Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Found Out on Monday

... that we are having another little boy.  We kind of suspected it all along, the Wilkersons make boys, and we were quite excited.  We have no idea what we are going to name him, we had a girl name locked down, but boy names are harder for us.  

When we found out that it was a boy, what kept running through my mind is that my husband has two sons.  He can look at ‘his boys’. He is and will be the perfect father for raising young men (well, we are still teaching him how necessary it is to ALWAYS open doors, but other than that, he is golden).  I joked with Aaron that the baby cookin’ in me will be the quarterback and lil’ Aaron will be the lineman that defends him.  He can be the blindside.   I am so excited that my husband will have two sons.

As the day went on, what kept running through my mind is that my son has a brother.  I have been telling lil’ Aaron for the past 2 days that he will have a little brother. I have thought of them playing together, rough housing, tattling on each other.  I am a sentimental girl, so I have thought about when they are older, just passed the teen years, and really they begin to depend on each other as friends.  I adore the fact that God saw fit to give us two boys so close in age and I cannot WAIT to hear them play together.  I am already imagining how funny it will be when they are in their room and won’t go to sleep and we have to call them out into the family room for a ‘talking-to’.   I am so excited that my son will have a little brother.

But just this morning, 2 days later, I realized how excited I am that I will have two boys.  I will refer to them as ‘my boys’.  And I will make them come and give their mama kisses.  Hopefully, we will raise them to be protective of girls and to be good gentleman.  Is it wrong, that part of me wants them to grow up to be mama’s boys?  I am going to have two sons.  They will no doubt be taller than me.  They will both have darker completion and probably be smart like their daddy.  I hope they are a little nerdy, a little athletic, a little rebellious and rambunctious.  I hope and pray so desperately that we can do a good job teaching them to love Jesus and that their destination is heaven not earth.  I am SO excited to be the mother of two boys.

I can’t believe how God has blessed us in our marriage so far.  I wish I lived a more sincere spirit of thanksgiving for everything that we have been given.  I need to stop complaining so much, I need to face each day with joy.  

I can’t believe I have two boys on loan for their journey towards heaven.  It is just craziness. I am one.blessed.mama.

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  1. Congratulations! Boys are wonderful and this post is awesome :) You definitely made a cute first one so I have no doubt this next will be a doll, too!

    I like to think about how awesome it will be to witness my boys find the girl God has for them(God-willing, they'll do it with grace and even let me help) OR how crazy cool it would be to have one of them called to the priesthood. How amazing to be at Mass with your SON being the celebrant... God help us both to lead and raise our boys well!