Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What? You too, I thought I was the only one...

Last year, I was able to give a short talk at a Blessed is She gathering of women from Southeast Michigan.  It was one of my favorite presentations, as gathering with women has become one of my very favorite things.  The talk reflected on a quote from C.S. Lewis.

"Friendship... is born at the moment that one man says to another, 'what? you too, I thought no one but myself'" 

During the talk, I reflected a bit on the reality of vulnerability.  And how hard it is to be honest with each other.  It's especially difficult in the social media world isn't it?  But man, when we are, beautiful things can happen.

And so, in that spirit, I give you 
10 Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom.

I legit don't mop my floors. Like, ever. 
MAYBE twice a year.
I sweep a couple times a day, but mop? never.

I have a very hard time remembering to have the kids brush their teeth.  Isn't that weird?  It's such a small moment in the day, but I always forget about it and it seems like such a pain.  Since Aaron started school, we brush the kids teeth every weekday- but, for some reason, this particular task just doesn't seem to make it into our day to day. Gross right?
For the record, I brush my teeth twice a day. It's just my kid's teeth I don't care about.

When people ask, we tell them our kids go to bed at 7:00 pm.  This is the truth. Kind of.
But the FULL truth is the boys go into their room with the ipad and watch one or two 1/2 hour netflix shows. So their bedtime is more like 8-8:30 pm with 1 hour of 'ipad time'.
Sometimes I think we should break that habit.
Then I think about having the kids awake for another hour of the day and whew. I can't.

We don't eat with our kids yet. 
Sometimes I am insecure about this.  And I know, probably next year with kindergarten, we will make the switch.
Right now they eat at 5:30 pm and Aaron and I eat after they go to bed (but not real bed, because they are watching the ipad).

Ready?  So Big A and I are squabblers.  If you read this blog you know that.
Three weeks ago we got in a squabble. 
And I said, in my typical over-the-top fashion...
"why don't you pack your bag and leave?"
I meant for the night.
(but I really didn't mean it)
Then Aaron, in his A-typical over-the-top fashion...
Of course, we made up 1 hour later... but we had to unpack ALL OF HIS CLOTHES THAT HE THREW IN SUITCASES. 

oh man. Honesty is hard.
I don't change my kid's sheets but once, maybe twice a month.

I only drink filtered britta water- especially since the Flint Water Crisis.
I know it probably doesn't matter, but it's all I drink.
Ready for the confession part?
I still have my kids drink tap water :)

I know a lot of moms will feel me on the, "what? you too" part of this.
I only bath my kids twice a week.

Although I don't text in the car driving anymore, I do sometimes still put on music from my iphone.
It's a habit I'm trying to break, because, to be honest, it's maybe even more dangerous than texting.
Actually, probably is.

A lot of times we leave Mass RIGHT after the final blessing and probably 20% of the time, right after communion.
Mass is so hard with these kids.
It's getting better.

Honesty. it's where it's at.
Now, I'm gonna go mop my floor.

Just kidding.


  1. Ha! I was at that talk :-) and I am with you on 1, 2, and 6. My floor...so much work to mop and I hate it and can't keep the kids out of the room long enough to make any progress anyhow. I always say I will do it after they all go to bed, but since our 2yo gets out of bed a million times a night until 10pm usually, I'm too flippin' tired to do it late at night.

  2. My only child so far is in the womb currently, so I really don't have the "I have bunches of kids running around" excuses...but I do a lot of these things anyway ;) I've actually been contemplating writing a blog post about how overrated bathing/showering is, but I haven't quite gotten up the courage and confidence to do it yet (though I'm definitely getting there, I've already made it public that I don't use shampoo anymore haha).

    This is also pretty funny timing, because just a couple days ago, I was thinking about how I don't really mop the floor ever, and how after months, we bought a broom to make cleaning the floor easier, but I've only used it one or two times in the past month of owning it!

  3. Love this. Those words of Lewis really rocked me, and you're right are so affirming and comforting whatever is going on in each our lives.