Friday, September 30, 2011


...with the help and patience of my best friend in the world, I quit smoking.  I had been a smoker for ten years, at least a pack a day. It was so hard to do, mostly because habits had to change.  That being said,  having Aaron's encouragement and love made it so much easier.  I remember, I used to just BURY my face in his shoulder when we were hanging out with our friends and they were smoking.  I would squeeze his hand SO hard until the desire to 'light up' passed.  I always say, the best way to quit is never to start.  Once you start, if you have an addictive personality like mine, it is almost impossible to stop.  If it wasn't for having this nonsmoker encouraging me, I'd be smoking still.  The funny thing is, when we first met, one of the things that attracted me most to him was that he didn't, 'judge' me for being a smoker.  HA!  Until we started dating and then he became a totally different person and insisted I stop or we'd be over.  JERK.  But, it is funny.  As we come up on the 2nd year anniversary, Aaron tells me he is proud of me and congratulations.  The thing is, I should be saying thank you to him.  It reminds me how much my love has changed my life, for the better.
A picture of us on my first day as a non-smoker:)

One last thing, when my kid sleeps, he is SO darn cute I can hardly stand it.  It is always a challenge to not reach right in the crib and pick him up and snuggle him to pieces.

Happy weekend!

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