Friday, August 10, 2012

--- 1 ---

Cute Baby
Thank God for cute babies :) Last night, the little one kept me up most of the night. I have talked enough on this blog about how much I appreciate sleep and how negative I feel about having sleep taken from me, so I won't go into it again. What I will say is that cute babies make the staying up much more tolerable.

--- 2 ---
I am working on an epic blog post in my mind. It shall combine my thoughts on big families, nursing, co sleeping, baby wearing, homeschooling, natural labor and the 'mommy wars'. It shall be spectacular. I won't say more right now, but it will be brilliant. Although I might be 'Boondock Saints-ing' it.
--- 3 ---
My BIL who coined the phrase
(more on his fancy outfit in next week's blog)
What does it mean to 'Boondock Saints' something? you might ask...There is a movie called Boondock Saints and though I cannot endorse it (lots of bad language and violence) I may or may not have watched it and it might/might not be one of my family's favorite movies. The reason being is that it asks really good questions about revenge vs mercy. But, like I said, I am not recommending it. Anyway, how do you 'Boondock Saints' something? There might have been a time in my life when the siblings and I strongly endorsed this movie. We might have asked our brother-in-law to watch it. But after we had talked it up SO much, he was expecting the best movie ever. When he watched it, he was disappointed. He said, had we not talked it up so much, he might have actually enjoyed it. We have all been there, let down by someone really talking something up that we found good, but not great. Any way, ever since then, we refer to it in my family as 'Boondock Saints-ing' things. So my husband will often say, 'wait are you 'Boondock Saints-ing this book/movie/article/story/etc?...'. It has become a thing in our family. Now, it can become a thing in yours. You're welcome. In other news, I am probably 'Boondock saints-ing' my upcoming blog.
--- 4 ---
My son, annoyed that I am an interrupter of his TV time
We are bad parents, we let our children watch tv. Little Aaron has been watching an episode of the 'Wiggles' a day for the past six months :) He loves it. Today, we are going to see the Wiggles LIVE!!! (Thank you Groupon). I cannot describe my excitement. I am fairly certain lil' A is just going to be confused, but he likes to dance to the songs and he gets a great big smile when it comes on the TV, so we are pretty pumped to see his reaction. Actually, like, so pumped that I feel like a little kid who has been waiting to go on vacation, all week. I have been counting down until today. I hope I am not 'Boondock Saints-ing' this in my mind. In other news, he is almost 15 months and still only has two words, so indeed these theories about tv destroying our children's intellect might be true. Hopefully he forgives me when he is older and can finally speak. If not, I will show him the pictures from the Wiggles Live and hopefully it will make up for it :)
--- 5 ---
Speaking of Groupon, I am all about it. My husband and I have Sept, Oct, and Nov's date nights all set up due to the lovely thing that is Groupon. I am very excited for each of those date nights.
--- 6 ---
I still have to write Joseph Michael's birth story, my goal is to do it this weekend, so all of you trusty readers- it is coming, have no fear. Also speaking of trusty readers, this week I got a nice compliment that said through my blog, this person can see that I am not a jerk about religion to those that are not religious. I appreciated it muchly, especially because I may have been accused of being a jerk about religion through my blog/social networking sites, and, um, I know I am not. So it was a redemptive compliment. Thanks Person who made my week :)
Why I am pretty much famous
--- 7 ---
Oh, you probably didn't know, but I am pretty much famous. How? Well there are these Olympics going on and this girl named Allison Schmitt. She is totally a parishioner at the Church I work for and four years ago, brought her medal to our Church Picnic. Now, she has lots of medals and we are VERY proud of her (we were proud of her before). I wonder if she will bring her many medals to our Church picnic this year? Anyway, four years ago, I took a picture of her with her medal. Now, four years later, I have that picture in my files. And that, my friends, makes me pretty much famous. In case you were wondering.

 Happy Friday!
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  1. I am so jealous of you meeting Allison Schmitt in person. She was one of my favorite Olympians this year because of the joy you can practically see flowing around her. And your #1 made me laugh because I've told both my boys (now 20 and 13) so many times that it's a family joke "Cute only takes you so far!"

  2. You are famous! I love feeling famous for amazing things like that. For instance, my mom used to work with a girl who went to college with Jack White and he wrote a song about her. I am also famous. Let's go shop at Barney's and drink Starbuck's together.

    And, I can't wait to read all of your upcoming blogs. I am so excited! I am so excited, but I hope I am not Boondock Saintsing my excitement.

    Also, I too am a bad mother. Ellen's sleep habits are outlandishly ridiculous; to the point that I am one crabby momma most days of late. So, she gets to watch tv too. There. I said it.

    1. ha! I love this and we TOTALLY should :) (barney's and starbucks).