Friday, September 28, 2012

Speaking of...

--- 1 ---
Parks. Omgosh, I love them! On my Stay at Home Mom days, we have been going out and finding new parks with walking paths (thank you two birds with one stone- healthy living). Lil’ Aaron is just getting into the fun of climbing on the structures and sliding down slides! We have so much fun and it is a great way to spend the day. Plus, it kind of makes me feel like ‘super woman’ SAHM :)
--- 2 ---
Speaking of slides and climbing, I can tell a lifelong struggle of mine is going to be to encourage my son’s adventurous spirit, without having a heart attack in the process. I am trying to give lil’ A freedom to climb and slide and have fun, but meantime, in my head, I am like, ‘oh man, what if he falls back, runs away and leaps off the structure, etc…’ I can just tell it is going to be a difficult balance to achieve. Parenting, ladies and gentlemen…is not easy.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of not easy. Omgosh, healthy living. Tomorrow is our official three week weigh-in. I am almost at 11 pounds lost (hoping to hit that number tomorrow) and, of course, my husband has already lost 17. Men, men, men. :) We are working really hard to achieve our goals. I do have to say, I enjoy eating healthy, though I wish there was more variety that I liked. I am SUCH a picky eater, but the good thing is, I do not get bored with food. So, having salmon with broccoli 5 times a week is totally okay by me!
--- 4 ---
Speaking of broccoli…guess who got their 16 month old to eat vegetables?!?!?! THIS GIRL! Yes, it is true. He will only eat roasted broccoli though, but last night he kept asking for more, so that is a good sign huh? Looks like the apple phase was short lived, so I am glad we got some vegetables in. He is also currently digging turkey hot dogs and whole wheat bread, so I feel good about that.
--- 5 ---
Speaking of feeling good about something, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for Fall. I don’t think people truly understand how much my soul changes with the changing of the weather. I love me some Fall, I love me some Winter. The Fall has a crispness about it that brings about such joy. Our first Cider Mill trip is set up for Saturday morning (shout to Bethany’s recommendation), I cannot.wait. to take the minis on a hayride. We are going with our very good friends, and I can’t wait.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of very good friends, awhile back I read an interesting blog about what your children should call your friends/neighbors/etc… I am SUCH a last name girl. We were raised ALWAYS referring to adults by mr. and mrs (last name). I think it helped us learn to be very respectful of adults and learn how to treat people of authority in general. But, here is the ‘sitch. I don’t want to ask my kids to call my good friends by their last name, it just seems too formal. I have been doing some thinking on this, and I think it is because my close friends are going to be way more like aunts/uncles to my children because all of my siblings are out of state. I have read some interesting articles regarding circle of friends becoming more like family, as family spreads further and further apart. I know in my life, that has been my norm. The only sibling of mine that lives in-state is my younger/single sister Annie (who I love). All of my other siblings/nieces/nephews live out of state (which is incredibly heart breaking to me), so friends will be the main adult influences in my children’s lives. It just doesn’t seem right to have them call my friends ‘mr. and mrs.’ (obviously, this is not a problem with strangers/acquaintances etc… ). At the same time, I don’t want them to call EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of our friends ‘aunt and uncle’ because that doesn’t seem right either. Anyone in a similar situation? How should this be handled? Oh, and for sure what I DON’T like is, ‘Mr. Mike’ or ‘Miss Jodi’ (not judging it, just personally don’t like it from my time working in daycares). So, that is out.
--- 7 ---
And finally, speaking of television (wait, we weren’t speaking of television?!?!) I am totally digging the new show Revolution, but I am so certain it will be canceled and I hate entering into shows that could be canceled. Talk about the definition of a #firstworldproblem (did you see how I did the hash tag thing to be super cool and relevant? I am awesome!) This show combines everything that intrigues me, end of the world disasters, science fiction, end of the world disasters, and, oh yeah, end of the world disasters. While watching it, I keep thinking about what we would do if all electricity suddenly went away (for those of you that don’t watch, that is the premise)? How would I protect my children? Would we survive? It is just so interesting to think about. Well done, NBC (I think) for coming up with such a cool concept for a show! Happy Weekend everyone!
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  1. #2- You will get over that. Especially having two boys now. By the time Joseph is able to climb on play equipment, you won't even "bat an eye lash" at the crazy things they do!

    #3- Awesome!! Are you just doing the Skinny Rules or WW?

    #7- I want to watch Revolution, but hubby will not let me!!! We have a relative that is totally into the end of the world and/or major changes in the US. So I hear it a lot. And I stress about it when I hear about it. My husband said no to Revolution because it will probably just freak me out a bit more! (And yes, we have a pretty good sized emergency pack going!)- Beleive it or not- there are blogs all about the foods you should have, weapons you should have, etc for "The End of the World AS We Know It"

  2. yeah, remember fall in Steubenville? It misses you. Just sayin'.