Monday, December 12, 2011

OH MY...

Friday was a bad day.  I mean a real no good, very bad day!  The job was stressful, the pregnancy was making me sick, the baby was whiney, it was a bad, bad day.  I needed a good weekend and a good weekend I got.  Would you like to know why it was good?  Great! I shall tell you.
There was VERY little housecleaning done this weekend.  Although the messes are piling up, I decided this weekend very little housecleaning would get done.  Dishes got done, a couple of loads of laundry, but other than that…nothing!  Right now, I am looking at a family room full of mess (I mean baby toys, ALL.OVER) but that is okay, it was worth it.
There was TONS of snuggling this weekend.  When we weren’t doing something (we had a lot of ‘commitments’ this weekend), we were pretty much snuggling.  Love snuggles on the couch, baby snuggles at night, it was perfect.
There was LOTS of pajama wearing.  Though this weekend cannot count as an official ‘pajama weekend’ because we did a lot of stuff, when we weren’t doing stuff, we were in pajamas.
There was very little cooking.  And that, is lovely.
We watched ‘Jack Frost’, one of my favorite holiday movies (don’t get nervous, I said ‘holiday’ because to call it a Christmas movie would not be a fact, for it is not about Christmas or Jesus).
The baby really just keeps getting cuter.  He plays by himself, makes the cutest sounds, smiles in a way that pretty much takes your heart and melts it down, and he is doing this head cock thing that is SO adorable.  Pretty much, he is the best.  And we are blessed
And Finally…
...We took time to just slow down.  We didn’t shop (though there is shopping to do), we didn’t clean (though the house is a mess), we didn’t go anywhere we didn’t have to (though there are things we could have done).  Life gets SO busy this time a year, but what makes this time of year special is snuggles on the couch under the light of the Christmas tree.

We all have a crud ton of stuff to do.  I remember a youth speaker talking about how it seems to be the ‘Litany of the Busy’ nowadays.  We all try to prove to one another how busy we are.  I do that ALL.THE.TIME.  And gosh, we are busy.  BUT, if we don’t slow down, what is the freaking point of staying so darn busy?  So, I encourage you to take an hour, a day, a weekend to purposefully try to do nothing but enjoy those around you.  If those around you means your best friends, hang out with them without worrying about what you should be doing.  If those around you means your spouse or significant other, spend time just talking.  If those around you means your extended family, share giggles with them.  And if those around you means your spouse and children, take some time to just to be present with them.
Those are my words of wisdom for you.

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  1. You forgot to mention the rolo flurry