Thursday, September 10, 2015

On first days, baby girls and prayer askin'

Today was Aaron's first day of pre-k. I never thought I'd be a pre-k type of parent, but honestly, he thrives on learning... and I'm not much of a teacher :)  I also ALWAYS thought I would be the type of parent that sobbed on the first day, leaving my baby boy and all that good stuff.  I can cry at anything these days.  But seeing his excitement, I only had a second of a sentimental moment that was not accompanied by any salt water.  You guys, he ran right into the classroom, not a glance back.  He couldn't wait to tell me everything about his class and I am so very happy for him.  School is going to be a bit of a challenge in terms of adding a commitment into our daily living, but it's gonna be so worth it, I'm sure.  Here's a picture.

Sentimental mama alert- same school I went to as a wee one
So, the hospital just called to register me for the cesarean section next week.  The end is in sight.  I can't decide what I hate more, the beginning or the end of pregnancy. I'm at the end, so probably that.  I did one of those emergency texts to my sisters last night "you have to pray because I think I'm actually going to lose it"-  I am certain life will be easier for me once she is here.  In the meantime, my back is like 'whoa', I can't sleep, not sleeping induces much daily vomiting (too much?), it's just really the pits.  Tag that to having to care for three small children, boys even, and I am definitely  hitting some lows during the day.  Trying to remember to pray, offer it up, feel thankful because every second of this will be worth it.  But I'm just being real with ya'll... it's hard.

Some people really hate that we are naming our girl with the middle name of "Paul".  They are desperately trying to get us to feminize it.  It's not gonna happen. I can't wait for her to tell people why her name is Paul, and who St. Paul (...not official Church teaching.. YET!) is/was.  I'm also pretty pumped for her to marry Paul Blaze in a couple decades- it's all gonna be pretty perfect.

And, to wrap up this wrap up.  Would you guys pray everything goes well next week?  Add me to prayer lists, say some masses, whatever you can spare.  With every surgery I get nervous, but this being #4- and having some scary moments with #3- I'm just nervous as can be.  I have asked for your prayers before when it comes to these surgeries and they have always made a significant difference.  I'm looking for prayers of a skilled surgical team, but also, prayers for calm.  Having such major surgery, it's very possible to be so worried, I miss the coolness of bringing a kid into the air. It's particularly terrifying directly before, so prayers for those moments would be great. I know there is a lot to pray for in the world, and I do appreciate any you can spare.

I can't wait to introduce you to our baby girl, I can't wait to hold her in my arms.  I can't wait for my spa (um, hospital) vacation...

Happy Thursday :)


  1. Prayers on the way. So so close, lady. You can do this.

    I love Paul. StillkindarootingforMiriamthough. ;)

  2. ah, yes - most definitely will be praying for you - many times!

    I love that you are naming her Paul. And, really, I have a Luke Paul - just sayin! (and really, in 20 years an 8 year difference won't be that much)

    kinda wish I were in OH again for Nathaniel's camp so I could camp out with you and take over child watching duties.... miss those ages.

    blessings for you