Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
look at them eyes
You know how most babies and especially toddlers are good-lookin’? Well, one thing I am confident about is how adorable our two little munchkins are, but this week, my breath was taken away by our oldest, Aaron. People have commented about his big eyes before, but I guess I never really took the time to stare at them (I am not much of a stare-er). Anyway, when I was pulling him out of his carseat the other day, he gave me this look, with his great big brown eyes that literally took the wind out of me. His eyes are so big, and such a deep color of brown, they are quite amazing. Since then, I have been looking at his eyes pretty much everyday.
It wouldn't be right to not add a pic of Joseph Michael's soulful eyes as well 

--- 2 ---
Yesterday, my incredibly thoughtful husband surprised me with two books on the spirituality of motherhood. You know, as referenced, he is a big punk face sometimes. However, I don’t know a lot of dudes that buy their wives books on the spirituality of motherhood. Also, his explanation was great. He talked about how I am will be spending more and more time with the kids as my vocation and it will be good to be intentional about making that holy (those are my words, but that is basically what he said). I mean, are you kidding me?

--- 3 ---
The books were a present. Why do I get a present you ask? Because on this day, we will be paying off one of my significant student loans. We are really on the downward side of the hill at this points, 7 more months until we are debt free. Now, you might ask why I get presents, when clearly it is my dear husband who is doing the work, providing the motivation, keeping us on track to pay off what is mostly my student debt…I will answer. I can’t do it without treats and presents. It is pretty darn hard to stick to this crazy budget we have developed, and so, I need the celebrations to remind me to keep going!

--- 4 ---
The one and only FUS
So November is a month of travel. I am so super psyched about all that we have planned. The week after next, I will be headed to Steubenville with my dear friend Jodi and the two babies. I am going to speak to a class about what it is like, as a FUS grad, working in the field of youth ministry. Um, excited much? It is completely ridiculous that I am bringing my two children with me, but I just think there will be something so special about being on campus with the little people God blessed me with. The plan is to go down on a Monday night, eat/attend Mass with the lovely Ashley Hursin, sleep at Mr. Bob Rice’s house with the children and Jodi (hey, he agreed to it!) and then talk to the class Tuesday afternoon before heading back. In addition to that awesome trip (which I am sure I will tell you more about), at the end of the month, we have a trip to Orlando for the National Youth Ministry Conference (I am bringing Lil’ A…I will def. do a ‘team facebook’ status, but in the meantime, any advice for flying with toddlers? On one’s lap???). My sister is coming to take care of lil’ A during the conference. It is going to be a fabulous time. Also, a trip to Kentucky is being talked about as well. Whew, thank goodness December is known for being a slow time of the year, I will need some recovery! :)

--- 5 ---
This weekend, I get to go share time with the young adult group from St. Francis in Ann Arbor! I do enjoy e some teenagers, but after SEVERAL Confirmation retreats…not gonna lie, I am looking forward to being able to chat about faith without throwing candy at people’s faces  The topic is a ‘soulful response to God’s love and others’. I had a REALLY hard time with this one, but the beauty of it is, because of struggling, I had to spend a lot of time in prayer with the topic. Now, I am feeling really good about the two hour block of time where I will be sharing and we will be exploring what it means to be disciples responding to God with our whole selves.

--- 6 ---
Healthy Living Update. I have had a rough couple of weeks. Not that I have gained, but losing was a bit stalled. I am at a solid 14 pounds lost. The thing is, it is really hard, in the world of Youth Ministry, to eat right. October was a month full of retreats/overnights/activities…that had me surrounded by lots of not so good food. It’s okay though, I am def. a moderation girl, so I cut myself a bit of slack. The great, super, fantastic news is that the rockstar husband worked a gym into our budget. For me, that is almost essential to this journey towards a healthy life. Although it is not easy to cart two kids there, once they are locked away in daycare, I am pretty much in heaven. The headphones go on and the treadmill, elliptical, bike and me go to our happy place.

--- 7 ---
Believe it or not, it appears that I am going to be involved with an organization called Catholic Athletes for Christ. It is being kicked off in one of our area Catholic High Schools and I have been asked to join the development team. At first, I wasn’t too pumped, I was pretty much doing it because my boss asked me to and he asks me for very little, so I agreed. Now, um, it is awesome. I am so excited to get this rolling and hopefully to meet young men/women where they are at (sports) in the hopes of giving them the opportunity to develop a closer bond with Jesus. Seriously, I think it is going to be awesome. I will write more about it as it develops! In the meantime, say some prayers…it has the potential to really engage young people!
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  1. I love that CAC idea! And I'm super jealous that you get to go back to Steubie - say hello for me!

    1. Will do! I think it will be super fun and kind of 'full circle' :)

  2. Ok now I need to know what books you got!

    1. The are both by an author called Sally Clarkson. The one I am reading right now is called, 'The Ministry of Motherhood'. It is REALLY good stuff.

  3. And 7 mos? That is amazing! Super jealous!

  4. Best wishes for a safe trip to Ohio! And a HUGE congratulations on being so close to debt free!