Monday, September 26, 2011


According to Dave Ramesy, my husband and I will retire with AT LEAST 5 million dollars when we are 70.  That sounds good.  IN the meantime, I just have to be able to get over not going out to eat on a weekly basis...a bit more difficult.  Worth the 5 million though. And so, I struggle to get on board...
In other news, we had a family trip to the ballpark yesterday.  If you could pick a perfect day, this would be it.  The weather was stunning.  We began with Mass in the morning and then traveled to the world famous, 'American Coney Island'.  Aaron had his Coney dogs, I had my regular dog and the baby watched the city of Detroit out the window.  Aaron suggested we walk to the ballpark and that ended up being the best.idea.ever.  I am SUCH a city girl.  I would, in an instant, move to a downtown area and live in a high rise if we could afford it.  I was surprised, but Aaron said he would too.  It is funny how God makes us all different, I know so many friends who would HATE living in a big city (much less raising a family in one).  I could think of nothing better than to raise children in a downtown area.  Anyway, we walked to the ballpark where the weather was absolutely perfect.  It wasn't hot and there was a breeze.  We made our way to the crazy nose bleed seats and watched the game.  The Tigers did great, though my heart broke for my baby with every home run.  He was SO terrified by the crowds screaming, the loudspeaker roaring and the music blasting with each celebration.  It must be so weird to be a kid and try to figure everything out.  Like, why the H did everyone just go CRAZY about some people on a big green floor.  He was a good sport about it, he didn't cry, he just looked horrified...which may be worse.  Anyway, he was a rockstar and it was a great day for the family scrapbook.
Nothing better than being the mom of this little boy!  Nothing.
Aaron and his daddy enjoying American Coney Island
"Mom, can we move here?  PLEASE!"

Loving me some Tigers
Blessings on your week:)


  1. Dave is awesome, but I will never retire with 5 million because we always seem to find someone who needs our money more than our retirement account. Dang.

  2. Wow! 5 million . . . I have not done the calculator lately, but I think no matter how hard we try and scrimp . . . we will NOT have 5 million in the bank for retirement. We are quite frugal and follow Dave. I am a huge fan!

  3. Oh, that is all in theory Katie. He said that if a 30 year old man (which Aaron will be when we are finally out of debt, lol, I married a man 5 years younger) makes 40 k a year, by the time he is 70, he will have 5.something million dollars in savings if you follow his plan. :) We shall see. Barbara- our plan is just to hoard all of our money (jk) that is my favorite thing about him. Get rich to give it away! :) That is our plan.

  4. Our plan too, Mary. And I really hope it works for you. For some reason God doesn't want us to be rich because he keeps putting the needy in our path before we get the money in the untouchable account. Dang it. I really doubt Dave cares when the giving happens, as long as it happens.