Friday, October 9, 2015

7 Quick Takes in which I try to form coherent thoughts...

You guys.
I want to be blogging so much more. I really miss doing it, but man, it's hard to keep one train of thought for very long lately.  Yesterday, I couldn't remember the word for 'driveway' so I told Aaron I would be parking the 'parking lot' and he'd have to help me bring in the kids.  WTh?!?!
Alas, at least we have the seven quick takes as our steady right?!?!

I believe Jenny, at Mama Needs Coffee admitted that she has quit preschool.  I must confess, being a preschool drop out is super tempting to me right now.  Between the sickness lil' A keeps bringing home (he is sick AGAIN); the fear of an unexpected business trip meaning I have to take the whole crew inside the building to 'check' Aaron in (why, oh why, do they do it this way) for a week (though I am going to cash in on some offers for help); and lil' A saying, 'can't I just stay home with you guys?' pretty much every day...
... it's starting to seem like a lot.
He LOVES it when he is there. I LOVE how it is teaching him to interact with his peers, and frankly, I am not full of awesome at home teaching (unless the ipad counts)...
So for now, we stay.

Fact- I was going to insert something controversial here, but when I tried to formulate sentences, it just wouldn't work.
Let's just say this.
I think it's wrong to take advantage of women who have just gone through pregnancy/birth by suggesting they insert a permanent or semi-permanent artificial birth control device inside their body or, suggest they 'fix' what isn't broken.
It's annoying.
That is all.

We are adjusting to four kids.  Man, you guys, I have four kids.  It is equal parts amazing and daunting. I look at you champions with bigger crews and I am astounded at the amount of work it must take to keep your households going.  Seriously. Because recovery has been less than ideal, my parents agreed to take the lot of big kids on Wednesday to give me a break.  It was just Malia and I.  Lemme tell you, I know when I had just one I was completely overwhelmed for sure. I know those feelings were real.  I am not slamming at.all.the work it takes to care for one newborn.
Just Malia and I was the biggest break ever.  It didn't even feel like parenting. It felt like a day of peace :)
And it was sweet, because I had time to really cuddle/love on the lovely lady.  That part made me cry.  Because of the crew of kids and their ages, I pretty much just move Malia from feeding, to sleeping, back to feeding and back to sleeping.  It was nice to give her focused attention of cuddles/love/snuggles/songs/kind words. It was just the break we needed.
Plus, the boys got to play at my parents, and they needed some good play time.
My parents don't read my blog, but if they did, they should consider themselves warned that I will probably be asking for the same break next week :)

I know politics is one big sh#$ show. I think we all do. However, in following the campaign of Ben Carson, it is shocking to see what a real sh#$ show it is.
The amount of times simple quotes are taken completely out of context is amaze-balls.  It's so intentionally devious to discredit my boy.  
I love, love, love, how calm he is though when explaining how once again something he said has been taken out of context, or twisted to mean something it was never intended to. 
He really is our guy. 

How could I not at least mention Michigan Football.
This weekend's game is huge.
And once again, I can't go :(
I was going to try to go, but honestly, I don't think the ol' body can handle a game (or the benches) 3 weeks out of surgery.
I better.  BETTER make it to the Michigan/Michigan State game.

This weekend is Malia Paul's Baptism.
I'm so excited because I love me some Baptisms.
And I love me some Baptisms of my kids.
And I love me some post-Baptism parties at restaurants (ain't nobody got time for party planning after just having a kid).
And, I LOVE me some sister coming to visit because she is the godmommy.  And her bringing her crew of four.  And the double date we have set up for Saturday night.

Good stuff, my friends, good stuff.
This took an hour to write.  Heaven help me :)

That's it for me.  Check out more Quick Takes at http://thisaintthelyceum.org/



  1. Glad everyone is settling in and you are finding your rhythm. Have a great weekend and congratulations to Malia in advance!

  2. She's so cute! I'm currently growing our number 4, and I'm not really sure how it's going to work having three big ones running around WHILE trying to snuggle a newborn. I guess it just...does work, somehow. Just like going from two to three, maybe?

  3. Congratulations on the upcoming Baptism!