Wednesday, May 16, 2012


…doesn’t always get it right, but when he does, he does BIG TIME!
Sunday, was one of those big time days.  Mother’s day this year was special.  We celebrated just over a year of having the munch (the kid that changed our life) and the cooking of the second kid is coming to an end.  As we prepare to be parents to two babies, it is fun to take the time to celebrate the gift of motherhood.  And this year, my husband got it right!
The day started with sleeping in for mommy.  If you know me, you know one of the biggest crosses of parenting for me is the lack of sleep. I know, I know, but it is a fact. I hate feeling tired and with this pregnancy I feel tired ALL.THE.TIME and sleep is a precious commodity that has been removed from my life. 
Any-hooter, when it was time to get up, Aaron told me to go sit on the couch so that he and the munch could give my present!  I was so super psyched.  We don’t have a lot of money for gifts  to each other right now, which works out PERFECTLY for me.  Although material things rock, I am a HUGE fan of homemade/thoughtful things.  Because I know our budget, I knew this year would be of the homemade variety and Aaron had been talking for a few days about how awesome his gift was!  And, he did not fail me!
After sitting down, Aaron disappeared, and when he returned it was with a HUGE BOX!  When he turned the box around, I saw this…
MOMMY JEAPORDY!  The fantastic man had set up a board, complete with categories, different cash values and DAILY DOUBLES!  It was awesome.  The categories ranged from, ‘Lost and Found’  (the television show LOST); ‘Feliz Navidad’ (from the television show Felicity) and Pop goes the Weasel (pop culture)-  to ‘Vatican or Vatican’t’ (church trivia) and ‘Personally Basically’ (questions about us).  For each question, I could earn money.  It was so much FREAKING FUN!  Aaron put so much creativity into each question.  As the baby roamed around, I laughed and laughed and laughed. 
About halfway through the game, I realized the best.thing.ever!!!  We were playing for REAL MONEY!  No, not thousands of dollars, but change and dollars.  Earlier in the week, I had told Aaron for me, one of the hardest things about Mr. Ramsey is that I can’t just go to Target anymore and shop.  Just waste money like I had it.  Aaron had the brilliant idea to let me ‘win’ money, so that after we could go ‘shopping at Target’.  It is that kind of thoughtful stuff that makes my husband such a rock-star.  For REALZ.
After finishing the game, Aaron let me guess a bonus question that would help me win all the money, and I got it right!  $25 later, I was rollin’ in the dough!  After breakfast with Grammy and PaPa (so freaking good, the Golden Coral), we made a stop at Target and I got to buy a book with my winnings!!! And, the best part, I got to ‘shop around’ in case I wanted anything else.  It was fantastic.
Lil' Aaron was super psyched as well!
That awesomeness was followed by Mass, where our kid who was a HOT MESS during breakfast, actually behaved.  Then, we went home and took and afternoon nap in the big bed (after stopping at Taco Bell for a  Mango Strawberry slushi, which I afforded with my winnings!!!).  We ended the day with a quick dinner with my parents!  All and all, it was pretty much one of those days that gets chalked up there with , ‘best.days.ever’. 
So, next time I am frustrated with my husband, somebody remind me of this post and what a thoughtful good man, good father and good husband he is! 
Cleared board, what can I say...I'm good:)

Happy Wednesday! J


  1. Vatican or Vatican't...took me a minute on this slow morning but that rocks. Awesome job, Aaron! And if it helps, the sleep thing will get better. Not to mean that you will start getting sleep but somehow your body catches up and you start getting used to it :)

  2. I LOVE this! How adorable. I am pinning it. Maybe I'll do it for Father's Day for my hubs ;)

  3. What a hoot! And isn't your husband just the most talented and thoughtful dude out there - right after my husband, of course! (actually we forgot Mother's Day this year as we had a First Holy Communion which ranks as top 3 gifts for me!)

    So glad you had such an awesome day. Blessings for you and your most awesome husband and cutest little one