Friday, September 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes

So, I was pretty psyched that lot's o' women seemed to enjoy the ol' post on C-sections from my point of view. Most of us who have had the pleasure of undergoing one, have a list of things people say to us and myths that are in need of debunking. I felt good about debunking some of those myths.
Speaking of the ol' major operation. We would love your prayers next Wednesday morning for a safe delivery of this little guy (who actually is not little at all). I was so hoping to go a bit early, but it looks like my body is just doing it's normal thang and progressing at the rate of a snail, so I have resigned myself to the September 11th birthday for John Paul Francis (oh yes, we are going there). As some of you know, I am quite nervous this time. The great news is, I am confident my doctor has done everything in her power to ensure it doesn't end up being a disaster...but, ya know, it's always scary. SO, prayers are welcome.
Confession. I have tried multiple times to make tooth brushing a regular part of my son's life in the morning (just lil' A, because Joey at 14 months STILL does not have a tooth) and evening. But I ALWAYS drop the ball and forget. It's getting to the point where it is a bit ridiculous that teeth brushing is not a part of our normal routine (for the kids, Aaron and I clearly brush our teeth). I hope writing it here will make me more accountable.
So this Syria thing! What the hell? Two thoughts...First, um what the hell? Second, I just kind of wish my party line friends can kind of admit that Bush did pretty much the same thing. And that it is weird/dishonest/unsafe etc... I'm keeping my eye on things though, because I have always kind of suspected China would be the end of us, and this seems like a pretty good reason to make that happen. Don't worry, I am not too scared, I'm just sayin'
Speaking of scared...Did I ever tell you about the time I was in the hospital after just having Lil' Aaron? We were in the hospital and it was like 10:00 at night and everyone kept talking about this special announcement the president was going to be making. I was on the phone with my sister and brother in law, TOTALLY terrified. You see, the president making an announcement so late at night is not normal. I was convinced we were in the middle of world war three, or an asteroid was headed our way. I got completely irrational, and started thinking how Aaron/lil' A and myself would make a quick escape from the hospital. Anyway, ends up the special announcement was Bin Laden was killed, but in the meantime I had completely lost my mind. Thank GOD I am not a conspiracy theorist or I would not be able to function.
I know I say it ALL.THE.TIME and I probably say it WAY.TOO.MUCH, but we love having our children spaced so close together (though the pregnancy part has sucked). Yesterday, the husband and I sat in the family room and listened to the boys scream at each other in their beds (play scream), it was awesome. This was preceded by lil' A getting so upset that Joey wouldn't play 'chase the ball around the house' with him. Anyway, I turned to the husband and said, 'Aren't we so lucky we had them so close together?' and he nodded in total agreement. It is SO.HARD. to do, but if you can, it really is the best.
Breaking Bad. Who knew? That is all.
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  1. #1&2- lots of love and prayers for you two next Wed. I kind of think the people who are so anti section just haven't had the pleasure of needing one or three and can't imagine its usefulness. They kind of remind me of the people rebuking Jesus for healing on the Sabbath.

    #3 just give him an electric one after breakfast, no toothpaste needed.

    #4 this is a call on Jesus issue. It just hurts. I agree with everything you wrote.

    #7 why do I love Jesse so much? Everyone else can blow themselves up in a meth fireball

  2. Mary, saying lots of prayers for you and JP (I love you guys went there with his name!)
    I have thought the same about what President Bush did too...my worry is if it is already SO bad for Christians in Syria, a military strike could lead to even greater persecution; so much to pray for!
    PS I'm glad you and your husband are fans of teeth brushing for yourselves! ;)

  3. Ok I am so glad you confessed the teeth brushing thing because it makes me feel normal. My husband brushes their teeth regularly at night but I am too lazy most days (try 6/7 days) to remember to do it in the morning.

    Prayers coming your way for next Wednesday, I have a book club that night so I'll try and remember to get my friends to include you in their prayers as well.

  4. You have boys . . . . be thankful if they change their underwear in a few years! I have to HOUND them to brush their teeth (and change their underwear)!

    Praying for you on 9/11! I read your c-section post and liked it! Of course, I am stubborn and was yelled at, a lot, by Pete because I would do way too much that I was not supposed to do!

    Syria? Bush totally did the same thing. The media's spin is different. And, China? I feel the same way. They own our debts, they basically control the economy. They could sink America if they wanted to. Funny, but not funny, a friend just made a comment on how the Syria thing MAY affect our adoption because China would get involved . . . totally not going THERE!

    Praying for you!!