Saturday, October 24, 2015

Seven Quick Takes in which I celebrate the good news...I survived.

I'm doing my Friday Quick takes on Saturday... so, um, there's that.

Aaron was out of town this week.  At a conference in Las Vegas at the fanciest hotel I have never stayed in (see what I did there?). He was gone the whole week.  At at a conference that ended each night at six and didn't start up until 8:30 the next day.  He ate fancy meals all week long.

I am 5 weeks postpartum- but we had a good plan in place with babysitters, breaks, etc... What could possibly go wrong?

Oh yes.
A call from lil A's school on Tuesday morning to come get him with a fever.  And all the downhill from that.  The kind of downhill that includes multiple trips to the doctor's office and not one, but two kids with pneumonia.

I think the high point, for me, was being at CVS to get prescriptions with all four children and being told our insurance wasn't updated.
Don't worry pharmacy man, the 1/2 hour wait ain't no thang with a screaming baby in one arm, Joseph Michel literally laying underneath the counter because he was so sick, and John Paul pulling anything he could off the shelves. I think at one point, I even pulled him by his fro (gently) to get him back to the waiting area.
And by waiting area I mean pharmaceutical counter.

Imma go ahead and shout out the Chamberlands in this post, even though I am not quite sure either will read it.
First- Michael Chamberland, ministry partner extraordinaire who took lil' A to school on Monday prior to the 'ish hitting the fan. He did so in order to save me from having to drag out the whole crew to drop lil' A off (which includes a flight of stairs and an elaborate sign in process)..
I love that my kids are comfortable with my friends.
Second- Kellie Chamberland, who brought me a six pack of beer on Thursday night when I realized I had survived the week and desperately needed to celebrate and recover.

Malia Paul Wilkerson has decided sleep isn't necessary or possible unless she is in my arms.
I have three boys under the age of five.
This combination is not a pleasant one.
In case you were wondering.
Made even more unpleasant by the pneumonia and stuff.

I'm so pleased with lil' A's school.
He loves his teacher.
He loves his friends.
He is learning about good things like letters, numbers, shapes, colors, proper behavior, and Jesus.
In an awesome environment.
That said...
Seriously, this house has been sick since I brought home Malia home from the hospital.
I don't even know what outside looks like anymore.
Not that I am complaining...
only, I am totally complaining.

Before we knew Aaron was going out of town this week, we had agreed he would spend today (Saturday) at his alma mater with some friends.  To celebrate the closing of a dorm or something.

 (this is what people do on the westside of the state...let it be known he can never mock Franciscan University again)

So- flying solo again today.
Not that I am bitter...
only, I am totally bitter.
He sent a text and was like, "Too bad we have four kids or you could be here with me"
He sent the same text regarding Vegas.
He should probably stop sending text.

All that said...
In case you were wondering...I wouldn't trade this for the world :)

That's it for me.  Check out more Quick Takes at http://thisaintthelyceum.org/



  1. That CVS scenario has me twitching. Oh my…that is awful. I hope Aaron pays you back BIG time for this week! (And really? A dorm closing? That's a thing?)

  2. Mary, it seems like whenever my husband goes out of town I end up in the urgent care center. One weekend I went twice in the same day with a different kid each time. I feel ya!