Friday, July 19, 2013

7 quick takes in which I ask for a bit o prayer

So, I have really tried to keep pregnancy complaints to a minimum and I can't stand when people are regular debbie downers on 'the facebook' or the 'blogs'.  And yet, if it's okay, I would like to take a second to selfishly ask for your prayers.  As some of you know this pregnancy has been really rough, by far rougher than the others.  The worst part is the not sleeping.  Wednesday night I couldn't sleep at all. It has gotten to the point where night is this battle and daytime is pretty horrific as I try to stay awake with the two children I have hanging out with me everyday.
The good news?  On Wednesday night, after laying in bed for three hours at 2:30 am, I shot straight up with a very bad swear word and screamed, waking up the husband. I told him I couldn't do it anymore, that I was done.  I told him I don't know how I am going to do the next seven weeks. I then stormed out of the room, certain I wouldn't be sleeping (I was right).  About four minutes later, Aaron came and sat out in the family room with me.  He asked if we could have a snuggle party and watch trash reality tv together.  I snuggled up in his arms and watched a show I won't admit to here on this blog.  And just like that, I felt better.  Remember...INTIMACY.
Further explanation of prayer request.  This has been a tough week in pregnancy land.  We found out on Monday I am 'profoundly anemic'.  It's a huge concern because of the 3 c-sections in 3.5 years.  My ob said if I was to have my c-section today, I would certainly need blood transfusions.  Because of this, I have to do 3 iron IV treatments a week, starting the week after next, at the hospital.  Bummer right?  But wait, it gets better.  In the beginning of my pregnancy, I had some elevated numbers that caused concern.  They still are causing a bit of concern, so that means two non stress tests a week.  One at the doctors office, one at the hospital.  Bummer right?  For those of you counting, that is FIVE appointments a week, four at the hospital, starting the week after next.  With a 2 year old and 1 year old at home.  Wait, it gets better.  We found out my sugars are elevated as well, so today I am scheduled for the three hour glucose test, which requires a fast, which will for sure force me to vomit profusely.  Bummer right?!?!?!  This was a really REALLY bad week. I am not necessarily looking for advice, I love my obgyn and I am so glad we decided to stick with her.  BUT, I could use some prayers.  That my attitude improves and I remember the next 'quick take'.
I am trying to remember that each week I am blessed to carry my child is a week that I shouldn't take for granted!  This week, Dwija's son Nicholas went to heaven. In his just over 20 weeks, he made a tremendous difference in so many lives.  But, of course, there is so much grief attached.  Please please please keep her family in your prayers.
Big Aaron has been reminding me of reasons to be grateful. If I was still working, I do not know how I would actually make any of these appointments.  God knew what he was doing with the timing of this pregnancy and the timing of work being done.  In addition, each of these things that we are checking for/precautions we are taking, are ensuring that our baby comes into this world safely.  Having three c-sections so close together is a bit scary and totally overwhelming.  Our doctor is working hard to ensure that little John Paul ( I am just referring to him as such until Aaron divorces me for doing so) has a safe delivery.  And so, I am trying to put on an attitude of thanksgiving.  Pray for me.
Because I have been so sick and the big 1 year old Joseph Michael got shots this week (five!  YIKES!) we were all a bit too tired and spent to go forward with his birthday plans.  Can you believe that the kid got his first birthday party canceled?  He had a fever, so I kind of felt like we didn't have a choice, but it makes me so sad.
So, today I leave to go Up North for 9 days with the ol' family.  Quick background, my baller uncle has a beautiful home on a lake (I mean beautiful).  They decided they weren't getting enough use of it, so they were going to sell it.  But then, instead of selling it, they instead decided to keep it in the family and give each sibling 2 weeks use, while paying the taxes and upkeep.  How freaking cool is that?!?!  Lemme tell you, that's the way to live baller.  The next two weeks are ours.  And we are going to go up for 9 of those days. I am hoping it is relaxing.  I can't wait to feel the breeze of the lake and watch my kids play with their cousins. I am a bit nervous, because the husband can only come up on the weekends, but hopefully we will manage.  If nothing else, it will be a change of scenery.  I will be sure to post some pics upon returning, but here's to a week of R and R (please Jesus please!!!).

Have a great week!
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  1. Oh, Mary! What a trying week! I'll say a chaplet (or chalet as autocorrect suggested) for you today. And here's the thing with 1st bday parties...it's not for the kid as much as it is for us. Joey won't remember a thing about it, and you can celebrate with the cousins when you're taking part in the baller (not ballet as autocorrect suggests) life.

    Praying you get some rest - life without sleep quickly turns to madness in this old house... Lots o love from the Casa!!

  2. Oh man, I'll be praying for you. Let me know if you need anything more. I hear you on the sleep stuff. I really really do. One of the best parts of having the baby for me (besides, you know, BABY) is that I can SLEEP! Which sounds ridiculous to most people but the newborn sleep is sooo much better than the pregnancy sleep. THere were nights when I really did feel like I was going insane. If we are pregnant again, I'm going to look into whether melatonin is safe. I've had to take it a little bit this past year for similar issues and it does help. But yeah, that pregnancy symptom? SO wrong. Prayers, girlfriend!

  3. My dear sister-in-law, it will be alright! You relax at the cottage... Brian and I got you covered on the babies and as for prayers I am saying them right now! We love you and it will all work out and he will be here soon...

  4. So so sorry about the rough pregnancy. I know 7 weeks seems like forever but you can do it! I too have had three c-sections and each recovery is harder. I'm glad your OB is being proactive in your care. Have a great time at the lake!

  5. Confession.....when my second kid turned 1 I was just not up to having the big ol' party thing- or even a amsll party for that matter. I taped up some decorations behind his high chair, put the birthday bib on, and took some photos of him eating his cake, then opening some presents. He will never know the difference, and does not seem to scarred at the age of 11. :-) Prayers are winging your way!

  6. Oh Mary! Prayers coming your way from the Walkers! If you have a rough night you should bring the boys by to play and go take a nap! We have a built in play group here! I mean it!

  7. Oh, I'm so glad you get to go vacation these next couple weeks!! How fun. That will bring you closer to your delivery date!! (because these next 2 weeks will go fast)

    I hate pregnancies. I love the babies, but the pregnancies, hate, hate, hate. I did not have the iron issues, but the no sleep thing, had that. I dreaded the nights...I maybe got like 3 hours if I was lucky. Usually by 5 am, I could sleep, but then by 7 kids start getting up...you know. I will pray for you and that sweet baby. Prayers for a fast 7 weeks. (I had 6 c-sections) I just kept telling myself that after I had each baby, the sleep is so much better, I didn't ever mind getting up with the baby, because the being up while pregnant was so much worse.

    Hang in there!! I am a type one Diabetic...so the only good thing about that is I never have to take that icky test you are taking today. But a hint for gestational, no fruit or juice in the morning, add more protein, in the morning, like cottage cheese or eggs or cheese. (I never could because of sickness, but if you can, try) Weird, but that fruit in the morning makes (while pregnant) blood sugars sky rocket. Maybe if you are able to do that, you won't need to go on insulin.

    I'll be praying for you, hang in there. Sending ((((((hugs))))))

  8. Oh, and that party thing? My baby, who is 18 mos now, got home from the hospital the day before his birthday after having kidney surgery, so there was no party. He was so sad. He didn't even want his cake. I said we'd party later in January, we never did. It's not that big of a deal, only to the mama. I don't remember my 1st birthday, do you?

    Don't feel so bad. 2 will be better and 3 and 4 even better than that!!

  9. I get exhausted just reading this.
    Be assured of my prayers.

  10. I will pray for you all the time, every day, no matter what :) You need them right now, momma. Is there any way I can help watch the kids?

  11. lots of prayers being sent your way!

    try to enjoy your vacation


  12. Do you really have to do that glucose test? Is it possible that you and your ob could just agree that you will fail it, and move on from there--go on a diabetic diet and moniter your sugars? If you can't keep them under control, then move on to insulin.