Monday, December 5, 2011


Aaron knows that I love to go away. I love hotels, I love road trips, I love plane rides, I love anything associated with travel. I LOVE me some adventures.  SO, for the past 8 months he has been planning a mini-get away for him and I.  We were set to go to Grand Rapids to celebrate our first anniversary, the birth of our first son, my 31st birthday, 2 years of non-smoking and a bunch of other really neat things along the way.  Whenever I would give him a hard time about not celebrating something, he’d say, ‘just wait until Grand Rapids’. Well, ladies and gentleman, Grand Rapids was FINALLY here this weekend.  And it lived up to every promise he made.

The trip started with a fight (no, the Wilkersons fighting…I don’t believe it).  We were running late leaving and I wanted Aaron to switch our reservation from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.  At first, he resisted.  This done made me so mad.  I have a time obsession…so, this was not the way to start of the weekend.  ‘FINE!’ I shouted, ‘ILL JUST GO TO THE RESTAURANT IN FREAKING SWEATPANTS’ (insert choice words where you’d like).  But things only went up from there.

When we got to the hotel, I immediately started to tear up.  The hotel is so super fancy, and in one of the several lobbies, there were Christmas trees and a band playing Christmas music.  It was like a movie!!!  After we checked in, Aaron led us upstairs.  The hotel that we were staying at was the ‘Amway Grand’ which is SUPER fancy.  As we searched for our room, we ended up at the end of the hall, a suite.  “That can’t be right” said my love, and then put in the key and opened the door.  Aaron had booked us a suite.  A two room, two bath, fancy bathrobe SUITE!  For a girl that loves her some fancy hotels, it was too much to handle.  Of course, I started sobbing like a baby.  You see, I gave Aaron a hard time about rolling all celebrations into one, so I kept telling him that Grand Rapids better be freaking amazing.  I told him I expected surprises and too many great moments to count.  When we walked in the hotel room, I felt like such a brat.  I kept crying and saying, ‘you didn’t have to do this’.  To which he responded, ‘just wait’.  Then we got dressed up to go to a fancy restaurant called Cygnus 27 at the top of the hotel (note to self- If you know your husband hates turtle necks, do not ‘surprise’ him with an outfit of a long skirt and turtle neck, or you will be forced to change). 

Dinner at Cygnus 27 was delicious (after I christened their bathroom with a little bit of ‘morning, afternoon and evening’ sickness- I am SO sick of puking btw).  Aaron ordered the filet minion and lobster cakes to start.  I ordered amish chicken and tempura battered sea scallops to start.  The food was so good. I swear it was the best chicken I have ever had in my LIFE!  Aaron kept checking his watch and said we had to leave by 9:30.  At around 9:20 pm we began to leave.  

We took an elevator downstairs and Aaron led us to the REALLY fancy lobby and out the door to Monroe street.  As soon as we walked out the door I saw it, a snow white HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had always, always, always wanted to ride in one.  It was fantastic.  I, of course, was crying hysterically, but we got in and covered ourselves with a super warm blanket.  We then proceeded to see the sites of downtown Grand Rapids in an exceptional way.  Aaron told me about his college experience and I tried so very hard to be VERY present in this truly wonderful moment.

After, we went back to our hotel and ordered room service for dessert (because that is what fancy people do). I had crème brule and Aaron had a fancy brownie.  It was awesome. 
 We went to bed so very thankful for each other and for not having to wake up to get bottles ready.  We do so love our munch, but it was a nice break.

In the morning, we woke up and ordered super fancy Bed and Breakfast.  The  pictures speak for themselves.  
We then spent the morning lounging around, checking out the view, snuggling under covers and relaxing.  For lunch, Aaron took me to his favorite Yesterdog and we got ourselves some cheese dogs (yum).
  Then, we ended up at Wealthy Street Bakery, one of Aaron’s favorites. He got himself a Danish and I got myself a super delicious Pain Au Chocolat.  We brought it back to the hotel and relaxed for the whole afternoon (well, except for when Aaron locked me out of the hotel room on accident and I threw a fit and went and sat in one of the lobbies till he found me).  Lol.

That night, we went to Leo’s Seafood for dinner.  Oh my gosh was it tasty. Aaron had Lobster Tail and I had something called Seafood Newburg.  It was so freaking delicious.  Like, so so so good. 
 I wanted to take home the extras but alas, the purpose of the trip was about to happen, we went and saw Les Miserable.  It was BREATHTAKING.  This is my favorite show and I have seen it a handful of times.  By far, this was the best Jean Val Jean (sp).  His voice brought chills.  And at the end, the final song, tears ran down my face.  I could not applaud louder for such an exceptional cast.  One of the best parts?  The arena was connected to our hotel, so we got to walk straight back without putting our coats on or going out into the cold.  We got home and watched the rest of the MSU/Wisconsin game.  Because MSU fans have been working my last nerve with their hate-orade this football season, it was a little gift from baby Jesus to see them lose before bed!  A bit of pregnancy induced throwing up (the story wouldn’t be complete without it) and we were off to bed.  Our last night in our own Christmas paradise and although it was sad, I was itching to see my baby (I HATE leaving him).

The next morning, we woke up and had a delicious brunch at a place called Charlie’s Crab.  It was super fancy and crazy delicious.  I wasn’t feeling well, so the nourishment was MUCH needed. 
We headed home from there and both raced into my parent’s house to see who would be the first to get to hold the baby.
When we got married, so many older couples told us the importance of going away with your spouse at least once a year for an overnight.  Ours won’t probably be THIS fancy for a really long time, but we have committed to re-energizing our marriage though trips like this (even if that means camping, which Mr. Ramsey might have us do next time).  I truly do believe the best thing you can give your children is to be a loving help-mate to your spouse.  Staying in love is going to take hard work, (1.5 years in with 1 kid and one on the way, this becomes increasingly clear to us)- but we are committed to it and trips like this help!  I have said it before I will say it again, I married a prince.
PS- If you are one of my teenage girls reading this…THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T SETTLE!  Every girl deserves a princess weekendJ

PPS- And we got to come home to this!  Awesome.  

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  1. I hate the friggin both of you. Jk. What an amazing trip for 2 of my favorite people. I am glad my God daughter was fed well!