Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So this morning, I am thinking about all I don't know that I will have to know to be a mom.  These thoughts keep running through my head.  AND, usually I quite them with the simple thought, 'I will figure it out'.  It is funny, because I have been around babies ALL.MY.LIFE. but there are little things you don't know.  Like, how often they need to eat, sleep, when do they start eating baby food, solid food?, rolling, crawling, walking? what if the baby is colicky, ect..  It is a lot to think about.  Now, I know I could buy a bunch of baby books to tell me how to handle my own child, but I think I am going to shy away from that.  If anything, I think that will just add unnecessary stress in my life.  I know some people feel better when they are more prepared with knowledge, but I guess, I am thinking...women have been doing this for thousands of years, I think I can handle it.

In other news, Christmas at the Wilkerson's is all set up.  I love our tree, our creche, our Advent wreath, etc...It is so fun that I get to spend the holidays with my husband and our baby in our very own house.  Sometimes though I think I am taking it for granted.  I forget to be as thankful as I could be. I complain to my husband ALL.THE.TIME. about 'pains of pregnancy' when for my whole life...this is all I ever wanted.  Almost on a daily basis, I make commitments to be more grateful and complain less.  BUT, it seems like I just do it more and more.  Thank God I married a patient man that puts up with me. 

Right now, it is looking like Aidan is the front runner in terms of names, but you never can tell:)  We soon shall see.


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  1. MARY!!!!!!!! You started blogging and didn't tell me??!?!?!?!?!! SOOOO EXCITED!!! Keep going, girl! I want to hear all about everything :) This is great!