Monday, February 21, 2011


My back hurts!  I can barely sleep!  My stomach is VERY large and I still have 2 more months to go.  I woke up this morning with a stuffed nose AND a scratchy throat AND feeling achy all over.  I get home at the end of the day and I am generally so tired that my husband does most of the housework at this point.  Work is gonna keep me psychotically busy in the next month and a half- with a 150 + person lock-in and a WYD retreat hosted at my Parish for the Archdiocese of Detroit...life can seem a bit dreary as I finish up the third trimester, OR- I can focus on my blessings.

1.  I have a husband that makes me laugh...ALWAYS!  Sometimes, when I am mad at him, I actually have to put a book over my face so he doesn't see that I am really laughing at his antics.

2.  I have a husband that is incredibly patient with me.  A couple weeks ago, he said unkind words about an outfit I was wearing.  My response?  Naturally, to try to walk 3 miles to Church in 7 inches of snow.  So, picture the crazy pregnant woman walking down a major road, in snow, and her husband trailing her in his car asking her to get in.  We laugh about it now, I am thankful I have a husband who is patient enough to trail me and ask me to get into the car:)

3.  My husband and I got to celebrate our first married Valentine's Day.  I even got dressed up...curled hair, make up and all.  I figured he deserved to be spoiled for a night.  It was lovely.

4.  My LOVELY SJN girl's threw us our first shower.  Ashley and Lisa Hursin, 2 incredible girls organized it.  We were overwhelmed with the love shown.  We got so many great things, including almost 20 packages of diapers.  Can you imagine?  We are set for awhile! 

5.  Although we found out that we owe uncle Sam thousands of dollars, we decided to start a family budget (Dave Ramsey style) a couple of months ago.  Because of that, we didn't have to panic.  And we can still buy a mattress for our crib.

6.  After working a long-er day for a Sunday yesterday, I came home to my sweet husband doing the dishes.  Then, I noticed all the shower things that we had gotten were no longer in the family room.  I always get a bit nervous when the husband decides to take organizing on himself.  BUT, when I walked into the nursery, he had organized everything perfectly.  He cleaned out the storage closet, placed the diapers in there, hung up the clothes, and folded everything into their proper baskets.  As if that wasn't cute enough, behind our bathroom door he had hung sweet baby boy's brand new robe/slippers that a teen had gotten for us.  There might be nothing cuter than a 0-9 month robe hanging on the back of your bathroom door.

7.  The snow is a huge pain for lots of people (and I really do feel for them), however, this week is mid-winter break for me, so I get to take a few vacation days.  Although there is lots to do around the house, today I think I am just gonna stay underneath blankets with my teddy bear and bottle of water- nursing my cold away.  I am so blessed to have that luxury.

8.  We went to our birthing class on Saturday.  Complete with practicing of breathing and pushing (not gonna lie, so hard not to laugh at that part).  When the instructor talked about putting the baby on the mother's stomach right after birth, I got all teary eye'd.  I cannot wait to meet my little dude and cannot imagine the feeling of looking down and seeing him on me.  SO excited.

9.  4 of my favorites were in town this weekend.  I got to have a 'book club' meeting with my godson and dad, discussing the 'Hunger Games'.  It was awesome.  So great to see the godson all sorts of grown up.  I totally offended him when I asked him if he knew what propaganda meant.  DUH! 
10.  Last but not least, night time cuddles and back rubs that I get almost daily from the best.husband.ever.

I guess the choice is all in what you choose to focus on huh?
Happy Monday!

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  1. MARY! You are hysterical! I can't believe you tried to walk to church in the snow!

    You're baby shower looks like it was so much fun!!!

    I bought Lil' Man's crib mattress the day we got him from a woman off of craigslist. Its a Serta and she only used it for a year for her one child. I paid $15 for it! I also bought a complete bedding set from her of the cutest airplane bedding including sheets, quilt, decorative pillow, mobile, dust ruffle, bumper and shopping cart cover for $20. All in perfect condition. I had been looking for an airplane set and they were selling for $200 and up!

    Hope you feel better soon! Paul, Lil' Man and I all are getting over really yucky colds. It's no fun. :( And I am getting back the bad heartburn and the multiple bathroom trips that I had during the first trimester. Trying to offer it up for all the dying babies in our world, but its really hard.

    Love you so much!!!