Friday, April 7, 2017

7 Quick Takes with daily happenings

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum   to give you this week's quick takes.  Are you ready?
Om lower case g. Our Malia Paul had a rough week.  She is our first kid who I can remember tumbling down ALL the stairs (from the very top, to the very bottom).  Poor girl had rug burn all over her face.  She went from that to getting hit with teething and allergies.  On Tuesday, she was so miserable and congested, nap wasn't happening.  She came out on the couch and snuggled under the covers, reading beside me.  She's pretty much a teenager.

 I have begun a much needed three week break from ministry.  Praise you Jesus, the downtime will be good.  Of course, I'm filling it with entirely too many things, but good things- so Imma take it as a win.

Minimalism Game
I've joined a facebook group I am loving. For one month, I am going to donate/clear/trash the clutter in my life. On day 1, you start with 1 item;  day 2, 2 items;  etc... etc... by the end of 30 days, you have de-cluttered 500 items.
How depressing is it that 500 items wouldn't begin to declutter my home?
Here's a few pictures of some of the things I've gotten rid of so far.
old shoes
medicine cabinet stuff
all size 3t clothing
People have been entirely too kind to our family this week.  It's been a CRAZY week with appointments, sick kids, a husband who was very busy at nighttime and packing to go out of town.
A school family, the Wingates, have brought little Aaron home three afternoons this week. That's a game changer, because this week buses aren't running, so pick up is a mess.  It's been so nice to not have to wake the kids up from nap to go get him.
My sweet cousin came over to watch the kids while I ran to the store.  She brought wonderful goodies for each of my children, including THREE PAIRS OF MATCHING PAJAMAS.  And you know how I feel about matching pajamas.  Here are my power rangers...

We leave tomorrow for Niagara Falls for 2.5 days.  Still SO much to do to make it happen.  But I'm sitting here blogging instead.  What is wrong with me!?!?!?

If you follow me on the instagram or the facebook, you know I got to be little Aaron's 'Mystery Reader' this week.  The mystery reader gives the teacher five clues, they are read to the class, and then the mystery reader appears to read a few books to the boys and girls.
You guys.
The joy on my son's face was amazing. He jumped right up and into my arms.  I told that part on already on social media.  What I didn't tell you is what he said after school.
When he got in the car, he said,
"Mom thank you so much for being the mystery reader.  When the clues were being read, I was so nervous my stomach hurt and I could barely breathe, because I wanted it to be you so badly. I think if it wasn't you, I would have cried"
Here's why God is good my friends.
When he asked about me coming for mystery reader about a month ago, I could tell it was something he really wanted me to to do. I could hear it in his voice.  But, to be honest, things like that are such a pain in the butt logistically (to run up to the school for ten minutes, sibling free).  However, I felt a real prompting in my heart that this was important to him, and I should make it happen.
Praise God that I did.
I mean, his stomach hurt and he could barely breathe, after all.
(no, he does not get his dramatics from me...or maybe he totally does).

It's like I don't have the words.  And I don't understand the complexities of the situation.  I try to understand, I try to read and discern through party lines.  But it's so hard. Children, so many children are dying, and we have video of it.  People were sharing video on facebook yesterday of victims of a chemical warfare and Syria.  I scrolled past every single one. I couldn't watch. I can't watch. It's like I have to turn off the situation in my head or it will be too maddening to even cope with.  But that's awful isn't it?  What do we do with that awful. I don't know.  How are you coping with it?  How are you responding as a Christian/Catholic?  What are we suppose to do?  The only thing I've seen concretely is people gathering items for refugees.  Though important, is that enough, is that really addressing the situation?
The song below has been running in my head all morning...

The reading doesn't have to stop here, head on over to http://thisaintthelyceum.org/ to read more quick takes!

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  1. Hope you guys have the bestest trip this weekend...and that you get to go for that mani and pedi at the Spa! #solidaritysister

    Teared up reading how much it meant to lil A you were his mystery reader...you one good Mama! :)