Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Attitude

This morning, I received a text message from my friend Liz.  It sarcastically said, 'Thanksgiving...our favorite holiday'.  I used to hate Thanksgiving.  A LOT.  I can remember a few years back, as I was getting ready to go to my mom's house, I couldn't stop crying . Each year, it was the same thing...relatives would ask, 'are you seeing someone?' and I would answer, 'nope'. And then they would offer suggestions on how  I could land a man.  It was like torture.  This year, I have been looking forward to the holiday so much, and it wasn't until this morning that I remembered how much I used to hate it.  I hadn't thought about it at all, but this morning it gave me a moment's reflection on how much my life/perception has changed since I met my husband.

Some people call us 'the Bickersons'.  I think we definitely fight more than the average couple, but the bottom line is that he is the thing I am most thankful for.  I look forward to holidays now, because I have him with me.  Having a constant best friend is the most wonderful thing anyone could ask for. I don't think God was kidding when he said, 'I will make for him a help mate'.  Aaron is my help mate.  He isn't the friend that just lets me be who I want to be- and supports without question.  Rather, he is my help-mate.  The one who challenges me everyday to be a better person, who drives me crazy when he over-loads the washer, but then brings me to tears when he cleans our whole house without being asked.  Last week, he brought home a Christmas tree.  A beautiful one, for our first Christmas together.  He went out of his way to get me huge blow ups to put on our front lawn, because he knows it will bring us both joy.  I told him I wanted a digital camera that worked well, so we can track our life together...and he did research and then bought me one.  He is honestly the best.  And, has changed how I view so many things, including Thanksgiving.

It is impossible not to love a holiday of thankfulness, when there are daily reminders of your blessings.  This year, I am a very lucky gal.  Tomorrow, I won't cry while getting ready.  Well, actually, I might.  But it will be tears because I will be bringing my husband to my mom's house, with a baby growing inside me...and too many blessings to count.

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