Friday, August 17, 2012

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I just love seven quick takes. I love reading others and it is a fun way to summarize thoughts in one's head.
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Maternity Leave ended this week. I went back to work for the first time. Though I am excited about going to work (and, if I am being honest, getting a little 'break' from the home during the week) I am going to MISS my boys and this life so much. Thank GOD there is not another World Youth Day this summer. That was NOT a pleasant way of going back to work last summer, I think I might still be emotionally scarred from leaving my 3 month old for that length of time.
--- 3 ---
The husband's birthday was this week. He is a good man and I am so glad he was born'd. I couldn't decide what to get him, so I ended up getting him Financial Peace University Jr. from his boys. That way, he can start teaching our boys from a YOUNG age how to spend, save and give :) I also got my 'crafty' spirit on and made a 'Spend, Save, Give' bank all by myself. Frankly, I rock. Aaron will be teaching Dave Ramsey's course in the Fall at Saint John Neumann. I am so proud of him and it is so fun to see him live his passion. The good ol' DR has been life-changing for us. Example, this summer we had another c section and a broken air conditioning, totaling up to about five thousand dollars. AND, we didn't have to panic because we tell our money what to do, it doesn't tell us what to do. Do I sound like an infomercial? The thing is, I just want everyone to embrace this program because it has changed our lives. Finances used to make me sick, always, and now...they don't. We really have achieved financial freedom, which is awesome! Look him up if you have time!

My crack up
--- 4 ---
I love taking care of my boys, but when they trade off all day one crying and then the next. It is not lovely :) Thank God that happens rarely. Joey is a good day-sleeper (we shall not discuss the night) and lil' A is a crack up that keeps me laughing...that is how we keep our sanity around these parts.

My 'stocky' boy at the Wiggles
--- 5 ---
Bad.mom.alert!!! Speaking of lil' A. I have done some 'lazy parenting' since the newest one entered our family. When lil' A gets whiney, I have been passing him a graham cracker, or fruit snacks, or a cookie etc...We had our 15 month appointment yesterday. Apparently, he is a little too 'stocky' for his height. Oops. So, I'll be finding other ways to keep him happy rather than giving him junk food.

--- 6 ---
This Fall is shaping up to be psychotically busy... I am a bit worried about it. I have accepted lots of 'outside' things in terms of retreats/talks/etc... I am trying to find balance, but I get so much life out of that type of thing that I always WANT to say yes. Say a prayer, if you think of it, that we can achieve balance in the Wilkerson household. We have been quite spoiled this summer. It is going to be difficult going from being together as a family every night to having 2 weeknights TOPS when both the Big Aaron and I are home each week. I hate that. :( Which is why weekend time is special. Which is why I have to be REALLY careful about over committing myself to outside things on the weekend. Oh, the joys of Youth Ministry.

--- 7 ---
Sometimes, people ask me how being a mom of two under two is...well,a couple of days ago, I found a pacifier...in my nursing bra. Yes, my friends, this has become my life. :) The.end.

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  1. Mary- Please! You have to email me some titles of Ramsey books. What would you recommend for someone who is just starting to read him? I think we might need that :) Thanks!