Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I love...

about being Aaron's mom

-           I adore when I go into his room and he is asleep in his crib.  Generally his hands are in different directions (sidenote- the cuteness intensifies when he is in footsie pajamas)
-          I love when I go into his room in the morning and he stretches and laughs when I stretch with him
-           I love that he is discovering how things feel when he touches them…so he likes to touch everything.  My mom just reported he reached in their dog’s throat to touch his tongue
-          I love that when I first fed him baby food, he jerked his head back and gave the most disgusted look ever
-          I love my part-time stay at home mom days (Mon, Thurs, Fri) and the schedule that we are on during that time.  I think I appreciate these more because I am aware how much Tuesdays and Wednesdays suck.
-          I ADORE that I read him books and he really listens and looks at all the pictures
-          I love his tiny hands
-          I love (this might be a little twisted) how his face scrunches up right before he is about to wail.  And I love how Har-Har described that as his, ‘I’m getting angry and you won’t like me when I’m angry’ moments
-          I love how when he gets really tired or when he first wakes up he likes to talk to himself.  BUT, not mumble quietly.  He talks really loudly.  Well, lets be honest, he yells.  But it is not a cry.  It is just yelling his communication.  It’s really funny because he will do it, and then take a really deep breath, and do it again.
-          I love how I startle him by my hyper-bursts of love
-          I love beyond words how his eyes always follow his daddy. How Big Aaron can be at the computer and lil’ Aaron just watches and watches, then smiles when Big Aaron looks up.
-          I love how he is learning to play by himself. 
-          I love that he eats his toes.  I mean, he really goes at them.  And he adores doing it.
-          I love how much joy he brings to other people.
-          I love the bald spot in the back of his head and that his hair is finally growing in curly.
-          I love bathtime with him.  It is my favorite! And, I love that he is getting used to bath toys
-          I love that we pray every night and I especially love when our whole family prays together.
-          I love going for walks, but I hate that our stroller only faces out so I can’t watch his face as he watches the trees
-          I love when he is content in his car-seat…especially because he was such a hot mess in it before
-          I love how we are buddies
-          I love singing songs to him in the morning, especially our favorite Rocio Salve
-          I love knowing I get to watch him grow up and see who he becomes
-          I love how it gets better and more fun everyday!  

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