Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reasons I love my little guy

Just a few for today...

He laughs SO loud and with his whole body.  My mom has been around a LOT of babies and she says, 'I have never seen a kid laugh like that'.  It is amazing and lights up the room.

Yesterday, I had to take him to a staff meeting.  He played quietly on the floor, then, at one point, I was holding him and he rested his head on my shoulder and just looked up at me.  Special moments like that ROCK

He is the funniest crawler!  One of his legs stays straight and the other does all the work.  It is awesome to watch his face this week (the week he really mastered crawling) as he discovered he can kind of get anywhere he wants to go.  Now, the fun of childproofing our house and getting rid of clutter so our home can be his playland.

He is a silly goose.  I really think he does things perfectly sometimes.  When he looks at me with a mischief in the corner of his eyes.  When he makes silly faces whilst eating dinner.  When I tell him 'no' as he goes for an extension cord and he ponders the meaning of my word, then grabs it anyway.  He is a rock star.

He still goes down to sleep really well when he is tired, he doesn't fight it.

He is just beginning to cling to me when I hold him.  You know what I mean?  Arms wrapped around me so tight.

He LOVES to play with our faces.  He sticks his hand in our mouths, grabs our noses, sometimes squeezes to hard and needs a reminder to be gentle.

He is a fairly low maintenance baby- he can play by himself for hours but likes to be entertained as well.

Baby boy at 8.5 months old, You ROCK!

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