Monday, January 30, 2012

To My Conservative Friends...

…an apology.  (warning, this one gets a little political)
Three years ago, when ‘universal healthcare’ became a popular thing to talk about/discuss/share opinions on, I got real frustrated with my conservative friends.  Although I was not in support of  Universal Healthcare because I found it to be a stretch of government, I found some of the ‘scare tactics’ of the ‘extreme right’ to be nothing less than absurd.

 I criticized the ‘religious-right’ in a particular way.  As some of you might know, though many would classify me as conservative, I actually don’t align myself with all popular thinking of the conservative right.  So, where my liberal friends would think I was nothing less than a ‘crazy conservative’ (as being pro-life often makes you), I am often critiqued by the right for being wishy-washy.  When, in reality, I try to be fair and balanced in my thoughts (like what I did there???).  So, while I cannot stand the thought process of Rachel Maddow, I equally cannot stand Mr. Glen Beck’s  and his friend’s version of reality. I see them as the same.

So, when my conservative friends said things like, ‘you watch, it is only a matter of time before this administration mandates that abortion/birth control be forced upon Catholic institutions’, I thought to myself, ‘you have got to be kidding, talk about an exaggeration’. When people waved flags of caution regarding ‘obamacare’, I was frustrated by a term I found to be about as far from proactivity as possible.  As little as 3-4 months ago, people were posting articles about ‘Franciscan University forced to hand out birth control’…and I thought to myself, ‘there they go again, making something out of nothing, polarizing this country with their extremity’.  Turns out, this time, I was DEAD WRONG.

Apparently, we do live in a country where religious conscience is threatened.  Apparently, the government can force religious institutions to go against their moral code. If you would have asked me a week ago, I would’ve thought it impossible that in our country, a country that was FOUNDED on religious freedom, the Catholic Church would be put in the position that she is being put in today. 

so, my conservative friends, I owe you an apology.  I apologize for each time I accused you to your face or in my thoughts of extreme reactions. I apologize because as you tried to raise flags of warning, I ignored and sometimes mocked you.  I apologize that I couldn’t see what you so clearly did. 

And this, my friends, is why you will continue to see posts about this awful government movement in the United States of America.  Because I shouldn’t have been as naïve as I was three years ago, and I won’t be as naïve again.

Which, btw, doesn’t mean I’ll start watching Glen Beck. J
Happy Monday 


  1. I remember arguing with my dad about this. Unfortunately, I had many experiences with doctors trying to force their belief that I ought to go on birth control, get an IUD or have my husband get a vasectomy to believe that it "could never" happen. All I could think is if I needed a C-section, what would stop a government doctor from taking it upon himself to tie my tubes for my own good. So it wasn't about what I thought "would" happen, but what "could" happen that made me oppose this law. Also, I read the damn thing, which took up more of my life than I could ever imagine. It was bad law through-and-through. No matter your political bent.

    The thing is Mary, I think being Catholic puts us in a very difficult position politically. We believe in social justice, but we also believe in free will. That is why I back the Constitutional roles of government. Of course I want health care for all, but a government that forces people to pay for each other rips the charity out of social justice. Yet, I can't really say I'm Libertarian, liberal or conservative. This election has been gut wrenching for me because I'm totally 100% pro life, and none of the candidates are, but I believe not voting isn't an option. (That whole thing about good men doing nothing nags at my conscience.)

  2. You're forgiven ;) I'm sobered by the thought that what I call chronologism (I should copyright that) seems to make people think that people in the past (y'know, when things like the Holocaust and such happened) were just not as smart or sophisticated as us modern Americans. That we're so much more intelligent and would NEVER let things like that happen. But we can and we are if we have the eyes to see... BUT Jesus has the upper hand and is bigger than all of this so we can still live in joy. Much to think and pray on! Hope you're feeling well, Mary!