood, but I took my time and realized I would just be in the shower WAY longer than normal.  However, the beauty of this ridiculousness is that I have never appreciated a sharp razor that will not cut your skin :)

It is ridiculous how large my stomach is.  I was just telling Aaron that it is HILARIOUS to me now, that at 3-4 months I was trying so desperately to see a 'baby bump'.  I would kind of stick it out and try to make it seem larger than it was:)  At this point, my stomach is SO huge, I am not quite sure how we are gonna go another 5 week.  However, the beauty of this ridiculousness is that it is so much fun to know that a little dude is rolling around in there, preparing to meet his mom and dad:)

It is ridiculous that I get up literally every hour on the hour to use the bathroom at night time.  It is so funny, because I think sometimes people think this is exaggerated...but it is not!  Last night, I got up EVERY hour, as I do every night, but last night I happened to be checking the time.  It is ridiculous that you are begging the night to end because you are so sick of going back and forth to the bathroom.  It is TOTALLY ridiculous that  I cannot figure out where all the liquid is coming from:)  The beauty of this ridiculousness is...is...is...yeah, haven't found it yet.  OH  YEA!  When the baby is here, I will be up every hour on the hour, but snuggling a newborn has got to be better than falling asleep on the toilet.

Those are just some of the things I find ridiculous about pregnancy.  5 more weeks...I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I too only shave before Dr appointments and it IS ridiculous! I now use a little folding stool in the shower to sit on while shaving. I know this is too much info, but I have to put a wash cloth on it before sitting down because the first time I used it I tried to scoot it in to a better spot and it fold enough to pinch my butt! Paul laughed at me for having a pink welt across my rear!


  2. I'm sure the doctor is fine with it if you don't shave!