Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 Interesting Things...

...Happening in the Wilkerson household
Aaron 2.0 has reached a crud ton of milestones. He crawls, walks holding on to stuff, claps, mimics, and continues to break his mom and dad’s hearts with his crazy cuteness.
 Just when we think we can’t stand the cuteness, he drives us crazy by ALWAYS finding the one thing in the house he can’t have and bee-lining towards it.  As I write this, he is getting through the chair barrier I have built for him by crawling through the legs. It is pretty much amazing. 
 Aaron Christopher Wilkerson the 1st went on a ‘book buying’ extravaganza.  He never buys anything for himself, so that is just lovely. I have also never known him to finish a book, so as the piles of books continue to be delivered to our house, I do wonder what, exactly, he was thinking.
Valentine’s Day in the Wilkerson was lovely.  We are on a tight budget, and so we had to be creative.  I got Aaron his favorite deliciousness of Corn Beef Sandwich, Asiago Dip and delicious drink.  In addition, a Dave Ramesy desk calendar (we are SUCH losers) and this little ‘Book of Love’ I made. I thought it was awesome and there was no way he could outdo me.  Well, I was wrong. He showed up with not only flowers, but with six different take-out items from six of my favorite restaurants.  In this pregnancy, I have had an aversion to food again (I have lost a pound since finding out I was with child), so having all of my favorites for dinner was INCREDIBLE.  To end the night, we watched, ‘Breaking Dawn’ together. It amuses me, how much my husband loves those movies.  He literally ‘giggled’ out loud a few times (will he kill me for writing that?- certainly). I continue to be amazed at the amount of Catholic friends I have that find the series morally objectionable. Not only does it have a strong, ‘waiting till marriage’ story-line but also a HUGE prolife storyline.  We loved it.
I continue to give talks/retreats and workshops on a variety of topics.  Everything from Social Networking, to Young Women’s Ministry, to Faith and Bible matters.  This weekend Aaron and I will be tag-teaming a talk on the vocation of Marriage.  I get so much LIFE out of those things and I truly feel like I am called to speak with young people…but alas, I continue to discern what place it has in my life.  Currently, I will only do 2 outside things a month, to preserve my marriage and motherhood.  But, when I do, there is SUCH positive feedback and I love it so much, prayers appreciated for what role God would like retreats/talks/workshops to have in my life.
We find out next Monday if the baby we are cookin’ is a girl or a boy. I go back and forth, and either would be such a blessing to our family.  Though, I must admit, thinking about decorating a girl’s nursery puts little hearts in my eyes  :)
 My sister Annie turned 18 on Sunday.  Which means, finally, all of my parent’s children are adults.  Pretty amazing…raising children for 35 years.  Everyday I think about how blessed I was to get the parents I did, especially now that I am one.
The other day, Aaron and I got in a squabble (shocking, I know)…so, to bug him I not only used my debit card, but I used it to buy starbucks (a double mortal sin in the world of budgeting).  Of course, he discovered it right after.  Note to Self- eventually husband will figure out you used bank card and after you make up, will force you to take the money that you wasted out of another part of the budget (like going out money). ARGH!
 I am on VACATION NEXT WEEK! The teens have midwinter break, and I decided I could use a midwinter break to.  The plan is to bond with the baby and to clean the guest room, which we have been throwing junk in since Christmas.
 One week and 2 days until our Winter-Wonderland-Mini-Vacation to the most perfect cabin on the west side of the state.  I am so looking forward to 3 days with good friends, lots of board games, a fireplace and certainly a crud ton of laughter!
Happy WednesdayJ

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