Friday, January 9, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

I'm on an airplane- writing my quick takes on my phone. I'm probably not gonna be able to link them until tonight and I can't use the fancy graphic. But I wanted to write them. For you.

If you are on "thefacebook" or "theinstagram" you I went to Nashville to see this guy and his beautiful wife
It was very spontaneous. I booked my flight at 5:00 pm, for a flight at 7:30 pm. It was an awesome trip. I haven't done a crazy road trip in years, so it seems fitting that when I finally took one it would be to see my spontaneous road trip buddy! 

Paul still needs your prayers and they are still waiting on a real big miracle! Let's make it happen, if it's suppose to happen  ok?

So you know how you can be friends with someone for almost 17 years but still find out about them? When Paul was a kid- he won the Junior Olympics, for a triathlon (or a couple). I knew that. What I didn't know is that in one of the newspaper articles the headline was "Paul Coakley Shatters Lance Armstrong's Record" or something like that. The word shattered was used! Turns out, Paul has the same exact cancer (if not a bit more severe) as Mr. Armstrong had- in almost all the same places. I found that to be very hopeful. Because Armstrong beat cancer- and Paul shattered his record. Does my train of thought make sense? Anyway can someone who read this know someone, who knows someone, who can have good ol' Lance give Paul a call? I think that'd be cool. And we are only all separated by six degrees, so do some thinking and make it happen. Please and thank you.

My parents/sister watched my boys very last minute for me. I'm grateful like "whoa" because my boys are not an easy  crew to last minute watch. They kind of create upheaval. I owe them.

I don't mean to be all "come on guys" but I think it's super weird when people act surprised that it's cold in January.

#joy (Brian doesn't get it) #insidejoke #facebookjokesonottooinside


  1. I think that's SO cool that you booked a 7:30pm flight at 5pm to see your friend. Prayers for his miracle.

  2. Brian is still reeling over stories of Paul! And the whole #hashtagthing. When did he get so serious anyways! Surely not from me ; )

  3. I have seen that same article about the Lance Armstrong thing. It's crazy! That is one of the stories I use to try to explain Paul to people.