Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes with enough sass it made my husband nervous...

Skip ahead if you find yourself often intolerant of my political views, because this one is going to be a doosy. In fact, I anticipate several doosys(is this how you spell douse?  It doesn't seem right) up in ‘ere, so get ready.  I didn't comment much on the Supreme Court decisions regarding ‘equal marriage rights for all’, mostly because it didn't affect my life too much.  Regardless of which way it went, it's a bummer (in my opinion) and regardless of which way it went, we still need a lot of healing, conversion, discussion, love when it comes to this issue.  So…anyway, I didn't really care.  But what I did care about was our President.  Sometimes, I think he is brilliant (though rarely these days) but, watching live coverage, I was pretty mortified with ‘the President’s first statement’… I actually couldn't believe what was happening.  His “statement” came via a tweet, with the hashtags #equalityforall,  and,  #loveislove.  

Here’s thing Mr. President, ‘love’ isn't ‘love’.  It’s a dumb thing to say for a lot of reasons, and I can break it down for you some day if you’d like.  Also, you are NOT a fourteen year old girl; you are the PRESIDENT OF THE FREAKING UNITED STATES.  ACT LIKE IT!  

Obviously, this could be a whole blog in itself, about how pop culture (and you know I love me some pop culture) has made people stupid…but I won’t go there now.  Maybe later, not now.  
Wanna know how I actually felt about the decision? This quote was on someone’s facebook status.  It is by a priest, Father Ryan Hilderbrand to be exact…
Ok, so ... good morning! Turns out, the world didn't end after a (generally) federalist Supreme Court struck down an anti-federalist marriage law. I'm thinking the DOMA ruling was "cover" for the VRA ruling ... or vice-versa. Still undecided.
To my friends who support gay marriage: I respect your beliefs in this regard and wasn't surprised at your joy. I also respect the Court and its decision. Please respect the fact that I am a *Catholic* priest, as well as the Church's belief that marriage is not a civil union to be determined by civil authorities, but rather a supernatural union which structure is determined by God. I ain't asking you to ACCEPT such a belief, but simply to acknowledge that it exists and the requirement that I act in accord with that belief.
To my friends who oppose gay marriage: I'm gonna be rough on some of you. I was embarrassed to know some of you after yesterday's decision -- it is NEVER legitimate to use terms of hate like "fag" and "queer". Hate never wins souls for Christ; "...man's anger does not bear the fruit that is acceptable to God" (James 1:20). Besides, homosexuals face enough hatred in the world; if Catholics won't love them, then who will? Finally, the only way we will convince the world of the beauty of God's vision for marriage is by (a) calm, rational argumentation and (b) the witness of marriage beautifully lived.
So…the homies and I hit up a Counting Crows Concert last night.  Being there with good people was so much fun. I was a bit worried about an outdoor concert with a sometimes non-functional back. BUT, it was awesome. AND, I didn't even vomit until right when we got to our car!  ROCK ON.  Mr. Adam Duritz’s stunning version of ‘Round Here’ took my breath away.  My husband, who acts like he doesn't care about such things, was even a bit impressed (though he would NEVER admit it).  
Intolerant friends, skip ahead, more sass.  Another thing made me mad about the decision last week, but the ol’ husband thinks I am being a bit sensitive.  When the President decided to stop addressing people via twitter and hashtags, (SIDENOTE- I love twitter and hashtagsjust not from the FREAKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ABOUT SOMETHING SO FREAKING SIGNIFICANT) his statement said something to the effect of, ‘don’t worry religious institutions, I won’t force you to marry couples of the same sex’.  At first, I was like, ‘well isn’t that special? And kind’. But, after some thought, not so much...
Who the heck, Mr. President, do you think you are?  Here’s the thing homie, lemme give you a little education on this thing called the US of A.  Despite what you and your hard working employees thought you’d pull with the HHS Mandate, YOU actually don’t have ANY rights to force ANY religious Institution to do ANYTHING, (assuming Religious Institutions are not you know, killing people and stuff).  So, I don’t need YOUR reassurance that YOU won’t force my Church to do anything, because you DON’T have that power, despite the fact that you sometimes think you do.  SO, take your guarantee, and shove it- sorry, I mean, no thanks!
The kids are awesome. In case you were wondering. I mean really freaking awesome.  This weekend, we don’t have TOO much to do, so I have high hopes for lots of good family time.  Lil’ Aaron is cracking me up with this expression, ‘HUHHHHHHHH’ said in the accent of a Chinese Man (is that a racist thing to say?).  It’s so funny because I have NO idea where he got it from, but he does it anytime he is confused or pretending to be confused.  Have I told you the older they get, the more kick a@@ I think they are?  If not, I am telling you now!
AND…one more piece of sass to brighten your day.  THIS is one is REALLY sassy.  Abortion ‘advocates’ are TICKING me off this week.  I am not talking about those of you that claim to be pro-choice (though, I shall state, once again, I have still NEVER heard sound argumentation for the pro-choice position, just a lot of emotion and side-stepping). I am talking about  ‘abortion advocates’ who are lining themselves up in protest against legislation protecting a child at 20 weeks in utero from being killed, and legislation DEMANDING that abortion clinics be clean, sanitary and prepared for major surgery.  The legislation is because of the horrific reality of so many abortion mills.  Now, I get this means women will have "less access" to dirty abortions…but if you are a TRUE advocate of women, don’t you want the highest standard of care? I mean, how can you ACTUALLY say, "abortions at any cost, it doesn't matter how disgusting the facility is;  what unethical practices are procured there;  who might die; who might get hurt;  It doesn't matter whether or not this stuff is actually GOOD for women"?
You people are total freaks that have lost your sense of morality in your quest to defend your ideals.  Kind of a bummer.  
AND...now that I have worked you all up, either because you agree with me, or you have decided that you absolutely MUST stop reading this damn blog, I bid you farewell.  Have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. I really like Fr. Hilderbrand's thoughts. It was jarring to see the polemics from both sides that have shown up in my facebook news feed (scattered among inane and happy updates). Maybe we should all go back to speaking softly (and trying to listen to each other!) and stop beating each other with big sticks.

    Oh, Adam Duritz. Loved his music, but remain confused by his ability (back in the day) to date both Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston (not at the same time).

    I feel like an idiot for de-lurking to write such a stupid comment. Sorry.

  2. I, too remain confused by that decision making on Adam's part. :)

    Oh, I love speaking softly, this blog was probably NOT a great example of that! lol. Work in progress.

  3. are you sure you don't want to be my neighbor?

    I was chatting with some of my friends yesterday and wondered aloud: how come the government will tell me that I can do whatever I want to the child - oh! sorry! - the fetus I carry within my body cuz, it's like: MY body but then will tell me I don't know any better to take care of myself so I am prohibited to order a super-large soda with some fries cooked in fat! Yeah, we were baffled and we had to stop to pray for where our country is heading.

    Always look forward to your sass! it is so sensical!


  4. I think this is my favorite post of yours ever :) Our president is so unbelievably arrogant.

  5. "SO, take your guarantee, and shove it- sorry, I mean, no thanks!"

    That's right ;)