Monday, July 16, 2012

Top Ten Things I Learned...

...While Having Baby Joseph.

…Real birth story to come in a few weeks

Labor is not a joke! 
I didn’t have the opportunity to labor with lil Aaron, so, with lil’ Joseph…um, I thought I was dying.  Literally.  I kept saying, ‘this pain can’t be normal’.  And I only dilated to a three J

Epidurals ROCK. 
I mean, REALLY REALLY Rock.  Jesus you have given us a gift, through doctors/scientists who have given us the gift of pain management.  I cannot say enough about this.  And my feelings on it.  But, I won’t say anything more, so as to not ignite a debate.  But, lemme just say again, epidurals ROCK!

Everyone was right. 
The unbearable back pain of the last two weeks was the baby in the ‘sunnyside up’ position.  He was most def. facing the wrong way when they pulled him out.  Hence my back being on FIRE!

Csections don’t matter.
Desperately desiring a vbac goes immediately away when you know there is a chance your child is in danger.  It really is true that the only important outcome is that sweet baby! 

Prayer is the best thing ever.
In a crowded room full of people, who are trying to decide what to do about your baby, who’s heart beat won’t stabilize…having a nurse lean over and look you right in your eye and say, ‘I’m praying for you right now’ is awesome.  Being able to call out to your mother and husband, ‘pray, just be sure you are praying’ and know that they are…is priceless.  My mom walked in just as all hell broke lose, she brought with her a scapular and placed it right in my hands as they were flipping me and trying different positions to get Joey’s heartbeat regular.   It brought SO much comfort.  Mama Mary and all the angels and saints interceding for us is incredible!  Thank you God for the prayer, ‘Jesus I Trust in You’

baby's first eye roll
Things are overwhelming
Going from active labor that is quite peaceful, to staring at operating lights in less than a half an hour time is overwhelming.  It might take one sleepless night to process.

Sons with husbands rock
Watching my husband, Aaron,  hold his two sons was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.  I cried a lot at how blessed I felt.  My parents thought it was the drugs, they were wrong.  My cup runneth over.

Loved his time at Grammy and Papa's House!
Local Grand parents ROCK
Knowing lil’ A was being taken care of by his grandparents who love him so much, made everything about a three day hospital stay better.  He came home the happiest baby ever! 

Beaumont Hospital’s Salmon is delicious
I ate it for pretty much every meal. Over and over again.  With broccoli and rice.  It was fantastic.

Sibling Kisses
Watching lil’ Aaron give his brother Joey kisses is the coolest thing ever. I could watch it over and over and over again.  And, lil’ Aaron loves giving kisses…so I get to be happy.  ALWAYS


  1. You always write everything the way I would want to. I am going to copy this, sign my name and give it to my kids. Ok?

  2. love the pictures!

    You two make the most adorable children...


  3. Congrats! I can't wait to hear your birth story, although it sounds a lot like how mine went! Big props to you for a safe and happy delivery :)

  4. Girl, I told you that kid was flipped! So glad to hear that you both are well. HE IS SO CUTE!!!! I just can't wait to see him in person! Love you all!!!

  5. Great post!! Yes, in teh end, c-sections are worth knowing that your little baby is ok. There are times I still cry when I see my boys with my hubby because I feel so blessed too!