Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Jesus

Please help me to remember every time I throw up, that I am growing a healthy child within.

Please help me to remember as insomnia hits due to hormonal changes,  that those are the same hormonal changes creating my baby's smile

Please help me to remember when I am so tired I could fall asleep at the table,  that baby's giggles are perhaps the most lovely thing to hear.

Please help me to remember as I get up five times during one single night to pee, that there are many women who would like to have a child but are currently being told no.

Please help me to remember as I complain day in and day out about not handling pregnancy well, that the miracle of cooking a child is a deep and special mystery.

Please help to remember when my energy is too zapped to care for Baby number 1, that having them so close together will provide for each a best friend.

Please help to remember when I want to kill my husband because he doesn't fully get how difficult this can be, that many men don't lift a finger to help their wives and many women have to go through pregnancy alone.

Please help me to remember when I feel sorry for myself because of how sick I am feeling, how tired I am, etc..., that having a child is actually the coolest gift possible.

Lord, help me to walk more gracefully with this pregnancy.



  1. Amen :) I was going to message you to see how things were going...looks like I need to up the prayers for you, my friend! It must be so hard being so sick and taking care of such a little one and working...but you're right, you'll get through it and it will be so worth it! God bless you!

  2. Great post!! Praying you can feel a bit better soon! You are so right, it is all worth it!

  3. Ah yes. I have been saying the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows in a effort to better suffer graciously. Because I do love this little pumpkin inside of me, and she is soooo worth more than a little vomit, lost sleep and hormonally driven crazy. I'll add you to my prayers too!