Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Our newest addition, Joseph, has his days and nights mixed up. With a husband back to work, and still a bit of recovery on the ol' c-section wound left...it has made life a lil' rough for mama. This morning, I was tired. I asked the husband at 6:30 to get up with the boys, so I could sleep 1 extra half an hour. He didn't come back in the room till 8:00 am. The big kid was fed, he had already packed his lunch, and the lil' kid was sleeping. Times like this, I am very confident that team Wilkerson will thrive in our new reality!

--- 2 ---

Speaking of the c-section wound- it is healed enough for me to drive! I am so excited to go 'out' today. Sure, it is to a doctor's appointment, but still I can taste sweet freedom :)

--- 3 ---

Speaking of sweet freedom. The husband promised me a bottle of Skinny Girl Sangria after I was off the c-section wound narcotics. That occurred on Monday. The Sangria was AWESOME! But now, I want a glass every night. That is not a realistic option. What's a girl to do?

--- 4 ---

We got our family pictures done by our very favorite SJN Alumni Photographer, Russ Wasylyshyn. He is so freaking talented. He charges a very small flat rate ($65), meets you at a location, shoots your pictures and then gives you full access to all of them. We did the studio thing with lil' A for his very first pictures. We spent a crud ton of money for 5 shots...none of them were good :( We have used Russ since. I am such a picture fan. It drives the husband crazy, but he indulges me!

--- 5 ---

Our air conditioning is broke. Which is, you know, not full of awesome. Should be fixed sometime next week. I am a big complainer about it. Aaron reminds me that it is very much a first world problem. He is right, but man, is it hot. I have both childrens in only diapers, which never happens, so that is fun.

--- 6 ---

We had some awesome visitors this week and several people who have been kind enough to bring us meals. I have decided the 'bringing of meals' is the kindest thing you can do for a csection mama. Well, probably for any mama who just delivered a child. Can't tell you how awesome it is to not have to cook. One family, the Schrimschers, brought us these chicken enchiladas. They were so freaking delicious, but they did cause the husband to say, 'Why don't you ever cook like this for me?'. Silly man.

--- 7 ---

My sister shared yesterday via fb, that when she is working she finds that she is a better mother. She is more effective with the use of her time and more available to her children. It is funny she shared that. I have found that with 2 children, I am, at least currently, being a 'more active and conscience parent' to little Aaron. I am very aware how much he needs love and affection that might be a little lost in the new transition and family member. So, that is cool :)

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  1. I LOVE your new pic at the top! You guys are a beautiful family :)

    Glad your recovery is going well and everyone is settling in...

    My grandparents didn't have AC in Oklahoma, and it was SO hot. Growing up it didn't occur to me that it was an issue. Fans, windows open, I was fine. Put me in that situation now and I am one big weenie... just proves that once you get spoiled with something it's so hard to go back!