Friday, September 11, 2015

7 Quick Takes brought to you by me

So yesterday one of my girlfriends asked, 'Can we stop by tomorrow around 10:30 for a quick drop off/pick up, visit?'. And I was like,' sure'.  Then, I realized lil' A is now in school, which means everyday at 8:00-8:30 am and 10:45-11:15 am, we've got somewhere to be.  Man, that's gonna take a commitment.

At this time, next week, I'll be in the hospital beginning the final preparations for meeting our little girl (assuming I don't go before which I TOTALLY wouldn't mind).  Excited? me?  HECK YES.

For those of you who have been praying for a little relief for me physically towards the end.  thank you! thank you! thank you!  Just in time, last night, I was able to sleep 7 or 8 straight hours.  Now, pregnant moms, you know what that means, I still got up every hour on the hour to use the restroom (#hugebaby) but I was able to go back to sleep within 5-10 minutes, which basically has not happened this week.  PRAISE you JESUS I feel like a new woman.  I was even able to smile when John Paul creeped into our bedroom at 5:00 am. It's his birthday so I wasn't even mad at him.  Well, maybe just a little ;)

Tomorrow- all day Confirmation retreat with 110 teens. Thank God for my ministry partner, who, like it or not will pull most of the weight- BUT, please for the love, remind me if this ever happens again to not accept any retreats 1 week away from delivery :)  That said, it's a great parish, with great kids, so I am sure I will survive.  AND, for this birth I was really smart and turned down every talk/presentation until November... to give myself and the family some real time to recover.

You guys. I can't figure out how to comment back to comments which is very stressful in terms of blogging.  Occasionally, I head to the person's blog and comment on their blogs to respond back to their comments....but I'm sad I can't just comment back to comments right here. Who has a link  or something that allows me to install a proper comment box?

I can't believe the Pope is gonna be on US soil and I can't go see him.  Still bumming about it. Thank God we got the way too big TV my husband insisted on- I'm just gonna pretend I am there.

I'm really large.  My baby belly is huge. It's normal. It's measuring four centimeter off dates and I can barely drive because of the steering wheel situation. I have a feeling this gal is gonna be HUGE.  That said, she moves more than any baby I have ever had- full and complete belly gymnastics... so maybe I am wrong.  We shall soon see.

That's it for me at 6:01 am.

That's it for me.  Check out more Quick Takes at http://thisaintthelyceum.org/



  1. Happy birthday to your son! So glad you are getting better sleep. For the comment thing, there should be a reply button at the end of each comment when you're signed in to your blog but I could be wrong.

  2. Whoa there, you're helping on a Confirmation retreat one week before your due date?? YOU ARE SO COOL!!! That's awesome, and I think your service and openness to life will be a huge testament to all the candidates. Still, I think you're slightly crazy ; ) I'm excited for you and your family to meet your baby girl!!!!

    On the blog comment thing, have you played around on the Layout pages of Blogger and figured out anything? I am honestly one of the must technologically ignorant people on the face of the Earth, and when I created my blog on Blogger, I would just mindlessly click around to try and make things happen. And then literally, one day, "reply" buttons started magically appearing with comments (previously, I had always just commented on the post underneath a person's comment and hoped that they'd magically check back & see it). The Great & Wise Google Search engine tells me that you might have to do something with the html code or "embed" your comment form, so maybe that's worth looking into? I definitely didn't do anything with the html code, but my comment form is embedded, so maybe that's why it work. I wish I could give you better advice! Good luck figuring it out, and if I think of anything, I will let you know!